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I loved the flats, I loved them. Great neighbours…..Really all working-class folk you know, good, honest, and you could leave your door opened and anything (Jean McGeoch, a former resident of the Red Road Flats)*

April 5, 2014

We are Glasgow. We blow up buildings to celebrate major events. Well, not all of them. We’re blowing up five of them cos they’re not fit for people to live in. The one that’s left is for asylum seekers. It’s appalling! What kinda message is this to send to the Commonwealth? Or those who can be bothered to watch, anyway?

But I love the fact that Sanjeev Kohli – who made his name as the presenter of Ghetto Blasting but also done good as the shopkeeper in Still Game for which I have tickets – climbed to the top of the Finnieston Crane and found an empty Buckfast bottle. We are Glasgow…….we drink where we want. 🙂

Still waiting to hear whether a crane will play a big part in my life later this year.

* a quote from This Road is Red by Alison Irvine.

And I’ve not done anything this week that could be construed as a first or long-time re-visit. Three night shifts and my sister’s birthday saw to that. Happy Birthday, sis and thanks. 😀

And so dear listener, a great man died this week….Frankie Knuckles was one of the main men behind Chicago House music – a genre of music which emerged in the late Seventies of which I was totally unaware. It was only in the last seven years that, after discovering the joys of Trance (and many thanks for the intro, Doctor W), that I started to examine musical styles a wee bit more and discovered the joys of Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Four to the floor. I play a wee excerpt down below.

I had a recent conversation with a smashing woman I know in her very early thirties who was bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t understand modern music and didn’t see what it was all about. It was like listening to my dad from all those years ago. If we are allowed to keep up to date with, and occasionally change our tastes, in the clothes we wear why can’t we do it with music? 🙂

M & S and Debenhams and the Next Warehouse shop in Clydebank and charity shops, since you ask and not a single Pringle amongst them. No. No reason.

Someone else contacted me and said that whenever they watched the TV programme that is Doug Henshall and Shetland (cold, bleak and miserable) they thought of me. No names. No pack drill. But in the world of unposed photos, not every pic is a flattering one.

And a smashing lady died this week – Margo McDonald MSP, altho’ I knew her as the presenter of a consumer affairs programme called Fair Do’s which I produced for a year. The first story we broke was the large number of women who, despite epidurals before Caesarian sections at child birth, still felt pain but could do nothing about it.

The production team was me and Margo; the budget for freelance help was £75. We got a lot of stuff from the listening pubic cos it was Margo and she ‘got things done’. The fact that I knew lots of lawyers helped as well.

I also agreed with her stance on women who work as prostitutes; the Saunas were safer than working the streets or from a seedy flat advertised in postcards stuck in telephone boxes.

A very patronising radio critic, called Joyce McMillan, slagged off the title saying no-one says that these days.

A week later I was in a changing pavilion near a football pitch in Blairdardie after a particularly muddy game, when the janny came in and said;

‘Nae washing your boots in the sinks, lads. Fair Dos’ eh?’

And then there was the occasion I’d to go through to Edinburgh to meet Margo and picked her up from the flat that her and Jim and the girls lived in – the fish tank was a midden – and we had interviews to go and do, but first she was looking for a new bed. We went to this warehouse in Leith and ‘tried out’ some double bed with her sitting on one side and me on the other. Our sizes were not compatible; we looked at each other and dissolved in a shower of laughter which lasted until after we had lunch on this big boat in Leith Dock and then, very professionally, we went and carried out the interviews. That for me was Margo.

And finally, (in this kinda political edition of the blog) the badly thought out bedroom tax no longer exists in Scotland. Instead the Scottish Government has made available £50 million to mitigate this divisive and dictatorial Con Dem fascism. I’m sitting looking at the letter from the Minister for Housing and Welfare to Council even as we speak. 🙂

Cya, keep(ing) it fun – and then there was the time……

Johnt850, who will watch the demise of the Red Road from the shores of Possil Loch. With sandwiches.

So it’s generally accepted that an overall cut in the consumption of alcohol benefits everyone (Barrie 2012).

Examples include fewer days off cos of hangovers; less liver damage; fewer patients in A & E departments meaning more doctors and nurses to look after deserving people e.g. old people and new mums.

So when some doctors and other health professionals suggest that minimum pricing of alcohol is a good thing in a letter from the British Medical Association leading to a cut in overall consumption, everyone should welcome it.

No. Not the Scotch Whisky Association whose primary purpose after all is to sell more whisky leading to more profits for its members.

So who do you believe?

This is an hour long set from Frankie Knuckles. Just put it on in the background. And love.