Don’t step out of this house if that’s the clothes you’re gonna wear. I’ll kick you out of my home if you don’t cut that hair (Beastie Boys)

And so dear listener, there’s a bit of a medical feel to today’s show and there’s also the long-awaited conversation with the Vampire Slayer but more of that later. 🙂

Aye. I was back at the doctor’s this week. For various reasons. And not just because of those amazing windows in the floor that let you look at an amazing miniature world and make you feel like you’re in an episode of The Borrowers. 🙂

Doctor David and I discussed many things. Anxiety? Mmmmmm… a very small bit. And I declined the offer of a flu jab as I’m not 65 or over; pregnant; or have any underlying health problems. He took my PSA (and I’ll say a wee bit more about that later) as a simple blood test and I’ll get that back next week.

Basically we concentrated on my feet, well the left one, and it appears that I may have a neuroma which is not a character on CBBC but a painful inflammation of the foot in the area of the toes. According to Google (and I very rarely use Google for medical stuff but I wanted to check the spelling. Honest) it mostly affects women in their middle age who wore high heels a lot.

Now I have a big memory loss regarding much of what I did in the period before Cold Turkey Weekend started (Sat, 10th December 2006 weirdly) but the high heels has got me beat. 😦

Anyway, I have been x-rayed at Gartnavel General – a hospital in which I have spent so much of my life in recent years and I get the results in a couple of weeks’ time. #hirlpingtoacoffeebarnearyousoon

And I must remember and bring you up to date with what’s happening with the Vampire Slayer later.

Ach tha mu sgith……

I mean there’s all the studying I’ve been doing lately. Or Thursday as most people know it. I did a lot on the SVQ front in the afternoon but it was Gaelic at night. Gaelic’s going well – thanks for asking. I’ve reached the grammatical stage known as ‘big, fat, motherly paws’ and I’m in a position to describe myself a follows;

Is mise Iain. Tha car agam; tha taigh agam; ach, chan eil bean agam.

If I’ve got that right, it may well be a contender for Gaelic online dating site. If I haven’t……… 😦

And can I recommend watching a documentary about the Glasgow Gaelic Gospel Choir on Hallowe’en at 8.30 pm. Plenty of reasons. Our teacher is in it and it was produced by Demus Productions.

But I now have a GU student card and access to GU Moodle……. What fun.

And finally, I do have male friends and I tend to meet them in town for lunch as most of them are still working but have given up five o’clock debauchery and just want to go home (I have five o’clock debauchery with the blogmeister coming up soon) and that is no problem but when we do meet, I kinda expect them to have an idea of where to go. But they don’t.

Now, going to the same place each time I meet someone is not a big deal and, indeed, in at least one case, it works well – but these guys are successful in their professions and I’d like to find new places to go…….but, hey, the VS and I went back to a certain coffee shop and it was good…….and I’ll tell you a wee bit more about that conversation later.

Cya, still wearing that badge and determined to keep it simple.

Iaint850, and I’ve signed the contract that will see me working part-time days come the new year 🙂

So I mentioned the PSA at the start of the show and it’s basically a poor – but the only -indicator of possible problems with your prostate. It’s a blood test and I get mine tested once a year but I do know folk who get it tested much more than that. We’re about to go into Movember where people will raise money for men’s health in a range of ways – including growing facial hair. Some of the money raised will go to finding a better way of testing for prostate cancer, so, on behalf of my son, who is now more likely to get it because of me, thanks.

No. I don’t grow facial hair. I don’t think I suit it. But I do grow my hair a wee bit longer and get it cut every four to five weeks but it’s more than just vanity (despite the suggestion that the lights on the wing mirrors on the new car are to allow me to see myself when doing my hair of an evening) and it’s more than the fact that I can.

Some time back, just after I’d started the second half of my treatment, I went back to the college, where I had taught, to see someone. I bumped into a (now) former colleague who asked me when my treatment was due to start. I explained it already had.

‘But you’ve got all your hair, John.’

So I found myself explaining where the prostate was, where the nuclear particles were hitting my body and the fact that I was in process of losing all the hair from that area and did. An assumption challenged and, yes,  ever since…….

So it was then that I decided that my hair was a kinda sign of being open about things and that I refused to be a stereotype…..and, hopefully, that’s still the case. But, yes, I do enjoy drawing attention to it. I could have worse affectations, after all 😉

But to everyone who raises funds for men’s health, on behalf of every one of us who has benefited….thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh, gosh, I meant to tell you about the conversation with the Vampire Slayer but I’ve run out of space…, basically, just the usual…..drink, drugs, sex, rock and roll. Enjoy YOUR Hallowe’en and stay safe.


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