“You need to really believe in what you’ve got to offer, what your talent is — and if you believe, that gives you strength.” (Dolly Parton)

And so dear listener, I’m not seeing a lot of Partick Thistle this season for both grandfatherly and work reasons but I made up for it this week (Schools week). AJ and RJ have been taking part in a football coaching week at Scotstoun and I popped down a couple of times to see their progress in the company of their mum. 🙂

(And how, e, did you know I’d be early)

And it was really smashing to see their progress. One is a promising Julie Fleeting and the other is a promising Kris Doolan. It was sooooo good to see soooooo much enthusiasm and the problems the coaches had in telling them what to do reminded me of my brief tenure (one year but no warrant) as a Beavers Leader – which for some reason always got a laugh when I mentioned it to HND journalists. 😀 😀 😀

And it was also nice to start practising my Gaelic with e (‘you’ve just wished AJ Goodnight and it’s only eleven o’clock in the morning!’) and I’m enjoying the class and I’m ignoring the grammatical stuff like broad and slender vowels but concentrating on getting used to just saying the words. I’ll keep you posted.

And we all know the question I’m asked most often and, of course, the second most asked question is whether I still get cravings (and I think people mean for alcohol and not meat) and whilst I say no, sometimes I am tested but in a really strange way. There is something about a glass of whisky being poured out on TV and I watched David Hayman’s documentary about whisky the other night and whilst the programme itself was good I kept imagining the heat of the whisky going down the back of my throat – a decent measure, mind you – and that feeling must have lasted all of one second but there were tales of people investing tens of thousands of pounds in whisky but my fave was that of a man who spent £50,000 on ten (?) bottles and drank them with his pals……

Incidentally, I’ve told a few people about rota changes. Can I just mention that I am already on part-time nights and I’m merely shifting to part-time days – and looking forward to it – and the new rota does not take effect until January 2016, so I can now properly plan the run-up to Christmas and all that goes with it but expect to be working Hogmanay night and New Year’s Day night.

I am making plans, planning offers, offering shortbread even as we speak and speaking of present buying, last year’s visit to Waterstone’s with j proved inspirational in terms of buying book-related presents. 🙂 We’ll see.

One of the biggest changes will involve greater use of public transport and my Concession Card – if for no other reason than the cost of daytime parking as opposed to no charge night-time parking – but I have so little experience of these on buses cos I don’t know where they go…….now who could I ask?

But, speaking as someone who travels on trains, can someone please explain why some people get on a train and stand even tho’ there are seats available (Hyndland to Charing Cross) and it’s not cos they’re only on for one stop cos they stand by the exit and block it for other people trying to get off? 😦

And now for this week’s Tip of The Month for fancy entertaining. Your dining table presentation can be sooooo much improved by the addition of a nice piece of cloth stretched across the existing tablecloth but merely from side to side across the middle. I genuinely did not know these were called runners. I am young. I have so much to learn about life.

And finally, I am aware that there has been a bit of a cloud hanging over the blog in the last few months and that, dear listener, has been a reflection of me and how I’ve felt but anyone who has spoken to me in the last few days (e.g. j and e and some others) will have been aware of an enthusiasm for life coming back…..I know. Worrying, isn’t it? Let the good times rock and roll.   🙂

Cya, still wearing that badge and there are good reasons for keeping it simple

Iaint850, who is delighted that John Swinney has said more money will be spent on Gaelic.

So a good friend suggested, after I’d told him about the anxiety issue resolution, that I should put it behind me and I had no intention to say anything about it this week but  I CAN’T ignore the experience of what I’ve gone through. Hopefully, it will help me understand the feelings of people who go through a bad experience having owned up to a genuine mistake who then find themselves treated unfairly.

I have mentioned before, for example, when I was working at the college all those years ago, that some line managers said that alcoholics were ‘scum’ and were ‘bound to relapse’ but always when there were no witnesses…..oh, and alcoholics couldn’t be trusted. Maybe one day I’ll meet them but I certainly don’t miss them

Words can hurt and give people a false identity and low self-esteem. I’m not perfect but I do my best. It’s by learning through experience that we can be better people in our dealings with others. They may not want advice, but a willing ear and a willingness to ask appropriate questions can make all the difference. 🙂

This is Donnie Munro and Eric Cloughley singing Michael Marra’s inspirational ‘Mother Glasgow’.


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