Midway along the journey of our life I awoke to find myself in a dark wood (Dante’s Inferno, quoted in Shaw’s The Trees – the next one for the Book Club

And so dear listener, there will be a slight football influence to the show this week and I make no apologies for it. For all sorts of reasons I’ve not been to that many games this season. In fact I’ve yet to use my PT season ticket for the bit where I go at Firhill – which is to stand amongst the seats of the North Stand. 😦

I made the Jackie Husband earlier with e and AJ but I’m doing not too bad with away matches – like Perth last Saturday. And as I tried to explain to a couple of folk, you can watch all the world class football you want and all the world class footballers in the world but when Abdul Osman scores the winner in the second minute of extra time, then he becomes the greatest player in the world – for that weekend. 😀

And then comes the journey home – in #soulboydaviebee’s new (?) M reg Volkswagen (not Scirocco but name me another wind). It never helps when the Perth police point you in the opposite direction from Glasgow and you find yourself driving through Perth towards Inverness (and I like Perth –as a day out).

Anyway, I was in the back – like a young boy. No. Correction. I was in the back with a young boy (Sam) who was reading his comic books with the aid of the torch on his mobile games playing machine and who only asked once ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and we were. Bean, he’s a credit to you and Julia.

Moving on.

So I mentioned last week that the PSA test for continuing problems with the prostate was at best a rough indicator of a potential problem and shouldn’t be given too much credence. So I got mine back and it’s 0.9.

(Booyakasha! FIST PUMP…FIST PUMP! Bring it on!)

And I have, possibly, a new fave place to go to in Glasgow and it’s a new library. It’s the Moving Image Archive (‘moving’ in at least two senses) and it’s in the Kelvin Hall, which like the rest of the West End of Glasgow has been taken over by the University of Glasgow. It’s a brilliant collection of video and film and almost any moving image which is a mirror of Scottish life, past and present. And I only had five minutes there and I will be back very soon. 🙂

It would be a really brilliant combined day out with Kelvingrove Art Gallery, which apart from being a brilliant attraction in its own, has got a smashing shop with loads of stuff (including good toys) which would make good Chrissie pressies.

But the really bestest thing? One pound can get you parking for up to four hours!!!!!

(Booyakasha! FIST PUMP…FIST PUMP! Bring it on!)

And a big thanks to e for her present of the book of Speaking Our Language (STV Gaelic course from 1993) which some of us have already discovered on YoutTube. (You should see the lapels on the suits) But now I have the book there will be no stopping me (in a nice way). 🙂

Tapadh leibh, e, tapadh leibh.

And finally, I am about to enter the world of getting a new mobile phone. I currently own a Blackberry ZX10 and pay about £18 per month which I’m happy with BUT apparently there’s been some kind of fallout between Blackberry and What’s App and I need a new phone.

And for those of you who don’t know, What’s App is the means by which my two year old grand-daughter sends me all her selfies and videos that she takes and I’d hate to lose them. Any thoughts or offers of taking me to a Carphone Warehouse or similar gratefully received. 🙂

Cya, still wearing that badge (altho’ it’s been replaced by something else this week) and it’s because I keep it simple, I don’t worry that much.

Iaint850, and I may be old fashioned but never call me old.

And now a word about the poppy and, yes, I see no reason for it not to be worn at Wembley. Its symbol as a sign of remembrance far outdates the existence of FIFA and is not a political symbol.

Except when Britain First use it to create division in British society by using it as crude propaganda and telling lies …but this is an organisation that continues to use the death of Lee Rigby in their propaganda despite his mum asking them not to.

And I’m not sure about its use as a piece of designer jewellery (Dianne Abbott, I’m looking at you). Are we sure that the companies making them are donating all their profits to the British Legion and other similar organisations?

About two to three years ago, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month I was in the UWS (Paisley) café (now a food court) next to the library (now upstairs and much smaller) and I made the decision to stand, head bowed, for two minutes, as other people were doing all over the country and then sat down again. It was a small gesture but worth doing.

Were I to do it again this week, I’d be thinking about those service people fighting for our freedom from fascism but also the people of Aleppo and Mosel. also fighting for freedom from fascism.

Gosh. What a rant!

Anyway, here they are. Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks covering Daddy Lessons at the CMAs this week!



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