‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ (Theresa May’s real message to the EU)

And so, dear listener, many of you will be aware that, during my Post Grad diploma, I did a placement at a rehab in Easterhouse. I’ve usually mentioned it in connection with a share I did there but not a lot else – oh, and my first day there when I had to eat sausages cos I had still to ‘out’ myself as a pescatarian there and then live on a diet of baked potatoes which were brilliant. 🙂

I’d never mentioned its name as I, like most (ex) journalists, believe in confidentiality and practise that within the blog but I will now reveal all. It was called New Horizons (was) and used purpose-built premises on the Queenslie Industrial Estate.

I loved my time there. I was involved in groupworks, one-to-ones and had five pins stuck in each ear from time to time – and I did some creative writing workshops. They were good fun and the first session involved giving out cards with a single word on them and you couldn’t look and you got three and you had to make a story using the words.

The young lady sitting next to me picked her three and two of them were ‘mountains’ and ‘holidays’ – but I’m not sure what the third was. And I thought this is quite obvious but no…….one of her sentences read, ‘I’m going to go on holiday but before I do, I have mountains of ironing to get through.’ That’s a story in itself – a brilliant use of the words on the cards. 😀

I learned during the week that the place had been closed and the workers dispersed a wee while back. I contacted one of them – S. She had been my ‘best friend’ whilst there and had helped me through a difficult relationship that coincided with my time there.

She’s fine. Thanks for asking. 🙂

Moving on.

Technologically, it’s been a good week.

You will be pleased to hear, j, that I have re-set the zoom thing on my phone so I can take proper pictures and, everyone, I managed to solve a battery problem on my Samsung tablet with the help of Youtube.

You see, the battery was kinda down anyway (I tried telling it jokes and singing to it but to no avail) and I watched Line of Duty on it (OMG!!!!!! Imagine waking up to that!!!!!!) but when I tried to charge it, it went down.

A nice lady on Youtube told me to blow into the charger socket and on to the charger bit itself for 30 seconds each and then shove the charger in – and it worked. Okay – slowly – but it worked. And none of that is an innuendo.

And finally, I had been referred to an ENT specialist at the New Victoria Hospital in the south side of Glasgow.

She was very good. When she explained that the telescope she was going to put up my nose would tickle, I explained that I’d much worse in other places. She said, ‘I know’. It’s always nice when they’ve read your records, isn’t it?

And there’s a lovely view from the second floor but nobody else seemed interested in it – well, I can excuse the young lady holding a hankie to her nose and the nurse who kept replacing it – the hankie, not the nose.

tioraidh, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple but smiling, 🙂 🙂 🙂

iaint850, but feeling fed up cos of this throat thing. It tires me out before the day even starts.

So I have a nasal fungal thing caused by an allergy and when I sneeze I do so with enough power to send all that lava back up Vesuvius but, by ‘eck, it hurts my throat. So I have medication and we’ll see what it does.

I rarely Google these things but I used to work with the singer Rab Noakes and he came through tonsillar cancer and has written some songs using that experience, so I Googled it. Ignoring last year’s very false alarm about bowel cancer, there is a feeling that, once you’ve come through a cancer (eight years ago I was starting the second half of my treatment) that there is still a cancer cell inside your body waiting to attack.

But I had very few symptoms; just a horrible rasping cough which is keeping me awake. Another false alarm, and I’ll keep taking the tablets (and blowing on them if necessary) and I need to get out more. Fresh air and sparkling conversation is good. 🙂

And coffee helps. Heat down the back of the throat brings much needed relief. 🙂

And, I’m told, it’s not infectious…….just in case.

One of the things I’m doing later this year (talking of getting out) is going with e (sorry Naomi Campbell) to see this band at the Kelvingrove Bandstand. I think, e, they’re a bit better known to you than A3 were to j. (See me, see encryption?)


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