“Patience, grasshopper,” said Maia. “Good things come to those who wait.” “I always thought that was ‘Good things come to those who do the wave,'” said Simon. “No wonder I’ve been so confused all my life.” (Cassandra Clare, City of Glass)

And so dear listener, can I say a big thanks to those of you who communicated by various means and offered your appreciation of last week’s show and my memories of alcohol and the BBC, with a wee bit of libraries thrown in. It brought back good memories……..and my kinda TV presentation gig, that I talked about, lasted for the one and only series of the programme (Angles) which I couldn’t even find on a Google search ):

I basically played ‘researcher with clipboard’ who gave the viewers some background as to who the obscure guests were and got paid a Staff Contribution Fee which paid for my first ever SLR camera (a Praktica). 🙂

Another TV appearance was ‘man hiding behind newspaper in VD Clinic at Southern General’ but that’s another story for another day. 😉

This week has been different in that I’ve been off work with viral tonsilitis and my car has been off the road with bodywork problems which I thought would be a nuisance but it’s maybe helped. I am a patient person where other people are concerned – even if I do worry about things outwith (a good Scottish word according to the OED) my control.

But me? Why am I not doing this? Should I be doing that? Can I help? More so than the Anxiety period. I have been signed off sick for a week and I can only get better with rest and fresh air and if that has begun by walking down to the ASDA rather than driving, then that is no bad thing. 🙂

And this week would have seen the move to part-time days which I am looking forward to and a new system of (not) paperwork. The part-time thing is good cos it does give me time to do other things and one of the things coming up is the proof-reading season…….it could pay for the holiday I keep promising myself. 🙂

On the tonsilitis front, a couple of people expressed surprise that I still had my tonsils as theirs had come out ages ago. Some things I do not give up easily. I still have my appendix and, of course, my prostate. Concerns about the surgeon’s knife in that part of my body were amongst the reasons for choosing radiotherapy – however tiring that turned out.

And recent advances in the world of prostate cancer means that this will soon only take a few days rather than thirty-seven. 😀

And I feel I should say that apart from alcohol issues, cancer, mental health and planking without planning, my health has always been reasonably good but if there’s one part of my body that suffers at this time of year, it’s my throat.

So I cancelled the social side of my life last weekend (including going to a Gaelic gig which I had agreed to go to at short notice but had to pull out of……..if only I’d pulled out earlier, someone else could have got my ticket……..)

One nice aspect of going for the diagnosis at Dr Fiona’s was investigating the new houses that have sprung up behind the new surgery with some brilliant views of the hills and the canals. I saw these from the street; I did not walk unannounced into someone’s house.

I also overheard a conversation between two window cleaners which ended with one saying to the other;

‘That’s a dreadful attitude to come to work with; you come in tomorrow morning with the same attitude and I’m taking it to the boss.’

All this from two ladders perched precariously at second-floor windows whist a third collected money from the doors below. 🙂

And I’m grateful to Jill from the south-side for letting me have this quote from her Facebook page.

‘Quick question: what’s the protocol for when you’re sat feeding your baby in Costa .. you glance at your phone for a minute.. look back up and realise your little one has been carefully and methodically spooning his yoghurt into some woman’s hood.?

Asking for a friend.’

And I’m also glad I did question a friend’s cooking advice when he told me the best way to get good well-fired nan breads was to put them on the bottom of  the wok you’re cooking with;

‘No, jt. Once you’ve finished the rest of your cooking, so that nothing falls out.’

And finally, one of the first things I was taught in my most recent stint at uny was to question the existence of ‘facts’ in that proof and evidence was needed; a few years ago, I was introduced to the notion that if something is repeated often enough without someone checking the sources, then you were into the world of ‘factoids’; and now we’re going through a time when politicians and successful business people are telling us to ignore experts and present us with ‘alternative facts’, we may find it difficult to believe anyone and to know what to do next.

I have no answer; just despair every time I see the man knowing that he has become a role model for every populist politician in the world who sees ‘controlling borders’ as the way to political power. Let’s not worry about Brexit; in ten years there will be no EU – just a host of countries refusing to talk and trade with each other. And he doesn’t read books.

Tioraidh an-drasta, still wearing that badge and learning more than ever to keep it simple.


So, I’ve not been out much this week, cos of the virus, but I have listened to a lot of Celtic Connections on Radio 2 and BBC Radio Scotland. And the name Fairport Convention was mentioned – they were playing somewhere in Glasgow.

I have many happy memories of seeing them, Steeleye Span, The JSD Band, Contraband and Silly Wizard many, many years ago………and drinking with several from the last three, including a very svelte Phil Cunningham (student gigs where I was involved in putting the bands on) 🙂

This is Fairport Convention (with Sandy Denny) along with Led Zep’s Robert Plant.


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