‘Words, when they’ve been said aloud, have a way of falling apart and dissolving afterwards, becoming lost and left behind in ways that thoughts set down on paper never do.’ (Jones 2010)

And so dear listener, these are words from the latest book I’m reading and it’s a story that’s told in a rather interesting form with e-mails, texts, transcripts of recordings and extracts from police logs. It tells us of a time in the future where a government shows little concern for the rights of people and imposes restrictions on people’s movements.

(A joke about the Tory Party conference would be too easy but it would help if the Home Secretary did not tell lies about factories in her own constituency)

People emerge from shadows and carry out horrible acts (in the book); heroic endeavours end up unheroic; and I’m not optimistic about the end of it all. The only reservation I have is its title which, I feel, somewhat gives the game away – Zombie Apocalypse – and, later, I’ll say a wee bit about the return of the killer clowns.

Y’see I was going to start tonight by talking about language as I went to my first Gaelic evening class this week so I’ll maybe just move myself on and do so.

It was good. It was the first class of any description I’d been to where it was delayed by half an hour ‘cos, according to the jannie, the teacher had just landed at Glasgow Airport and would be with us as soon as possible and she was and she was good. 😀

But it’s been a long time since I’d learned a language and I’d forgotten about how the whole class mumble when asked to repeat a pronunciation and the fear when the teacher asks you. 😦

And such is the power of Facebook it was really nice when I popped into the ASDA the next day to buy some ASDA stuff only to be asked how I’d got on….and Danni, enjoy your paranormal investigation in Govan.

I will go back. 🙂

And earlier this week I was meeting my lawyer at nine o’clock on Monday morning and he happened to have a young German work experience student in his office and I found myself chatting in basic German to her without really thinking about it. ‘Where,’ my legal wondered, ‘did this unexpected skill come from?’

‘It was just some German I picked up some time ago, ‘I replied, trying desperately to remember her name. 😉

And can I make the point that this was the first time ever I have been hanging around outside a lawyer’s office in Glasgow City Centre at nine o’clock on a Monday morning? Honest.

And the latest news on my car is as follows.

I was driving it out of the driveway the other morning – a cold and a damp kinda day – and I saw a light come on on the dashboard which I’ve never seen before anywhere and then it went off and back on and so on. Maybe a loose connection I thought and I can maybe get away with it until I check the manual. So I did.

It’s a light that tells you when the temperature is 5 degrees centigrade or less. Why?!?! I already have a temperature gauge that tells me that……..

And the radio’s been re-tuned. But not by me. 😦

But some news on the health front. No. Something slightly different this time.

I’d been aware of a sore foot for some time. I’d done a lot of walking during the Anxiety/Depression phase and thought I’d done something to it and arranged to see a doctor in the new Maryhill Health Centre – just recently opened.

What a brilliant experience – the Health Centre, and not the visit to the doctor (and it turns out I have a deep blister). The Health Centre has become home to many, many worlds. There are, in the floor, small glass windows (about one foot by six inches) and if you happen to be on your knees (don’t ask) you can see into a land with buses, trees, trains and little people. If it’s just for small children then somehow their parents need to be told because you know what it’s like in a GP surgery; everyone looks straight ahead until their name is called. Magical but without a kick. 😀

And finally, as we approach Movember, it’s interesting to hear Ben Stiller talk of the moment when he learned he had prostate cancer following a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test. It may be unreliable but it’s one of the best signs we have. Maybe the money raised in Movember can go to finding something more reliable.

Cya, still wearing that badge (altho’ it did get some ice cream on it earlier this week) and keeping it simple

Johnt850 (but I’m not yet sure of the Gaelic equivalent)

So the killer clowns are back – certainly in the States – but thanks to the power of social media there have been sightings here but it may just be people dressing up and jumping out a wee bit like I did a couple of years ago as a zombie at M & D’s.

Or it may be nothing at all.

I wrote about this a couple of years ago. The original killer clowns were sighted in North Lanarkshire and Glasgow in the seventies and it was not unknown for headies to warn (at secondary school assemblies) their pupils of the dangers of getting into white transit vans when invited to do so by people dressed as clowns. 😦

It was an urban myth like the Gorbals Vampire and the giant salamander that lived in the steel mills of Ravenscraig but with the growth of social media, these things grow much more quickly and possibly become reality.

Indirectly it also played a part in the creation of a movie called Restless Natives.

The last time I was able to play the ending to the movie but that has now been removed for copyright reasons so here’s the trailer for the movie. I would love to have been an extra at the end but my only extra experience remains that BBC 3 lesbian drama – Lip Service.


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