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If you hang around the barber long enough, you’re gonna get your hair cut (Narcotics Anonymous via John Cooper Clarke)

February 8, 2014

And so dear listener, I write this having returned to the scene of my greatest ever knock-back a few days ago…the knock-back wasn’t a few days ago but you know what I mean……I have joined the library at Paisley Primary (as I used to call it). I can access books but nothing online. Thank goodness I erased my browser history the last time I was in. 😉

Ah, the memories it brought back (the library…not my browser history). And it wasn’t just within the environs of the uni-that memories were created. How I remember the days of discovery when Study Buddie Fi and I used to talk of every week being a voyage of discovery when we went to a different supermarket. No. No reason.

I was just commenting on this to uni-Sharon just the other day in the ASDA, Robroyston, where the big gangster slaying of recent years back took place. (And congrats to uni-Sharon on looking so good… I’ve said before Herbalife certainly works for you..and yes, I would do the BBC thang of saying there are other similar products available but I don’t know any of them) 🙂

And congrats to uni-Jo on her forthcoming lecturing gigs and also to the Rainforestriverman on his latest appointment; of both of whom I expect to catch a glimpse, and maybe a coffee, later this week. And to my former client, Lana Shvilpe, the only Eurovision Song Contestant I have ever spent time with who is now Director of the Riga Symphony International Festival. I’m not saying I could get you tickets, but…..;)

The library membership thang is connected to the book which is taking shape in a shipbuilding structure kinda way and had nothing to do with the blook which was written a few years back.

And, rarely for me, I got something wrong. I had said I did not expect Usain Bolt and some others to appear in the Commonwealth Games cos they wouldn’t get the same tax breaks as they did during the Olympics. Well, blow me down with a David Cameron impassioned appeal but not only was the Government listening (and gave him this tax break) but someone has been and went and gone and arranged a meeting of the mega-millions Diamond League just two weeks before the Commonwealth Games…….He will be there. 😀

And I did have nightmares one night last week. I made the mistake of watching a doc about Gengis Khan followed by one about Gadaffi. Gengis Khan used to dispose of his enemies by boiling them alive in boiling hot water. Gadaffi signed an agreement with BP so they could both make vast profits from oil…….Yes, the same BP that made a pronouncement this week about Scotland and independence. Sure took the heat off their recent poor financial performance and their decision to invest in Aberdeen. 🙂

And I’m still waiting to hear from George Black, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Council about my longstanding claim for compensation following damage to my tyres on the way home from a night shift recently (Don’t worry if that means nothing to you) I will explain when I win my case.

(This is all a wee bit serious this week…..I have news to announce soon but it is embargoed…but it is good)

My thanks also to all those people who came up with some suggestions following my plea for help last week. I feel the problem may be more deeper than I first thought and was highlighted by the top Glasgow lawyer who is planning to paint my portait. He took lots of photos of me (head and shoulders….altho’ there are other dandruff shampoos available) in Costa Coffee in Bothwell Street and did I mind people looking? My ego can land anywhere.

But more of him and the ‘problem’ later. But he did articulate my dilemma.

And finally, I had considered doing the serious bit looking at the deaths related to Ecstacy compared with the number related to alcohol. I won’t. I realise I’m doing it the wrong way round. Maybe I should be highlighting how safe Es are compared to alcohol……? Maybe I will. But I suspect it needs to be thought through a wee bit more. Not because I’m wrong, but because I realised some time ago that people don’t listen. You mention that someone uses drugs recreationally and immediately they are pronounced as drug addicts; you mention that someone uses alcohol recreationally and all you get is ‘don’t we all?’. Maybe someone should write a book…….hang on, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. That’s why I joined the school library. No. Really.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Damn. I should have worn it for the pix.

Johnt850, a natural for the camera, but for the pens and oils?…time will tell. 🙂

And now for the dilemma.

As you know, dear listener, I am 42 and will be for the rest of my life. However, my alter ego is much older, altho’ to those who do not know him and have only recently met, he does seem much younger. (Fact, not fiction)

The dilemma I was trying to articulate is a mental one. Whilst, legally, age should be no hindrance to getting a job these days, I think I have reached, sorry, my alter ego has reached a block in his head that is now telling him that he has left job-hunting in this particular field to a wee bit too late in life. There is mental over-coming to be done. Any thoughts, gratefully received.

Totally gratuitously, here are The Cramps with Bikini Girls with Machine Guns