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We see people brand new people They’re something to see When we’re nightclubbing Bright-white clubbing Oh isn’t it wild? (Iggy Pop)

November 16, 2018

And I managed to get that track into a Radio 5 documentary I once did about what was happening to Glasgow post Year of Culture. 😀

And so dear listener, this may well be a shorter blog again this week.

Various things are happening and occasionally my attention is elsewhere. But that does not mean that good things are not happening. 😉

For example…….

Recently I, and the other member of the book club, read a smashing book called ‘our house’ by Louise Candlish. Now whilst I have Twitter, I’m not the biggest fan of it (JohnTho64114434 since you ask) but I do follow @OrkneyLibrary.

About a week ago, I couldn’t help but notice that their own book club had selected ‘our house’ as their book of the month, so I quickly tweeted how good a book it was and how much I’d enjoyed it. Ten minutes later I got a ‘like’ from @LouiseCandlish…….the author!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I’d not noticed her name in the thread (as we call it). My legs went giddy.

Sometimes there is a reason for social media. 🙂

And the editing’s going well at the moment and people are actually getting back to me and saying how pleased they are with what I’ve done for them…..and they pay pretty quickly…….and there is an Out of Office up on my mail altho’ I’m not but if I can, I will.

And whilst I appreciated much of the coverage by the BBC and other broadcasters of all the Remembrance Day stuff, I am annoyed at one piece.

Brilliant portraits on beaches of people who were involved in conflict and described on the BBC Website as eleven soldiers. At least one was a medical person.

I’m talking about St Andrew’s Beach and the portrait of Dr Elsie Maud Inglis (Aug 16 1864 to November 26 1917). Described as ‘a suffragist and campaogner’ Indian-born Elsie trained as a surgeon and was sent to Serbia and Russia, but died from a terminal illness. At least the Daily Record got it right and I think the Northern Ireland beach portrait was a nurse……..

But then I’ve got a lot of time for medical people just now as, apart from anything else, the nurses at Maryhill Health Centre still ask to see me from time to time. Yes. My blood pressure is still a bit high at the moment but thanks for asking. 🙂

Breaking News: I have an MRI Scan at the Royal at the end of this month.

And I’ve been down the Beatson Cancer Centre quite a lot recently, doing some visiting, and some of you may have seen me post, on Facebook, a wee pic of Bingham’s Pond (to give it its official name) around which I walked before my own successful treatment of about ten years ago and still do a wee bit now as well……..settling, so it is. 🙂

And then I go in and sit for a while and on this occasion I was sat next to a nurse who was wearing a lanyard with the word ‘Catwalk’ on it. So I asked her what it was.

Older listeners, do you remember the Catwalk Rock Lounge at the bottom of Union Street? For that was the Catwalk being referred to.

It was in Union Street and was a sibling of the Cathouse and the Garage. I talked about a place called the Solid Rock Café in Hope Street. She met that with Volcano and a place called Inferno’s – she thought it was called. Was that the converted church in Pitt Street? I threw in Clatty Pat’s and Bonkers Show Bar but I don’t think she was too impressed by Bonkers. And no, there is no payoff or punchline…….I don’t think, but she was called Irene……… 😉

And finally, Doctor Who is doing my head in. I do not watch it for nice wee dramas about the partition of India in 1947. I watch it for running up and down corridors and monster/aliens/whatevers that won’t let me sleep, like the Weeping Angels, not those very nice Demons of the Punjab who look after those who die alone. They were supposed to be assassins, fgs (for goodness sake – it’s a new TLA, I’ve invented)

Tioraidh, still wearing that badge (altho’ I almost lost one) and still keeping it simple

Iaint850, and Joanna’s was just before my time and well before hers.

And just a wee quick word on the PM’s Brexit plan.

It was a plan, wasn’t it? All I’ll say is that, a few weeks after my divorce, I gave back some of the CDs. A wee bit of give, a wee bit of take and a little compromise is all we need and we’re there.

So Irene was more a rock chick and I’m more of a country boy these days so let’s go with the Pretenders – in case there was any misunderstanding.

‘No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.’ (Lady Mary Wortley Montagu)

October 12, 2018

And so, dear listener, last Sunday saw the return of one of my favourite TV series. No. Not Doctor Who but the very lovely Great Canal Journeys with the very lovely Timothy West and Prunella Scales. 😀 x

She has dementia but it doesn’t seem to stop her from being a significant member of the crew of two and coming up with some very lovely memories as they often reflect on where they’re going and where they’ve been; in life as much on their journey on the River Nile.

