I saw the crescent; you saw the whole of the moon (Mike Scott)

And so dear listener, for me there is more or less only one story in town but it spins off in more ways than a human centipede has legs (and that was possibly the most grotesque movie I have ever seen and I was distressed to learn the other day that it has a sequel…..yeugh). 😦

What happened on Monday night was that e and I went to see the Waterboys at the Kelvingrove Bandstand in the leafy West End of Glasgow and it was dead good. She and I have a wee tradition of going every year and this year we started off with a cup of coffee in Nardinis in Byres Road. 🙂

It’s a way of not getting there too soon as I suffer quite often from the syndrome known as Premature Arrival and although some may see it as a family trait, I see it from the days when  I produced live radio programmes and I strained at the leash to get into the studio to get set up. Even on daily shows, that feeling never went away.

And can I think the lovely Lauren, daughter of @soulboydaviebee for showing us to our concrete bench and I had brought cushions.

Anyway, the Waterboys were absolutely amazing and they played Peace of Iona and they played Glastonbury Song and they played Roll over Beethoven and they played Raggle Taggle Gypsies O and they played Fisherman’s Blues and they played Whole of the Moon and they took a bow and they walked off but the roadie didn’t. Always a clue. And they came back and they did Purple Rain and that’s what I will finish tonight’s show with – the version recorded in the Chris Evans Radio 2 studio. 🙂

And I know there are people who will be amazed at the number of people squashed into the studio but you can do anything in a radio studio. Yes. Even that. I’m told. But make sure every mic is switched off. 😉

I produced one show in which we did this live. It’s a form of dance known as Capoeira (have you ever danced it, j?) or at least that’s what the Brazilian slaves told their slave masters when, in actual fact. it was the slaves keeping their fighting in good trim for when they came to fighting for their freedom.

And at the Bandstand e and I sang and danced as did many others but we did it cos of what we were listening to and we had had no alcohol. Now I have nothing against bevvy – it just doesn’t work for me these days – but I do know that many of those considering giving up/cutting back on the bevvy worry that they will become boring.

Boring? You never ever talked to a drunken me discussing radio. Did you? I don’t think I can ever now be described as boring. Life is too amazing. 😀 😀

But I do know a few folk with things that are worrying them just now and I wish I could have brought them all to the gig in a charabanc. But some good news from some of them during the week.:)

Indeed, I have some issues, some of which are work related and so I can’t comment but I have brought in my union, the National Union of Journalists, to help and advise. And I am proud to be a member of the NUJ as I believe that to protect democracy and free speech we need the trade of journalism, which hopefully will never be replaced by those on Social Media who re-tweet and re-post without having even checked the validity and veracity of what they’re passing on.

Towards the end of All the President’s Men, there’s a scene where the Washington Post publisher tells Woodward and Bernstein to get ten sources to confirm the final part of the story before he’ll publish.

And as I was standing in the NUJ office in Glasgow, which it shares with equity, I could hear someone singing the Ballad of Joe Hill – in itself reassuring.

But we live in a society where facts are becoming irrelevant unless they can be broadly twisted to suit an ill-thought out opinion – Britain First, the Brexit Bus and Donald Trump.

But there’s a brilliant book called the Upper Pleasure Garden by Gordon M. Williams where the newspaper reporter hero was trapped in ‘the only job where they paid you a wage for finding men who built the Taj Mahal out of empty beer bottles.’ 🙂

I think the closest I came to that was the Potato Collector of Crieff who collected strains of potatoes that looked as if they were about to die as breeds (or whatever the right word is) of potatoes and he had this special jacket with millions of pockets in which he carried his potatoes and when he died, his wife took over the collecting. 🙂

But it’s not all been doom and gloom. The amazing Jenny H has been and gone and got herself a lecturing job in Wales and I will miss her as talking to her always gave me an insight into how academia can be relevant to people’s lives. Fisherman’s Blues was well deserved even if she’d never heard of the band…….just a very small age gap…….

And thanks to j, I have an idea for a photographic exhibition, and e, somewhere in that busy schedule of yours, you may end up helping me with it and it comes out of the Big Sky badge.

So the template’s kinda gone tonight as it occasionally does – but for good reasons.

So, for me it’s a mixed bag of a week but whatever my stresses are, I have ten days in December 2006 in Ward 8A of Gartnavel Hospital to set them against; and my favest moment this week? When e gave me a tenner to go and pay for the coffees; the waitress couldn’t believe the size of the tip I gave her.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Waterboys, Chris Evans’s studio and Purple Rain.


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