Christmas is a tonic for our souls. It moves us to think of others rather than of ourselves. It directs our thoughts to giving (B. C. Forbes)

And so dear listener, the tenth anniversary of Cold Turkey came and went without any real issue except I emerged with a bad cold. I don’t know if it started on the night before Alabama 3 when we had the works’ night out or the day after Alabama 3 when I couldn’t even hear myself yawn; but it certainly wasn’t there the night of Alabama 3. 🙂

Yes, they were magnificent and it was nice that J, the blog’s favest librarian, also enjoyed herself despite, maybe, a wee bit of a worry there when a character, dressed as a monk with a V for Vengeance mask came on stage. But he did nothing. And she was full of smiles at the end. 😀

They are a band who are at their best live and indoors where the sound rebounds off the walls so, altho’ I had seen them once before down at Loch Lomond, it was so much better in the O2 Glasgow. And, yes, I did dance – or ‘jump around’ as someone put it J – and I did singalong. It was good. 🙂

I didn’t really do anything else but thanks for all the good wishes.

And I reckon the cold was the demons getting their own back cos they couldn’t get at me any other way.  😛

Elsewhere, as I write this, I have now finished my SVQ3 in Social Care after a year’s work. 🙂 🙂 🙂  There were some issues attached to this that led to the month of anxiety and depression but they all seem to be behind me now, so the certificate will soon be in the post and I can hang it beside my MSc, my two Post Grads and my first degree – except I can’t do that cos, and this was another issue during the year, I cannot find my diploma for my first Post Grad in Youth and Community Work which I got from Jordanhill College (which now longer exists) under the auspices of the Scottish Education Department (which no longer exists) and was funded by Strathclyde Regional Council (which no longer exists) – ‘but can someone not get you a replacement?’ I was asked……

But again thanks for all the good wishes but for something just slightly different. 🙂

Oh, and maybe the demons had a go at me through the fiendish invention that is 151. I had various Virgin internet problems (and my new phone not totally on stream at this point) and I did talk to them and I was reassured – except on Tuesday night when the recorded message told me that they were aware of continuing intermittent problems in my area of G23 and then went on to complete my Post Code!!! ‘Engineers are working on it but it is proving more complicated than expected.’

I rushed to my window expecting to see an engineer working at the box across the road but no such luck.

But Son Brian came over and sorted some things out and it may only have been a few minutes but it was well appreciated. I remember on a couple of occasions driving over to my parents’ house to put the receiver back on the phone as it had not been replaced properly and I had only realised this after about an hour of the engaged tone. Eventually, a neighbour, on finding this out, said just to phone him and he’d go. I think he got a glass of whisky for his trouble. 🙂

This was the same neighbour who would go in early each morning with a newspaper in the last weeks of my mum. ‘But’, someone said to me, ‘I don’t think she’s able to read the paper.’

‘No.’ I explained. ‘He’s checking to see if she got through the night.’

Sometimes we met as I left the house having stayed, at no notice, overnight.

Oh, and I’d a plumber in the other day to put in a new shower and he whistled The Great Escape all the time he was in – I haven’t yet looked under the shower base but is it people getting in rather than escaping?

And finally, it was a week of two lunches.

The first was the Service Users Lunch Out which took place at the World Buffet in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. It’s one of those places where you can eat as much as you want of food from all over the world plus a pudding and two drinks for ten pounds. It’s quite an interesting experience trying to explain some of the foods to people from all over the world – places like Sudan, Eritrea and Possilpark – but Pizza and sweet and sour chicken and chocolate ice cream are universal and were well enjoyed. 🙂

Equally diverse food was eaten by myself and e in our annual business Christmas Lunch (e being the closest I have to a business partner in We ate in the Hanoi Bike Shop where the sauce on the tofu was brilliant (but tofu is tofu the world over) and the dips and the sauces and the fishcakes were superb….but the best dish of all will remain a surprise as I may well serve it to my sister on Christmas Day

Tioraidh, still wearing that badge and so glad I kept it simple.

Iaint850 and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

So I was going to talk about SNP MSP Clare Haughey (No. Me neither) and her lack of willingness to let sinners repent even when they’ve apologised and been backed by Keep Racism Out of Sport and if she wants publicity, wouldn’t she be better to look at the suggestion that many SPFL clubs will soon be putting players on zero hours contacts but I won’t.

Instead, in a week when we are all appalled by the pictures we’re seeing from the Middle East as Donald Trump’s pal Putin begins to conquer the world, I defy anyone not to cry at these pictures of the wee Afghan boy meeting his hero Lionel Messi. Murtaza Ahmedi was the wee boy who came to the world’s attention with a torn supermarket bag over his shoulders with Messi 10 on it. This is them meeting. Or if there’s the tekkie problem I think there is, take your pic!


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