‘We have gone past the place where facts and truth and experts matter. Nothing matters but ranting opinion.’ Nicoll 2016)

And in case you’re wondering what the headline is about, it’s about not believing everything you read on social media or on the side of a Brexit bus – except many people did, apart from the people who put it there. 😦

And so dear listener, it was five years ago this week that SAAS, who pay student fees and stuff, agreed to pay my fees for my Post Grad in Alcohol and Drugs Studies at UWS (Paisley)and a whole new world opened up in front of me 🙂 and continues so to do.

Some folk questioned what I was doing. If I had to return to Higher Education should I not do something different from drink’n’drugs? American Literature? But I thought, ‘this subject’s my destiny’ and it worked. 😉

I’ve spoken often about the friends I made whilst there and those that I continue to see from both sides of the counter as well as the bandstand in Johnstone and (at one time) all the supermarkets in North Ayrshire and the time I disagreed openly with a lecturer only to be told, ‘You do know that if you openly disagree with a lecturer, they knock 10 per cent off your marks.’ 😦

That close to a ‘summa cum laude’, eh?

And it wasn’t just the uny. It was a brilliant placement at a Rehab in Easterhouse where I had one of the most emotional experiences of my life where I did a proper share where there was no table between me and the rest and there were questions and I finished the session realising that I had just told about twenty recovering heroin users things about my life that I could never tell family or friends. 🙂

And some volunteering down Dumbarton/ Clydebank way where, on going to the local sauna with some of the guys, I was told, by a former user, ‘you do realise that everyone in Dumbarton now thinks you’re a former junkie, don’t you?’

To my current job, as a part-time (paid) night-worker with the homeless in Glasgow, which I enjoy – even when it gets a wee bit frontline……..that and the editing I do. Interesting times,eh?


And I did mention on Facebook when sharing a wee video about the new Kelvin Hall complex (part of Glasgow University’s attempt to take over the entire west end) that I had recorded my first ever single at the Carnival when it used to take place there. No-one picked me up on it.

There were booths, similar to telephone kiosks (ask your gran or grand-dad) where you could record your own song and get a souvenir (but playable) piece of plastic that you could bore your parents with. I was aged single figures but knew there was something about this song that was different – it was a song of protest but I didn’t understand its links to the labour movement. My folks liked the bit where I went ooooooo – oooooooooo.

This is a version by Peter, Paul and Mary, which it explains itself and I may have been aged single figures but there was something about Mary I didn’t quite understand but I liked. 🙂

And finally, what did I learn from my uni-days? Well, I moved from describing myself as a ‘recovering alcoholic’ as I did on my first day to someone who just doesn’t drink and that was no big deal. All it required was an understanding of what was involved in an alcohol dependency, a planned change in behaviour and people who believed in me enough to see me through it until I got where I am today. ……today, where someone has just described me as having ‘integrity’…..if I did Facebook epithets, I’d say

Positive words mean a positive image

But I don’t. 😀 😀 😀

Cya, still wearing the Big Sky badge as people asking about it takes the heat off me as well as keeping it simple.

Johnt850, and I’ll always remember the weird lasagne in Borgia’s which showed my new friends my pescatarian leanings and my ease in a pub. 🙂

And one of the many things that I revealed during my uni-years was my hatred of 151 as exemplified by the recent router issue which led to a much more serious problem. 😦

So on Thursday of this week I came downstairs (0720) and put the TV to find out more about the London stabbing and the screen read;

‘Do not switch off Set Box. The box is updating and should take a few minutes.’

An hour later I decided to phone 151 and got straight through to Kerry who told me to switch the box off, wait a minute (we talked of the weather, school holidays but she’s busy this Saturday night) and switch it back on………and it worked. ’It must have frozen’ I think she said, so I turned the storage heater on. It’ll be fine. As will I.

Last week I spoke of some music I play when I’m a wee bit uncertain about certain things, which I do share with some people, but I worry if I do that too much. 😦

This was possibly the first ever song I would put into that bracket….Enjoy.




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