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“Autobiography is usually honest but it is never truthful.” ― Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

January 11, 2019

And so, dear listener, I want to clear up a wee misunderstanding.

What I was trying to get across last week was that I don’t feel I can call myself pescatarian after I ate meat last year and I gave the example of eating hospital food exactly twelve months ago. The non-meat alternative was a baked potato and, whilst I’m not averse to one at home when in a hurry, it was nice to have something else to eat. 🙂

It’s never been ethical or medical but I will continue to look for more options than just meat and I will continue to try more things. Last word ever. Honest injun. Eight years since you ask. 😉

I think this is particularly relevant in Veganuary (sp?) and Dry January (I think it’s called) where people are being tempted to take on an eating and non-drinking lifestyle which will find them without a lot of their usual foods for a month or bevvy for a month when they are used to a lot of drinking e.g. going for a drink or two after work.

How about just trying some of the vegan alternatives that’ll be around just now and just cutting back on the bevvy for a while?

And, incidentally, if you do have a problem with the latter, I’m easy enough to find and will do what I can to help.

And, no, so far, I have not tried a vegan sausage roll. They’d have to have built a Gregg’s somewhere near the Beatson for me to be able to do that but the response to what has been a brilliant PR campaign is that they’re quite nice but there’s a lot of pastry.

And I’ve read/seen rumours that Piers Morgan and Gregg’s share the same PR company but I’ve yet to check them out, but if you do want something tasty can I recommend the caramel shortcake at Epicures of Hyndland which is not middle class in the slightest despite its name.

And I did pay a visit to Wetherspoons this week and they’re not too middle class either but you do get a seat, no music and relatively cheap food’n’drink which is a slight difference from Epicures………but, hey, I’m young. Roll with the flow and so on. 😀

But the charity shop next to Epicures (Marie Curie?) was defo a different level from even Byres Road. There were no prices on the CDs and if you’ve got to ask the price of something, then you can’t afford it.

And just a quick word about my own health. It’s fine. 🙂

No. Some of you may remember that a wee while back I’d an MRI scan for my heart. Yes. It was exactly one year ago that I posted on Facebook that ‘there would be no blog this week as I was in the Cardiology Unit of Glasgow Royal’. Maybe that was a wee bit underplayed but I was still knocked out by the reaction I got.

Well, there was no blocked artery requiring stents and stuff but it’s more of watch’n’wait and the MRI is part of that. Well, I’ve still not had the results and when I phoned my consultant Dr J, I was told that a letter had been written but not yet signed and it was to go to my doctor. As long as it stays unseasonably mild, I’m okay. 🙂 (the weather that is)

But it was also nice to start back at the Scottish Drugs Forum and it was a real pleasure to walk in on Wednesday afternoon to ‘my office’ (on Wednesday afternoons) and to go over to ‘my desk’ (on Wednesday afternoons) to find a ‘Certificate of Appreciation for my work (so far) as a Media Volunteer and it was signed by Jason Wallace, Senior Development Officer, Volunteering and Engagement and what’s that, dear listener, you’d like to find out a wee bit more about the work that Jason does?

Well, what about this?

And finally, people are saying I should get out more. So in just over a week’s time I’m going to a book launch in a pub in Glasgow. Friend and former colleague and former Head of BBC Radio Scotland has written a book. Details of at least one place to buy it are given below but basically it’s the tale of Jeff’s life in radio broadcasting which is something of a passion in Jeff’s life. 😀

Jeff started in Moray Firth Radio and History tells of a competition in his early days there with a prize for spelling his name correctly. Apparently it took five days. History does not say whether Jeff himself took part in the competition.

See you a week on Thursday if I’m still invited 😉

tioraodh, still completely fine and still keeping it simple (I am a patient man)

iaint850, who can be a cheeky git at times.

Just a brief word here about Sir Andrew Murray and his decision that retirement is imminent after a very distinguished career in tennis. A sad moment.

However it took only minutes before the small minds opened up on social media saying, basically, ‘I bet he’s called Scottish now rather than British.’

FFS, Let’s just call him Sir Andrew Murray and thank him for all the pleasure he’s given us and recognise the heartache that must have been involved in his decision.

Is it me or do we have a greater number of small minds than ever before?

This is a fantastic cover version of Jolene by Janet Devlin. I must have heard it on Chris Country Radio and I suspect it was played by drivetime deejay and former colleague John Collins. Was it?

Anyone else out there that I know who’d like a plug? Both well deserved.