The love of books is among the choicest gifts of the gods (Arthur Conan Doyle)

And so dear listener, I am going to have a third T-shirt printed (the first two are virtual but pose the two questions I have been asked the most in recent years) and it will have the words ‘Yes. I have no new job to go to’ and whilst I’m slightly unsure of the mix of negatives and positives there, you get the idea. 😉

I’m going to say very little about the whole saga as it seems to have taken for ages (the four weeks is almost up) but as many people know, I emptied my locker this week (Skippy, is that an innuendo? No? I must be thinking of something else) and there wasn’t much in it – spare clothes just in case and some tea bags. I hope the next person (and they were interviewing for my old job just before I went in) gets as much pleasure out of it as I did.

Four and a half years I worked for Blue Triangle in various places and I enjoyed it but my mission statement for life was totally different from the organisation’s head office;

I believe the person should come first – not the process.

Moving on. And to some sad news. 😦

Each year I try to grow some tomatoes and peppers in my porch with a little success with little tomatoes and peppers. This year they were slow cos of the lack of sunshine but were beginning to happen and then – out of nowhere – some form of whitefly entered the house and the porch was full and the plants were keeling over. The porch has now been cleaned and fumigated.

Some may see that as a metaphor for my new life.

I say ‘fumigated’ but it was just a basic garden fly spray which I didn’t smell but it was strong enough to kill a big fly that had found itself trapped in the porch overnight……

(And economies will have to be made – Get thee behind me, Waitrose!)

But the end of August and September – all the way through to its end – have a lot of birthdays and at least one baptism, but Waterstone’s does well out of me these days, and the jeweller down Byres Road, who is the only man in the entire world who can re-set my Casio for me after February in a leap year.

But I’ve felt a wee bit trapped in the house for the last few days and trips to Paisley have been Godsends…..they’re re-surfacing the main road at the end of my cul-de-sac and I think they’ve finished but it’s been one of those situations where you’ve had to decide whether or not to ignore a ‘Road Closed’ sign because it doesn’t look closed and you want to get home and then you hit the ramp…….I’d to take the car into the garage recently so I worry. However, the strange noise under the bonnet when the engine was switched off turned out to be the Air Con that I’d left on but I also got the DAB radio re-tuned at the same time. 🙂

So I’ve been doing some cleaning and tidying and, indeed, shredding but you’d never know as piles of things have started appearing on the various floors of the house which has always been my method when planning stuff. When I say floors I mean the living room and the back bedroom which is used as an office/clothes drying area. So it’s an incredibly tidy mess.

And finally, there was no leaving do on Wednesday morning. I was swept into the office to fill out paperwork and I didn’t even get a cup of coffee – altho’ I could hear the kettle come to the boil but nothing happening (and one metaphor for my life tonight is enough thank you).

Memories of other leavings came to mind – the several I’ve had from the BBC over the years through to the one from the College, which has since changed its name, through to a jolly interesting PR farewell at King Tut’s a wee while back……my plan is to meet up with some folk – either individually or in groups. My co-workers and local management have been brilliant and in an environment, where wearing alarm bracelets comes as standard, they have all to be people you can trust…..just in case………

tioraidh, happily wearing the badge and happily keeping it simple

iaint850, ‘powerful, good-looking and a great communicator’

And I think what has brought home to me the enormity of what I have done was the other night when I sno-paked out all my shifts, on my Banksy wall calendar, for the next few months. It all looked very empty but there’s no sense of panic. However fleeting it may be, I have some control over my life again but it may, indeed, be fleeting. Give me another couple of days and I’ll start to make sense of the Post-its in my search for work (but not necessarily a job) and, yes, j, I will make a start to the book.

Presumably, despite everything that’s happening to libraries today, the Dewey Decimal Classification System still exists. Now there’s a goal. To go to a library and request a copy of my book (by Inter library Loan, perhaps)

Incidentally I know at least four people who are or were library assistants and I was Convenor of Libraries at Glasgow University Union – now wouldn’t that be an interesting night out? No. Seriously, I think it’d be really good. 😀 😀

And this really is Brandi Carlile. Brilliant voice, smashing lyrics and a lovely vocal counterpoint.


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