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‘I would restrict access to coffee, thus immediately giving it highly desireable forbidden fruit status. Then I would issue lots of dire warnings about the dangerously disinhibiting effects of coffee.’

April 26, 2014

And so, dear listener, those are the wise words of social anthropologist, Kate Fox, and is it just me or are social anthropologists getting younger? 🙂 But more of Kate later.

And I’ve had no word back from the Commonwealth Games about my wee idea but I’d better be careful. The Commonwealth Games police are out telling people what they can and can’t show on Facebook. Seriously. Check your terms and conditions. But Mo Farah might be running after his ‘not very good’ Marathon in London. The brand needs re-building. 😦

So one of these quiet weeks when things I expected to happen don’t but as I write this I am back in the middle of a wee run of night shifts altho’ not quite the 3 x twelve hours that I did a couple of weeks ago.

Indeed I’d a jolly chat with Missie K who is now doing night shifts telling the world what are the safe roads to drive on in the middle of the night and at that time when many commuters are beginning their journeys – a long way away from the days when we discussed…oh, hang on, it was always the case that these chats were strictly between ourselves, simply acknowledging that they were about drink, drugs, sex, rock and roll……and it was.

But I did get a wee bit pissed off at River City and their portrayal of what they described as a ‘halfway house’ for children leaving care. First that building would never have been in use cos both the Care Inspectorate and the local authority would never have permitted its use – it was a midden; secondly, in the week when Kenny MacAskill had to postpone plans to scrub corroboration, the polisman was interviewing and taking statements from witnesses on his own; and finally given my current experience, all the service users were up but it was still daylight….wow!

Incidentally one newspaper reviewer described Eastenders as ‘turning into River City with the murder of Lucy Beale’ and this ‘isn’t the way to go.’

But it was a week for television surprises. I mean who knew that Walford had a common?

And someone said I would enjoy a programme about allotments and raising vegetables for exhibitions but I explained I’d rather it was done for food. I’m a grower, not a shower.

What’s that Skippy? It’s an innuendo. No way.

And finally, on Wednesday I was down in Dunbartonshire (West) where I help out with a drugs rehab group. They’re currently involved in turning a bit of waste ground behind St Pat’s into a wildlife garden for the community. Last week they took delivery of approximately fifty broken and used palettes which had to be moved from their location next to the front of the church to closer to the garden.

Once it was done (by six of us) a couple of guys came down from a sister project in Clydebank, who showed us how to transform these palettes into benches and did so (giving us a template) without the aid of a tape measure but using tried and trusted carpenter’s eyes – quite a lesson. The potential that is in sooo many of the folk I come into contact with is amazing. 😀

And my arms still ache. I’m not good at physical labour. 😦

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? This week coming it’s the Prostate Cancer UK one. Tell you more next week.

Johnt850, who went fishing this week but caught nothing – well the fish was thrown back in to the waters.

Kate Fox was on TV earlier this week following the news that crimes of violence were apparently falling, although that should maybe be ‘reported’ crimes since a lot seems to be happening that doesn’t get reported or maybe the conversation I took part in recently was not typical of what is happening.

Anyway I want to quote Kate from approx three years ago;

‘In high doses, alcohol impairs our reaction times, muscle control, co-ordination, short-term memory, perceptual field, cognitive abilities and the ability to speak clearly. But it does not cause us selectively to break specific social rules. It does not cause us to say, ‘Oi, what are you looking at?’ and start punching each other. Nor does it cause us to say, ‘Hey babe, fancy a shag?’ and start groping each other.

‘The effects of alcohol on behaviour are determined by cultural rules and norms, not be the chemical actions of ethanol……

‘Our beliefs about the effects of alcohol act as self-fulfilling prophecies – if you firmly believe and expect that booze will make you aggressive, then it will do exactly that. In fact you will be able to get roaring drunk on a non-alcoholic placebo.’

Remember that the next time you say of someone’s bad behaviour; ‘Aye, it’s just the drink.’

This is for all those who managed to get tickets for the Killers and Mayhem on Mosspark Boulevard;