You’re not lost if you know where you’ve been (Alice in Wonderland)

And so dear listener, last week I attended an exhibition I would never have expected to attend – at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. It was a celebration of seventy years of Alcoholics Anonymous in Scotland. Obviously the anonymity of those involved made it difficult to tell the story – ‘Sir Phillip D’ has less impact than ‘Lord Dundas’ who openly spoke about his involvement at the time – and one of the Traditions does say

‘Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion’

And the result was just a very poor video and some large posters of the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions.

I’m not as against AA as some people think and it does have an amazing story. I just think the world has moved on since the thirties and there are better, more positive ways, of dealing with problem drinking. But if it works, it works. Maybe somebody should write a daytime soap based on the work of a Community Addiction Worker. :p

Also I don’t like the way that people related to it make definitive statements without citing any research – a bit like people on social media.

I once heard someone publicising her book about ‘alcoholism’ (but not the fellowship) and she claimed that we know addiction is caused by a faulty gene. Eh, no we don’t as no research has proved that and that only comes from people who’d like to prove that.

I do sooooo wish people would not make off-the-cuff judgements about genetics without having some valid research to back up what they’re saying….but we can only speculate what might have happened if Mr Strachan had continued to play Leigh Griffiths on his own up front with a packed midfield.

Mr Strachan is keen on saying things along the lines of, ‘you’ve never been a manager, you don’t know what it’s like.’

Prof Darren Griffin of the University of Kent got his Master’s in Genetics in 1992 and he says that the average height of the Scots is a little bit taller than the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the Brazilians and the Argentinians. I go with the Prof.

Genetics – the final excuse for twenty years of failure to qualify.

Moving swiftly on.

Last week I drew attention to friend Jill’s blog. This week I want to highlight another blog which, this week, deals with the subject of casual sex from a female perspective. I know the writer and she is Catherine – a former student of mine from about ten years ago. There has been another blog published on this site since the casual sex one but any and all that Catherine writes are worth reading.

It’s not something I’ve spoken much about. From any perspective. References to me and sex have tended to be more historic than current. Or in some feature stuff about me, sex and Prostate Cancer in the Daily Record a wee while back. Lots of reasons – one of which involved Andrew Lloyd-Webber. 🙂

Indeed, sometimes it’s been difficult enough to talk about alcohol and cancer issues, which are all in the past cos of tremendous help from family and friends, which, thankfully, does not include Tory party leader in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, whose advice for anyone suffering a ‘nervous breakdown’ was to ‘man up’. No, I’m not sure what she means by that even if she was referring to the Tories.

Right. Let’s lighten things up a bit. 😀

First, Skippy and me would like to welcome Alexis Jessica Kelly into the world. News came in as we went on air. More next week 🙂

My thanks to those who have seen my new haircut and everyone seems to like it. It is a good haircut but I miss the locks with which I can play. As I have explained, the current length goes back to the start of eight weeks of radiotherapy several years ago. It may sound egotistical but I wanted to emphasise my relative youth compared with the others receiving the same treatment.

And I do know a former BBC colleague who is due to receive a similar treatment and was in hospital to get measured up for the tattoos (or whatever they use these days) which make sure that the lasers hit the right spot.

My tattoos, basically three dots, weren’t very good. The (mainly female) nurses who helped line me up often had to use a felt pen to make sure they were properly highlighted. They also used to enjoy making witty comments like ‘I can’t see the wood for the trees.’ 🙂

All the hair in that part of my body was burnt off – and very comfortable it was too…….and still is.

And finally, you may be wondering how I got on in my second class in Social Psychology. Well, I didn’t go. In true student fashion, I spent the afternoon in the pub. Basically I met up for lunch with a couple of friends and former work colleagues for lunch and stayed on a wee while after the food bit. I would stress that one worker was on her day off and the other had just finished her shift.

I would also like to say thanks to Hengler’s Circus (the Wetherspoons in Sauchiehall Street) for having a more sensible size of glass for my orange juice than your colleagues in the China/Crystal Palace in Jamaica Street. 😀

Tioraidh, still wearing that badge and still happily keeping it simple. Honest.

Iaint850, the Samson of Summerston (with my shorn locks) but no, no Delilah.

In my first time at university and, indeed, my first Post Grad at Jordanhill College, I was involved in putting bands and artistes on at various events. They ranged from the Glitter Band (without Gary) and Alvin Stardust (a really nice guy) to more folkie bands like the JSD Band, Contraband (with Mae McKenna) and, of course, Silly Wizard (with Phil Cunningham).

Phil now does a lot of television and has recently been presenting a three part series called Wayfaring Strangers on BBC 2 which is well worth watching on iPlayer (Tuesday nights at 7) particularly this week just past when country music was featured.

This is the title track sung by the lovely, both in voice and in looks, Rhiannon Giddens accompanied by Phil.

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