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I didn’t see any TV on Hogmanay so I can’t comment (iant850)

January 4, 2019

And so dear listener, belated Happy New Year and I also hope Santa was good to you. I did okay as I did get a wee bit more than the badge which shared the Blog Personality of the Year Award with the book with almost the same title. See last week if you’re confused. 😀

I did well for books. I am slowly working my way through The Ladybird Book of the Shed as some people think I am obsessed by sheds. I only have the one; my neighbours on one side have two and the neighbours on the other side have three (although one seems to be a toy store for their grandchildren.

I received a box with nine different chutneys (is that the plural?) and they will be eaten. 😉

And then there was the posh notebook with posh pens and the various homemade cards and similar from various children whom I know (and their parents) but no toiletries.

And I did receive a gift voucher for Glasgow Music City Tours 🙂

At first I thought it allowed me two goes as an individual on two tours but, no, it’s me and a Plus One on one of the two tours they run. There is no hurry. They run from April to October.

Please form an orderly queue.

(And, yes, my daily visiting to the Beatson is still taking place. Individual updates to some of you soon and, yes, I’m completely fine. Bingham’s Pond from which the adjacent hotel gets its name is a veritable treasure trove of wildlife and I’m amazed that in my days as a radio producer of Jimmie Macgregor me and him and a wildlife expert and a tape recorder never came down to record stuff)

But I met a professor I know. Bob Jones. He was in the radio documentary I made about prostate cancer a wee while back and we did #GoodMorningScotland a couple of times together; he was the expert and I was the ‘human experience’ but one of my big memories of him was attending a couple of Powerpoint presentations that he did where every seventh slide seemed to be of his holiday locations. Boy, did you stay awake and boy, if I thought that would impress the nurse, I was sadly mistaken 😦

Oh, and there’s a long story attached to this but I also got a last year’s Partick Thistle strip with some of last year’s players’ autographs. It will go up. Somewhere. 😀

And I’d like to pay a big thanks to Holly the Dog for standing outside Waitrose with me the other day while good friend e went and done a shopping late on Hogmanay. The comments were interesting.

Holly is a labradoodle and a lovely and friendly dog.

Two come to mind;

Little Boy; ‘Is that dog a Spanish Waterdog?’

Me; ‘No. She’s a Labradoodle.’

Little Boy; ‘But my mum says she’s a Spanish Waterdog.’

Me (thinks); ‘But I’m standing attached to the dog by a lead. Do you not think I know what kind of dog I’m holding onto? Your mum’s an idiot.’

Me (says); ‘No. Trust me. She’s a labradoodle.’

And, after a conversation with a woman who looked sensible, I was asked, ‘And is her mum in the shop?’ to which I wanted to reply,’ Yes. That’s her standing in the queue for sushi (Waitrose) behind the Cockapoo and the Beagle.’

And finally, it is a wee bit shorter than usual – the blog. I’ve actually got quite a lot of editing on at the moment. What happens is that students are quite happy, before Christmas, that work does not need to go in until, say, 7th January, but it’s only after the Bells (or international equivalent) that they realise how close the 7th January actually is. Still it keeps my mind occupied. 🙂

Tioraidh, still completely fine and still keeping it simple

Iaint850, and thanks to all those……..

So I watched some TV over the holidays. The most poignant was ‘In Sight of Home:the Iolaire’

‘On New Year’s Eve 1918, the Royal Navy Yacht, Iolaire, sailed from Kyle of Lochalsh bearing nearly 300 servicemen returning from WW1. In the darkness she ran onto rocks a mile from Stornoway Harbour and 181 veterans of war and 20 crew were drowned in sight of home. Only 79 crawled ashore and came home to Lewis alive.’ (words from Torcuil Crichton in the Daily Record).

I come from a fishing town in the North-east of Scotland and know how cruel rocks can be but the poignancy for me lay in the fact that we have just finished a year looking back at the end of WW1 and what that meant for the people involved.

These people were going home. For them the war was over and then this……..

I’ve had a special request for Jacques Brel. So here he is. Could it be Django Reinhardt next week or maybe Johnny Halliday?