“I finally figured out the big, elusive secret to weight loss. Don’t eat! Who knew?” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

And so dear listener, by the time you read this, I will have returned to work and hopefully remained for the full shift and, also hopefully, I am okay about going back full-time (altho’ I’m part-time but you know what I mean) For new listeners, I have had viral tonsillitis and it took a lot out of me but I think my strength has returned. We’ll see.

I still make some throaty noises but I put that down to the heating being on a lot at the moment, but there’s another health matter to which I want to draw your attention.

I have from time to time said that I felt was carrying extra weight and folks have said, ‘No. You’re not.’ And I’ve listened to them and done nothing about it. But the weight is there and you should see me at the end of the day when I have no clothes on (Skippy, can we maybe re-think that line?) 😉

One problem is the irregular hours I have been working with basic nights and irregular days and no set meals pattern – partly cos I live alone (have I ever told  you that?) On some shifts I get a 6” Subway (veggie lite) and eat it over the course of the shift – well most of it. I often have to throw away bits before the next shift comes in as you don’t always get a chance to finish your food.

(It’s okay, Skippy, I have no plans to do any gags about six inches or twelve inches or any other related jokes that end with ‘and, no, I didn’t ask for a ten inch pianist.’)

And I did tell you about the emergency shift a wee while back that finished at 2.30 in the morning but The Bistro (you don’t know the nice and sleazy end of Sauchiehall Street if you don’t know The Bistro) obvs was still open and I went in to get chips and got a staff discount and a free bottle of water. 🙂

And on another occasion, one of the service users came back with an order for various folk (I’d not asked for anything) but also with a free chips’n’curry sauce. So I had it.  🙂

And there it is – the ‘c’ word – ‘chips’. I even mentioned them in a blog a couple of weeks ago and no matter which train station I go to after a back shift, I pass a chip shop and I also pass a KFC and altho’ I can say no to a chicken (Skippy?)  those new Zinger chips look good.

But I’m pescetarian! I shouldn’t be eating chips that are deep-fried! I have no idea what else has been fried in that oil! And, whilst it’s not ethical or medical, there’s no point in only being a semi-pescetarian. I decided to carry out some research.

I drew together an e-focus group; one gf (that’s gluten-free as opposed to anything else) and two vegans. All are very wary of chips. The gf would like to know a wee bit more about the backstory to the chips and it has to be oil in which nothing else has been cooked; and the two vegans have that same concern – altho’ one did confess to a liking for chips’n’curry sauce as well. I feel a fraud. ):

But I do wonder what fast food outlets are doing about this. I don’t know cos I don’t eat from them cos I’m pesectarian! Eh? But chips?

Anyway, one of the benefits of going to part-time days will be a serious look at my diet and altho’ I will not do the 5:2 diet which, as with all diets, requires a fair amount of food prep or just buying the stuff out of M & S, I will go back to the days when I used to prepare a piece for work and did no grazing……and cut out chips (and they are good chips, good people chips)……and I am okay for walking as I always have been altho’ I have de-shuffled an MP3player so that needs attention. I’ll be fine.  😀

But finally, chips played a very important role in my recovery. Not long after Cold Turkey weekend, my sister (then living in London) asked me to look at various properties in Glasgow on her behalf with a view to returning to Glasgow (which was a serious task I could concentrate on) and I remember being early for viewing for one (no surprise there then) and going for, and eating, a fish supper – sober.


Tioraidh, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple.

Iaint850 and I told you it’d be Trump Free. Maybe more about babies soon-time.

So, the line-up for Glasgow Summer Nights at the Kelvingrove Bandstand has just been announced (and I’ve not yet got fully organised for the Aye Write Bookfest)

I note with interest that veterans like Nick Lowe (not the Nick Low I know) and Andy Fairweather Low are playing on Thursday, Aug 10th (and I once roadied for AFL in the days when you could make a couple of quid for yourself by helping to carry gear in and being there again at the end of the night to carry gear out – and get paid – but Andy’s team also invited us to the after-show party at the then Albany)

I am, as ever, open to suggestions.

Maybe Texas?

KT Tunstall?

But I want to mention a country duo who are on at the Bandstand on Friday, 11th August.  These are/this is The Shires………….and they are nothing like Alabama 3. Honest.


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