Well, that’s the overseas cards posted so it’s defo started (me)

And so dear listener, this week I missed a golden opportunity. I was in Debenham’s in Glasgow (and there are no other stores that I know that sell Rocha jeans in my size as a boot cut but just not this week) when a store anno went out. Was this some kind of call to arms, some amazing consumer opportunity? Well, kinda.

What was on offer was a (free) five inch kitchen peeler and you could get it on the fifth floor, but be aware, ‘numbers are limited.’ So I didn’t go. At this time of year, you’ve got to think of others. I have a peeler and it’s not as big but I’m ‘just about managing’ with what I’ve got……….. 😦

And I turned down another offer this week and it was a bit of a strange one.

As you know, my secondary work is editing and proof-reading essays and dissertations, most of which come from foreign students of whom the majority are Chinese.


So I got a mail from an organisation (Chinese based) talking of ‘collaboration’ without going too much into full financial details but a pretty impressive volume of work. But leaving aside my happiness at being my own boss, enjoying the intellectual challenge offered and the very nice feeling that you get from helping people AND getting paid for it, I had concerns. This was the sentence that worried me.

‘We deals mostly with paraphrasing works but also required to add some personal touch based on the comments provided.’

Now leaving aside the grammatical errors and the boring font it came in, my suspicion (and I can’t prove it) is that what is being offered is writing/re-writing essays which pays well and only requires the need to write to a range of stock answers and to personalise it. And I won’t do it.

I know too many students who have achieved what they have achieved through their own hard work – no matter where they come from – and I don’t like students who believe that money will buy them success. I have had approaches before.  Any re-writing I do is based on what is supplied to me and is to help get the student’s message across. 🙂

Earlier this year, a good friend used the word ‘integrity’ in relation to me in connection with the situation that caused my anxiety and depression. I don’t cheat and I don’t help others to cheat……but as I say, it’s only a suspicion.

(And I make a small monthly donation to Glasgow University to a Scholarship Fund to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds)

Anyway, Christmas is getting closer and I am planning to assemble my new Christmas Tree. No. I’m not ‘putting it up.’ It seems to be a real cheeser of a tree with built in lights and I want to be sure they work. Obviously, I’ll take it back down once I’m sure. Honest  😉

(‘integrity, jt, integrity.’ ‘Yes, Skippy, yes’)

And I too have found it icy and cold this week and have not yet found the best setting for heating and de-icing my car, but I did get a wee fright going home the other morning – ‘bout half past seven? – when  my tired eyes in the half-light had to work hard to ensure that I knew what I was driving on – something to be aware of when I start day shifts come mid-January. 😦

But I did have a very pleasant Monday morning when, despite my tiredness, I went into town for a training course in the Wheatley Building in Ingram Street next to the lovely Hutchesons’ Hall (and my thanks to Debs who’s done lot of training with me this week). When I arrived, film group people were rigging lights for a movie called My Wife starring Glenn Close and Christian Slater but I didn’t see them. 😦

Bur I do remember about five years ago when World War Z was filmed in that area and the good Dr W was an office worker extra based in the Bam Building. Her biggest memory was the smell of Febreze in the morning before she put on her ‘extra’ clothes. 🙂

And finally, big thanks to Son Brian, not only for buying me lunch in Sartis’ the other day (yes, it’s your kinda place, rainforestriverman) but helping me to ‘obtain’ a new phone.  It’s a Samsung Galaxy (hopefully black) and apparently my existing Blackberry is a closed phone and I can’t just ‘transfer’ My Contacts. I have to sit down and write them out and then manually input them. It’s a bit of a nuisance but maybe erasing some names may prove therapeutic.  I mean, can anyone tell me who Katie (mark) is but I have remembered who Carmen is but will I ever need that number again?

And also a big thanks to e, not only for buying the coffees on Thursday morning but taking me (window) shopping whilst she bought birthday stuff. I have got some really good ideas for Christmas presents.  And I might not get my grand-daughter that giant pink fluffy unicorn – there was a woman in Fopp who had a baby (plastic) deer she had bought in a charity shop. Mind you, the same woman bought a Pink Floyd doormat…….mmmmm

Plus, thank you, e, for telling me how to pronounce podiatrist.

Cya, still wearing that badge and I will continue to keep it simple

Iaint850, just a wee bit worried…….mmmmmm

It’s now three years since I graduated (MSc) from UWS (Paisley) and I openly acknowledge that I made lots of friends and friendships both with students and members of staff e.g. lecturers and library people. But there was another friendship which kinda came out of that period. 🙂

Jenny H has just graduated with her PhD which was a smashing piece of work both to read and to edit (and I charged for that). Altho’ we’d never met, when I approached her for help about four years ago, having read some of her work, she said ‘no problem’ and we met over coffee and have done so regularly since, altho’ she has now moved to Cardiff to lecture.

When I talk about students achieving so much through their own work, Jenny H is one of those. 🙂

(And my apologies to someone else whose name begins with the letter ‘J’ who received a congratulatory fb msg and must have wondered if I’d lapsed)

So almost exactly one year ago I was introduced (under interesting circumstances) to the music of Brandi Carlile. This is she;





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