There is a love and affection between them that is a joy to watch. 😀 x

I think it is obvious that I have affection for people as well and I don’t think that it’s wrong to admit it. You see their initials and occasionally their names. For example, people who came to see me in hospital at the time of the heart scare; people who came to see me at home after the heart scare; and people who have been with me on significant moments in my life. 😀

Long term listeners will have realised that this week saw the third anniversary of the Fortieth Anniversary of Blue Triangle in Oran Mor in Byres Road and it was a delight to have e and j there.

Not that I showed off. As if. 😦

And I thought the new Doctor Who crew were very lovely as well in what was a very lovely scene setter altho’ I did notice one reader’s letter which finished ‘This show has tick-box multi-cultural companions and underwhelming opposition.’

Y’know, I never noticed that about the companions. I just thought it was very lovely that they mixed so well and I look forward to seeing them again in what is essentially a piece of fiction – even if Bradley Welsh played a grand-dad who actually had to talk to fellow bus-drivers whereas the woman who became his late wife talked to her fellow nurses through a WhatsApp group.

Sexist stereotyping if you ask me.

But you didn’t. 😦

And I feel quite a lot of affection for Partick Thistle but as a wee bit of Stop Press (that ages me) said last week that we’re looking for a new management team. The team played an important part in my early days of recovery and they’re good fun (usually) to go and see but maybe me and Holly the Dog should have taken training last week.

But I like the style of PT fans. No matter how disappointed we were last week, there were no shouts of ‘Sack the Board’ from the John Lambie stand that I heard – only ‘a bit disappointing that’ and then home via a Chinese takeaway.

Mind you, there was a false Kingsley who did have his picture taken with the real Kingsley (the PT mascot). It turned out this guy had lost a Fantasy Football tournament and his forfeit was to wear a Kingsley outfit – but he did meet the real Kingsley.

And I’ve still got a great deal of affection for the other team I supported in the dim and distant past – Clydebank FC. There was a time when me, Jimmy Mack and my dad went to the games and then there was a time when me, Jimmy Mack and Son Brian went to the games but never, ever, all four of us…………….

Somewhere in a box of memories is a piece that Tom Shields wrote about the demise of the old Clydebank FC and me and Son Brian are the first two paragraphs. 🙂 🙂

And a big thank you to my dentist (but no affection cos it’s his job) who did a lot of work to my mouth but this was the first time for years that so much work (old fillings) had been needed. A slight feeling of the financial meter ticking away as the drill was drilling but it’s worth it.

The last time I had massive work done was when I lived in the southside and it was done by a dentist called Bridges. It was at the time when I was working for BBC Religious Broadcasting and for six weeks only (and the only ever time) I was co-presenting a pre-recorded late night Sunday television programme.

The next day I went to the dentist and he was chatting to me and reached the bit, ‘y’know, there was someone on TV last night who looked exactly like you.’ And before I could say anything or bask in glory, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and the drill was in my mouth.

And finally, there was wee spat between our First Minister (the blessed Nichola) and veteran news presenter Jon Snow who seemed to be accusing the FM of being directly responsible for the 934 deaths by (mostly) overdose last year whilst ignoring the fact that much of the UK’s drugs policy comes out of Westminster…..cos it’s the UK’s drug policy – not Scotland’s.

There are ways to help and, for example, more information about and experience with Naloxone, which can temporarily stop the effects of an opioid overdose would help. #StopTheDeaths

Tioraidh, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple. You never know.

Iaint850 – I’m not a vlogger but am I an influencer?

So I’m fed up with complaining that I’m fat and I’m now doing something about it. It’s a smashing health and wellbeing plan called Get Fit. Not Fat.

No. I know you’ve never heard of it. I’ve only just come up with it. 😉

Basically I’m having only two fairly normal sized meals a day, no grazing and at least a total of one hour’s walking a day except when there’s storms with two ls in Callum. No. I have no major target such as weight loss or waist size other than that shirt – that one over there. I want it to fit me again……Wish me luck.

And I’m not going to admit flyering defeat with universities these days but there are fewer and fewer opportunities to put up details of my editing and ‘proof-reading’ services so I’m trying more electronic means.

‘The costs are minimal against expected returns.’ A wise man said.

But I do think getting my name up on an open notice board is much better.

Anyway, I’ve never been a big fan of Taylor Swift but apparently Donald Trump likes her 25% less since she came out as a Democrat. This is by her.