I get really drunk off that old book smell in the library……. Hammered? ……No. Grammared!

And so dear listener, I have a confession to make. In fact, I have several. And to me they’re important.  But maybe to you the reader, they’re not. After all, I was very surprised earlier this year when I reported the loss of an unencrypted memory stick which eventually led to the anxiety and depression month (and I’ll tell the full story in the Gaelic drama-doc I’ve started) and a number of people (some of them pillars of the community) said that they would never have reported its going missing. Their identities will remain secret until such time as I translate them into Gaelic. 😉

Maybe I believe in honesty too much. 😦

First confession;

When me and Debs and Caroline and the others do our fortnightly SVQ training, we break for lunch and go to a place called Boadicea (or similar) which is now closed on Saturdays but the Hillington shop remains open.  They do good soup e.g. cauliflower and cream cheese. They offer a veggie option. 🙂

So this week I chose potato and leek and took it back to the training centre and opened the carton. Somewhere on the journey back from Boadicea to my bit of the training table, it had transmorgified into Cock a Leekie…….what to do?

I ate it. And then I poured a gallon (or so it felt) of Lucozade down my throat to take the taste away. But nothing else happened. It is, after all, nothing medical or ethical and I still believe pea and ham to be veggie for some reason*. It can be a confusing world. But it does pay to be careful. 😉

I once met a woman who claimed to be the actress in that famous ad and I believed her. It makes for a much better story. 🙂

And I spent some time on Thursday explaining the existence of gluten-free soy sauce to Cathcart Minor and he sounded very appreciative.  How’s the facial hair, James?

But I do feel for vegans (and some others) with the animal fat in existence on the new £5 notes. Why did nobody think?

But it was pleasing to see top News Anchor Kay Burley being honest (on Sky News) about her ignorance of the subject and asking ‘the expert’ how to pronounce tallow. The expert was not caught out and pronounced it tallow.

I’ll miss Kay when I go to dayshift. 😦

Second confession?

The tree is ‘up’ almost but it is more than just ‘assembled’. The built in lights do work but are at their best in total darkness; so, dear listener, do I buy new lights for the daylight hours? (And anyone want to come and see them in complete darkness?)

And for those who know Summerston in darkness at this time of year, my next door neighbour has put up ‘those lights’ but has not yet switched them on. Over ten years ago, they guided me home at this time of year.  And if they ever extend the runway at Cumbernauld Airport…….. 🙂

And one of my own Christmas (never Xmas and I even read/hear Christians spelling it that way) traditions is to shout at the radio when it’s playing Band Aid that many of them actually do know it’s Christmastime ‘cos they’re actually Christians (and not Xtians).

My own religious beliefs? I’m not sure but I doubt whether I’m agnostic.

And finally, I was in the hairdresser’s the other day getting some of my hair cut and my hairdresser said that she had seen in the blog that I was going to the podiatrist and she asked how I’d got on cos she had had a twisted nerve in her back for some time and wondered what had been said to me.

Well, the choice I was given was either surgery or built insoles and wide toed shoes. J suggested I go with the latter and not for the first time I agreed with her. My concern had been that the damage was going up my legs and could permanently lead to damage. I walk a lot and I don’t to stop as I’m growing fatter and fatter. But it’s nice when this show leads to discussion.  🙂

(e, I too have a thirty day programme in mind but my latest new life will happen when I move to daytime working…….new beginnings)

Cya, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple

Iaint850, looking forward to a Gaelic Christmas – this Thursday 🙂

So in one week’s time I will be acknowledging the fact that it’s ten years since Cold Turkey Weekend so most of the blog will be given over to that and it may appear a wee bit early e.g. Saturday.

It means a lot to me and it’s been great to have been able to share much off the last ten years through the blog as well as talking to people personally. I’ve never intended to sermonise or preach from this particular pulpit but have always been pleased when people have made contact (and their comments have often been removed) and I’ve been able to pass on some of my story.

It’s never about how I did it unless asked. It’s about sharing and trusting you, the listener, to make up your mind. 😀

Oh. And to all those people who say I should have put it all behind me, not only is there a soap opera on in the background where one of the main characters has alcohol problems, but in my Gaelic class this week, I was asked if I like beer?  My reply was Cha toil leam leann …..and you should have seen the look on the questioner’s face. What is the Gaelic for ‘it’s a long story?’

This week the music is from Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus and Pentatonix (maybe next week it’ll be Alabama 3….watch this space) with a stunning version of Jolene from the American version of The Voice and not an instrument in site!!!!!


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