A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. Denis Waitley

And so, dear listener, this is probably going to be a short blog. In one way it’s been a very busy week but, then again, it’s not been a very exciting week.

And it’s been a wee bit depressing. All I’ll say on that front is that I’ve changed lawyers with regard to the settlement and I’ll leave it at that. Who knows who reads this? Sometimes between 120 and 150 people but more often seventy to eighty, so I’ll say no more publicly. But I could have done without this happening. 😦

Let’s do good stuff. 😀

After a month’s break from the Scottish Drugs Forum I was back for a course on Multiple Risks including the in-vogue ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and I have some slight reservations BUT I am no longer a frontline worker so it was really good to take part in a course which, from my point of view, was learning for the sake of learning and it may help with some of the writing I do for SDF.

And I’ve been doing some editing for them which is pretty unnerving. Normally it’s all done by email and I never see the students. This time I will be meeting my clients ‘face – face’ and it’s really nerve wracking. There’s a lot less sarcasm and irony……..

Incidentally I have been asked if, as a ‘proof-reader’, I allow the word ‘multiple’. Yes, but my interpretation of it is ‘many and varied’. It should not a synonym just for ‘many’.

But, aye, learning without having to do anything too much about it. My aim is for some form of non-vocational course this year….not social care or drink’n’drugs or the homeless and nothing that sees my fellow students writing essays and galloping ahead like Psychology of a couple of years ago which was also part of an access course for university.

The couple of Glasgow Uny short courses I did recently were good but I’d be happy with homework but not essays. The Glasgow Uny short course and night classes brochure had landed and I’ll look out for Strathclyde’s as well. I’m not sure GCU and UWS (Paisley) do too much in this area.

Last week’s walk using the Clyde, the Molendinar and St Enoch’s as the three boundaries was really good. Townhead was really a surprise. I’m not sure when I was last in the middle of it like that.

Son Brian, for various reasons, sent me a link to the inside of an empty Townhead Primary to let me see the renovations there. I may return. If we ever get good weather again.

And it wasn’t the weather that kept me away from Firhill – the other night. There’s still a wee bit of anxiety there but, also, I do have a lot of editing to do. This is a surprisingly busy time with various business schools offering Masters and I also had a meeting with a student at Glasgow Uny and it looks like I’ll be reading her PhD in September. 😀

My busyness also comes as a surprise to students who approach me asking if I can read 12,000 words beginning tomorrow and giving it back in three days’ time. Eh, no, but I do find it difficult to say No, which is why there’s an Out of Office on my email but I did refuse to do work for two students – one of whom I had done some work for before and he(?) sent me a screengrab from his phone which was the feedback from his tutor and had also attached it to the mail saying I(!) had to avoid English erroors and the other person was new but had set out to impress the tutor with big words but had ignored the fact that he had repeated three sentences in the first three pages.

Please take it seriously and re-read your work before you send it to me and I can make such a difference (AND I am not your flunkey!)

I pointed out my unhappiness with both of these and I have yet to hear back.

Yes, it’s an income. Yes, it satisfies my academic interest. But, yes, it does give me a good feeling to know that students appreciate what I do and when they come back. At the moment, that’s a big help. 😀

And finally while we’re on the subject of education, a big well done to good friend e on her latest qualification……..maybe more later.

Tioraidh, still wearing those badges and still keeping it simple and short

Iaint850, the smile’s coming back

And here’s another track from the Highwomen who I think are really good looking as well as talented and I don’t care who knows it.

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