As friendly as two horses’ heads (a common Gaelic idiom – apparently)

And so, dear listener, after last week’s slightly different blog (and thanks for kind wishes) it’s a return to a normal beginning with an explanation of what happened last week at Firhill (home of the mighty Partick Thistle) when I was knocked back at the gate  ):

Because of virus stuff (I had originally written ‘viral’ but there’s nothing on YouTube) and the anxiety and work and grand-daughtering and so on, I had, in fact, been to only one game and that was in a very different part of the ground where I had to pay to get in. So this was actually the first time I’d used my season ticket in the scanning machine and the red light went off….several times. I was not being allowed in. ):

Security did let me in but when I contacted the club the next day it turned out that I had not paid for this season’s season ticket. I remember doing it by phone, so, obviously, there had been a wee blip at that end and a major one at my end. Sorted in that I’ll just pay at the gate for the rest of the season and I now have a contact in the Ticket Office who will sort out my tickets for the Cup Semis and Final when we get there 😀 😀 😀

Brilliant being back with an amazing win. 😀 :D:D We are Partick Thistle, we score when we want.:D 😀 😀

But it’s nice to celebrate anniversaries and it was five years ago that I was at Spateston Bowling Club for uni-Sharon and Kenny’s wedding. Well remembered and just in time this year, Sharon (lol) 🙂

It’s also been a week when I’ve been affected by the media and technology. Let me explain.

Well not so much the stuff about being fined money and points for using your mobile whilst driving cos I also worry about people that use their mobiles for Sat Nav, look through a map for where they’re going whilst driving or try to sort out the programming on their DAB radio cos they keep losing the station.  Yes. I have been guilty of the last two but have been much more careful in recent years. 🙂

And that time J, when I bumped over a kerb on our way to Hyndland, it was cos I was trying to work out what a white van was doing in my rear view mirror. Sorry. I was trying to work out, in my rear view mirror, what a white van was doing.

No. It was the reports about the need for a different noise for smoke detectors to wake children so I went and tested mine and it wasn’t working. I had put it up about thirty years ago and a wire was now loose and wouldn’t go back in.

So I went and bought a new one expecting the backing plate to be the same size as the existing one – but obviously it’s not. So I will get my electric drill out (it’s in the shed) and drill a new hole. I can do that. Indeed any new visitor to my house is shown shelves and other stuff that I put up and that have stayed up.

Yes. I do live alone. How did you know?

And finally, I talk a lot about the coping mechanisms that my professional addiction worker introduced into my life as a way of coping with my alcohol dependency. It was about changing my behaviour rather than accepting it as an irreversible disease which meant I could keep drinking and blame it on the drink.

A major mechanism was going for a walk when things got too much for me, particularly at home. And a big helper in that respect was e who often took me for longer walks than I had planned. So, (sorry Rosie for beginning a sentence with ‘so’) all that seems very positive. 🙂

I was explaining this idea to someone who then said, ‘Aye but what if you break your leg and you can’t get out?’


So (ooooops) I paused for a second and said, ‘I’d leave the remote control over by the TV and any time I was ‘down’ I would go and change TV channels. That would be coping enough.’

Tioraidh, still wearing that badge and (for one week only) still knocking at that door (lol)

Iaint850, with a quiet March ahead of him cos I’ve lots of leave to take before the end of the month. I’m available; try me.

And yes, I was in UWS (Paisley) during the week and it has changed. For example, you self-scan library books out and throw them in what looks like a big skip when you bring them back and that ain’t no way to treat books. ):

But I got some bad news. Someone well known to the library and catering staff had been really helpful to me when I had been thinking of a PhD. He’d looked out for articles about alcohol use in the newspapers. Sorry. He’d looked out for articles in the newspapers about alcohol use.

His younger brother had passed away and I was really sad.

I’d been out there to meet up with a friend, C, from post grad days and we had had a brilliant time when we were there. Sometimes the university environment seems miles away from the ‘real world’ of the homeless and refugees where I work (paid gig) but within one hour in the Hub café, as well as hearing about this death, I was talking to someone about the birth of her grand-daughter.

Maybe university life is part of the ‘real world’. It was certainly nice walking out of the multi-storey car park of blessed memory and looking at the basically unchanged frontage of the Robertson Building and that frightening automatic door where once I went through but my rucksack – with me still attached – didn’t.

No. No thoughts of returning…….mmmmm

This is a pic of my Gaelic class and a song we have been taught to sing. It’s about having a hangover.


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