“If you’re good at it, and you love it, and it helps you navigate the river of the world, then it can’t be wrong.” (passed on by Jacqui Low Partick Thistle director)

And so dear listener, firstly can I pass on my thanks to all those who passed on good messages on my birthday last week and, yes, I don’t look my age. It’s not cos I work out, cos I don’t, and I still have an inch or so to lose around my waist that I’m doing nothing about. 😦  At university, one of my nicknames was ‘Baby John’ and I’m not sure how I’d have got on in this world of IDing people who look under 25 and I know some folk don’t think this is the case (cos they’ve known me as I’ve grown up or since uny and don’t see the difference) but trust me I do.

(I don’t always feel it tho’ and there’s a driving licence that shows just how bad, physically, I’d got at one stage but some planned and unplanned lifestyle changes brought me back home) 🙂

But it’s been a week of taking stock and reminiscing (sp) and it’s great news, for example, that the Vampire Slayer is coming back to this country later this year and is already talking about meeting up. 🙂  I enjoy meeting people but learned years ago the benefits of using mail and Facebook just to keep in touch but it ain’t the same………

This should not be seen as a dig against anyone (particularly if we’ve met within the last twelve months or you work in the East End and our last meeting was in Frankie and Johnny’s in Easterhouse and my diary will always be flexible) but is a true reflection of my circumstances……I have plans.

So it was nice to meet up with a female friend on Monday night that I hadn’t met for a wee while and we did so in one of those places that have become so much a part of my life in recent years – a coffee bar. This was one called Tinderbox in Byres Road and it stays open until about 11. Nardini’s up the road stays open ‘til about 10 and there are others.

I think this is brilliant and am happy with being in places like this. How do they make money? I never ever feel under pressure to drink up. I’m surprised no-one ever gets locked in upstairs in Starbucks, next to the currently closed Underground, when it closes at (I think) 7.30 and there’s a place in Paisley where I occasionally have a leisurely (?) coffee with a good friend where once I remember it was a beef eating type of place with pints of lager and cuts of meat and other stuff I don’t do now but I won’t name it…..just in case it gets busy. 🙂

But yet, one of my first memories of Glasgow is of a coffee bar.

We would come down from Peterhead to Glasgow on holiday and altho’ we had relations here, we didn’t stay with them. Rather than choose between anyone we stayed in hotels at the Kelvinbridge end of town but we used to go to a coffee bar in between Queen Street Railway Station and Buchanan Street Railway Station called the Moka Bar. I would have a processed cheese slice in between two slices of processed white bread with a Coca Cola in a bottle.

One day, famous footballer Jim Baxter was sitting there with another person who we did not recognise but I went and got both their autographs – the other was John Greig.

And still on a footballing theme, good luck to J and her punt on France for Euro16

Cya, still wearing that badge (the one with the big sky) and still keeping it simple

Johnt850, who promises we will return to the usual format of drink, drugs, sex, rock, roll and cancer next week.

And a quick word on one of the big stories of the week.

At the time I believed war in Iraq was wrong and I was working at the BBC at the time and am aware of much that was discussed then and did not believe it was necessary.

However, I did believe there were Weapons of Mass Destruction. Why? Because we had sold them to Iraq. It’s what we do. We have sold to both North and South Korea, for example, and that included TCPs which we are now much more familiar with as a component of terrorist bombs or something that can be turned into sarin nerve agent, or as a fertiliser used to grow better potatoes.

Or how about Marconi and Tripod Engineering selling stuff to Irag in the eighties under the guise of civilian contracts that were destined for military use?

Or………I can go on, but I won’t. There’s a Tory leadership candidate on the TV downstairs telling the world how great Britain is and I know things won’t change.

But one thing Chilcot does show is the lack of a game plan, a structure, an idea for what to do after the big event – hang on……that’s Brexit, isn’t it? 😦

Last week’s musical choice was suggested by a grand-daughter (but not mine) and this is as well.

When I was younger, people like Robin Hall and Jimmie Macgregor (with both of whom I was privileged to work in later years) would sing this and we’d call it entertainment but I can’t find their version…..but please feel free to join in.


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