‘I put a bag full of Your Cheatin’ Heart drafts on the scales – 12 and a half stone it was!’ (John Byrne)

And so dear listener, there’s a lot happened this week but there’s probably not much that’s not already on wikileaks. And I was intrigued to hear a good friend using the phrase ‘in the old days’. Not a phrase that I use much. Indeed, I sometimes surprise myself by doing technical things without realising how………and I suppose this blog is a good example of taking on something (which was a way of telling people about how my cancer treatment was going) which is now surprisingly dated as I don’t vlog, I play at anonymity and I have no sponsors. Of any sort. And nobody corrupts me by paying to advertise or sending me freebies to plug. But I wouldn’t anyway. 🙂

(And in other big news – somebody’s taken my brown bin from the side of my house!!!!!!) ):

But I’ll tell you something else, if I may……six years ago I received a written invitation to join up with the Alcohol and Drugs team at UWS (Paisley) subject to certain references and proof of qualifications. I also remember going out there a few months previously to be interviewed informally by Ken Barrie who told me I was ‘in’ subject to those same reservations. 🙂

I left his room and went across to the library which, then, had comfy seats and texted e and the Good Doctor w and told them…….oh, and the family got phone calls later. And something happened this week that I never ever thought I’d see – ten years ago – and I’ll tell people individually – so if I haven’t been in touch contact me.

But one thing I don’t do is to re-post things on Facebook that say ‘do you remember when?’ and list all the children’s games from years ago or aspects of life from years ago and then slag off young people for spending all that on their phones or other devices.

Don’t they realise the irony of telling us that by using their mobile phones and telling us through a social media platform?

(Yes. I’m still using up a lot of leave between now and the end of March. How did you know?)

But something else happened seven years ago this week. My last ever (probably) radio documentary what I produced was transmitted. It was called ‘Prostate Cancer – the hidden killer’ and it went out in the investigation slot and was basically an examination of why men, at that time, were reluctant to speak out about prostate cancer and featured men and their wives – all of whom were willing to speak out about prostate cancer.

But, yes, I do occasionally miss live broadcasting but at least I left before they started using skype. This is worth a fifteenth look……watch the mum/nanny come dashing in!!!!!!!

And let’s not analyse it too much. It’s just a bit of fun.

But there is the news that the CIA is spying on me through my Samsung smart TV which doesn’t even switch on properly. I have to ‘wake’ it up – but why?

(Dear CIA, I am a single man, living alone and what I get up to hurts no-one…..antique shows just happen to be on immediately before news programmes)

But the main point of this blog is to highlight my return to good old values and the value of a good entertainer and storyteller. There are people who tell stories and there are people who tell stories well. I was once involved in a comedy workshop which involved Susan Calman and Maggies Cancer Care Centre, then in Dumbarton Road, where these two guys claimed their wives thought they were the funniest things ever when they told their stories and they should be on stage and TV cos they were as funny as Billy Connolly, but, aye, I said, “Billy can keep it up for an hour. Can you?”

And then I have a friend who can drop a wee Peppa Pig snort (not a euphemism) into a wee story and you’re hooked (still not a euphemism) with that tremendous anticipation for what happens next. 🙂

The storyteller I went to see was the lovely John Byrne who was at the Glasgow Concert Hall to talk to the lovely Clare English (another BBC talent tossed aside – and indeed I sat with some BBC/ex-BBC people and it was a good night) about five books that were important to him but he started off talking about being born in Barshaw Hospital in Paisley and going to primary school at St Mary’s and at one stage it sounded as if all his classmates from St Mirin’s Academy had all died violent deaths later in their years.

And I loved his description of a room so small you could fit a coffin in and little else.

And all the newspapers and magazines that came into his parents’ house including two copies of the Sunday Post – one of which was to send to Canada.

Such a pleasant evening’s entertainment. 🙂

And finally, since I started writing this, the brown bin has been returned!!!!! 😀

Tioraidh, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple

Iaint850, still smiling as I write some things. Because.

And so because of an event which I can’t tell you about I missed an event I could have told you about which was the fiftieth birthday of the legendary PT fan known as Bean (and no, I have never asked why. I might be disappointed) but anyway some of the music was provided by these folk whose appearance, I think, was arranged well in advance rather than just picked up in Buchanan Street where these pics are from and if you do see them say, ‘Bean sent you.’ Or not. Maybe I’d better ask.


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