‘So many books, so little time’ (Zappa, Frank)

And so dear listener, as some of you know I’ve recently been hit by viral tonsillitis (as well as a tax bill and some very necessary work to the car and the annual fee to the Rosedale Park Residents’ Association) and my thanks to all those who asked after me. It was quite debilitating. It took quite a lot out of me. In fact, more than I expected. 😦

But I did go back to work and I did enjoy being back at work and some of the folk (and they’re very good folk, some of the best) were saying they’d not seen me and wondered what had happened and that was nice. 🙂

And then the next day, I felt very tired and put it down to being ‘very tired’ after the shift. And not because I missed my nap-time. It was a busy shift, but a good shift – one of the best. So the day after that, I was still very tired and went back to the doctor, a different doctor, but they’re all good doctors, very good doctors, and I’ve been signed off again.

jt, just take your effing time, this time. There will always be homeless people. ):

But I’m now officially part-time days which covers a range of shifts from 7 ish in the morning to finishing just after 10 at night. Which is where this week’s Random Conversation of the Month comes from…..but it’s not too random. Just the best level of randomness…….good people.

I finished my shift at 9.30 and was wandering along Sauchiehall Street to Queen Street Station (thinking chips, and they’re good chips, some of the best chips) when I heard this voice asking me how to get to Argyle Street. I explained ‘carry on walking and take the first on the right and keep walking. You’ll find it then.’

He explained he’d parked in King Street and was heading back to his car. Turned out he was an auditor working in Boots doing a stock-take.

‘Of course, it’d not always Boots. Sometimes it’s SuperDrugs; and we recently did Top Shop. Get around quite a bit actually. Can be quite exciting. Came out the side door tonight and found myself in a strange lane and wasn’t sure where I was.’

I said nothing but an odd memory floated past – not a good memory. Certainly, not one of the best. Bad hombres down south of Byres Road.

‘OMG!’ I thought, ‘How far away’s the first right? Is it soon?’ But I explained that all my family had been involved in the financial world so I knew all about stock-taking.

‘So what happened to you?’ he asked.

‘Oh’, said I. ‘I ended up an alcoholic journalist.’

At that point, he found first right all on his own.

Lucy Worsley reminds me of somebody. 🙂

So I explained last week that Donald Trump does not read books; I understand he spends his time watching cable tv and tweeting until his masters, Bannon and Kushner, call him forth to sign another Executive Order. But does that matter, I was asked?

Well, leaving aside the fact that reading some factual books on the US Constitution and how the American Government has worked over the years might help*, there are books out there that are worth reading for pleasure alone – altho’ I suspect the POTUS would prefer all-action American heroes. 😀

He’s not a great fan of the environment, but maybe, just maybe a novel where the trees fight back might just instil some fresh thinking. The book is called The Trees (surprise, surprise); it’s written by Ali Shaw; and described on the cover as ‘Tarantino meets Middle Earth’ – or would those artistic references only confuse him? Answers please on a postcard (remember them?) to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue……

* or maybe not, cos that’s what’s going to bring him down.

Mmmmmm, Becky, I have the smell of brie when I open the fridge. But it’s nice brie…..very nice brie…some of the best brie.

And Dennis K, I haven’t forgotten about the curry, but it will be  a good curry.

And those of you with long memories may remember that I used to attend a Glasgow University based dining cub called the Winers’ Club and the annual William Topaz McGonagall dinner is about to happen. I am tempted to go as there are many good men in that club – many, many good men in what is a good club – but I’m never sure about meeting up with groups of people who may not know my story – and it’s a good story – but I’ll have a wee think and I’d be interested in your views – you, the listener, as your views are important to me (Hang on! He doesn’t ask for peoples’ views, does he?!?!)…….but I’ve just checked and I’m working that night anyway…….there’s always next time.

But doesn’t the world seem so much safer when a lede item on the news is iceberg lettuce rationing.

And finally, only my work colleagues will understand this but thanks to the new e-system for paperwork and as database at the project, my first night back (on dayshift) saw me shouting at the computer, in total frustration, ‘Aw shit! Not another frozen running log!’

Tioraidh, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple. Some of my life stays constant and I like it that way. 🙂

Iaint850, missing the Thursday Gaelic, tho’…….. 😦

So some nice thoughts about books. I’ve got a copy of the aye write brochure for this year and I’ll have a wee look through it later. Didn’t get to anything last year but plan to do more this year. And I’m open to suggestions. But lots of good stuff for bookophiles of all ages….including quite a lot of Gaelic-related and Western Isles stuff. And the lovely Mike Heron formerly of the Incredible String Band.

But wait, what’s this I spy? Two hours’ worth of Research for Writers showing potential writers how to use ‘the Mitchell Collection and online.’……..maybe this is a sign. I’ll say no more but here’s the link to aye write to click but make it a good click 🙂


So this week ended with me feeling a wee bit down. So I make no excuse for this choice of music, as every time I hear it, it brings a smile to my face. It’s a good piece of music, a very good piece – one of the best.


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