If you take your foot off the accelerator, then the pedal goes back goes back to where it was. (Theresa May)

And so dear listener, last week, when I was wandering down memory lane and talking of coffee shops, I promised you that this week would be a wander down the road of drink, drugs, sex, rock and roll and cancer…and it would have been. But I’ve had problems – server problems – and somewhere along the way my very original and witty draft blog has been eradicated. Don’t ask.

So I’m sitting here in a window seat of the Herald Café in the Mitchell Library on an awkward stool looking out over the row of parked cars and the Avalon Bar and I’m quite happy; and I think the drink, drugs, sex, etc, will have to wait until next week.

And my roll and fried egg and potato scone has just been delivered.  🙂

This may be shorter than usual (and Skippy that’s not an innuendo) but it’s nice to have access to a working PC and I’m catching up on a lot of stuff. The library staff have been tremendously helpful cos it’s a wee bit more than just getting a wi-fi code but not much more and I have a coffee and a glass of water and Google and I’m happy. Because of the problems I may have drafted too soon. 🙂

I just don’t have online access at home but can do other stuff on a stick and bring it in. I just need to be a wee bit more careful with the stick, but I feel like a real writer at the moment so don’t spoil it.

Yes, I use Facebook and mail a lot but I have come to rely on the PC as a source of information. When J asked a couple of weeks ago for a suggestion for a football DVD for a grandson, I came home, went on to Amazon, saw 250 Greatest Goals and sent her the link….he loved it. The DVD – not the link.

Thankfully he seems to be unaware that I am a Partick Thistle supporter and do things like drive my pals to Airdrie on a wet Friday night to see a one-nil victory in the Right Said Fred League Cup and that was an inspired decision Davie B to turn left out of the car park. Shame about the motorway being closed. 😦

But e and AJ may be about to come to Firhill – the home of dreams – quite soon and I hope it’s a good game and, indeed, if anyone else wants to take a child to a very family-friendly environment for their first ever game, let me know. And just ignore what Tory Andrea Loathsome says about men and children.

(And a member of the library staff has just walked past and asked if everything is okay. Well, the egg was a bit runny but I don’t think that’s the usual library remit. Certainly it never happened in UWS Paisley but one summer I was allowed to drink my Lucozade until the ‘students’ started again and then I had to obey the rules and drink water)

And a pressie for my grand-daughter’s birthday was delivered the other day. I won’t tell you what it is in case you’re talking to her but again it was ordered online and I got a text saying delivery was underway and when I got home there was a card shoved through the letterbox saying it was in the shed. Surely not? I keep my shed locked. Buy my padlock is from Woolworths. Remember them?

I assume he carries a set of basic keys and just uses them. I may need to be in on Tuesday for the delivery of my new modem/router and television box. I’m told it’s easy to install; I may seek help.

But even finding the phone number for the Mitchell proved tricky as I looked in a now redundant book called Yellow Pages. There is no listing. I have a Blackberry. I Googled it.

And finally, I went to the Homeless World Cup during the week in George Square (as did other Partick Thistle fans such as Alan, Andrew and Bean (believe it or not that’s his nickname and not his birthname – I think) and it was brilliant. I saw Chile trounce Germany six-nil in a well fought match and as ever, homeless Scotland (male and female) did us proud. Shame the Queen Street refurbishment and the subway refurbishment is on just now as there was no casual traffic passing through George Square……..

And I think that’ll do me this week.

Cya, still wearing the Big Sky badge and still being asked what it means but always keeping it simple.

Johnt850, relieved that, hopefully, I will be back online next week, but I will need to come back here before then and will be happy so to do.

The 15th was Linda Rondtadt’s birthday. This is she.




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