Some will win and some will lose, some were born to sing the blues. Oh, the movie never ends. It goes on and on and on and on……..Don’t stop believin’ Hold on to that feelin’ Streetlight people

And that’s the version by Journey, seasoned performers as opposed to X Factor karaoke singers. You know it makes sense for Christmas Number One.

But if you have to vote, vote early, vote often for Stacey. No. No reason. (Other than the bleedin’ obvious :))

Also bleedin’ obvious is Christmas, with special blog editions and annual awards and stuff. Maybe Christmas music next week? I have a festive album. I think I’ll put my tree up this weekend. Anybody got any good Christmas computer wallpaper?

But first, I have to report back on the meeting of the Great Council held in great secrecy (in a basement bar in Bath Street). Even whilst I was thinking about it last week, a convocation was called. It was as if my mind was being read. Ambitious, and risky where the Vampire Slayer is concerned. Hot. Sizzle. Leah Cairns has no chance.

I would love to tell you all that was said, but ground rules are ground rules, but I have a version of the minutes, ‘like, properly, chopped down’ and my quest for a companion will be answered by (fanfare of trumpets)…Harry Poland of Garnethill…(eh?) But I want a woman. Hang on. It’s maybe the first step in the challenge.

I will keep you posted (or will use Match DOT Com….or blind dates considered. Serioulsy.)

And then the next day I was interviewed by a student, whom I know, from Glasgow’s newest university, and difficult it was as well. Now, I’m well used to telling the tale of my cancerly alkoholic time. I’m open about it, in the hopes, for example, that closed minds will give alkies a decent break. I tell it once or twice a week it seems which is why certain things will never leave my life. Good and bad. So far, so good.

I think it’s also the detail, that I did guzzle the equivalent of a bottle to a bottle and half of whisky every day every week for thirteen and half months, and that I was confirmed as alkoholic and having cancer within just eight months. I don’t know if the Guinness World Record people keep that kind of records, but it was detail enough to persuade the young ladies at the next table to ask for their bills and leave.

It was a good interview. I had to address things I’d not thought about for a long time. My eyes moisted over but I don’t think I cried. I am now. I look forward to reading it.

Anyway, it might be appropriate to get the wise words of Lindsay C, the Record’s Top Teen Angst Queen out of the way; ‘Stick with the people you trust. There may not be many but they are all you need.’ Wise words.

(Lindsay’s is one of the mail addresses that were sacrificed to a Virus recently, so can you let her know please? She’s nice but from Airdrie. Talk slow.)

I think it’s been a quiet week after all that, except I helped Son Brian move stuff from his maternal home to his new flat in posh part of posh suburb. Son, I have spoken again with your uncles. I have some news for you.

(I got an old black desk chair as a reward for my efforts. It’s like the Captain’s chair of a Louisiana tug, the greatest boat in the history of the world, as it manoueuvres an oil rig in Peterhead Bay Harbour. I’d forgotten that afternoon. That was, like, serious wow. We almost got pulled over at one stage.)

And I’d like to say thanks to all those who grew moustaches to raise awareness of male cancer…..except you didn’t succeed with everyone. One footballing legend talked of men checking themselves for prostate cancer. Em,….does he know where it is and how you get at it? Leave it to the nurse, I say.

So there’s a certain element of housekeeping this week. Clear the shelves before the Christmas cards flood in….just in case. Em,…..well just one so far. From Canada.

So incredibly big one first. Most listeners know the influence of my gd frnd Clr and the blogmeister in getting this blog going, but there was an incredible amount of help and stuff from another person who, for kinda professional reasons, (you don’t reveal sources) I couldn’t mention at the time. 

But incredibly incredible Suzy is about to move on to pastures new, so before you start your new journey, thanks for all your help with mine (double x with mega-hug). 

So to Ms Siobhan, Happy Birthday and it makes a big difference when you catch the right bus;

to bestest friend Caitlin, I’ve been given yet another date but I’ll keep you posted;

to my website designer, Jack Gringo, congrats on son Dylan;

to journalist legend Joe Quinn, good retirement;

to the Comedy Unit who continue to use work of mine in Watson’s Wind Up, thanks;

a gratuitous mention to Oonagh, whom I’ve not menshed for some time 😉 ; 

to the good looking female assistant in a shop just off Byres Road for meeting almost all my Christmas needs;

to Liz and Jaymi for breakfast this morning, well worth your early start;

to the drama students who attended the game to hear the banter, can I just say we have steak pies with creme fraiche every week! 

and to the Daily Record asking for peoples’ memories of the world famous Rogano restaurant, here in Glasgow? One, and she turned down the invite. C’est toujours son appel. (that’s the French fem, isn’t it?) Mais j’ai une autre idee, d’accord?

All the above without a single innuendo, BBC Al. Mind you, I don’t half miss a good slagging, now and again. 😦

Moving swiftly on, and finally…Tiger Woods – a man who makes Jordan seem a paragon of virtue. To Gillette, is that apology the best a man can get?

So I won’t do the Tiger Woods gag about him hitting the fire hydrant and the tree but missing the windmill, the dogleg, but finding the clown’s mouth, in the same way I didn’t do the gag last week linking the town in Cumbria most affected by floods with Monica Lewinsky. What town? Oh, Cockermouth. Why?



oh, and to another good friend of the blog and, indeed, of its author, can I also say well done to e and her husband, ‘the main man’ as opposed to ‘the other man’ (me) for producing their own ‘wee man’ (a wee bit overdue) and his name is, oh shit, ‘I’ve like, properly, chopped down’ these notes as well. His name seems to be 7lbs 1 oz. Nice one. The present’s in the post, btw. It’s a puppy.

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