In the beginning God said Let There be Grammar: and there was Grammar! And then there was Grammar issues, and they was bad.

And so dear listener, today’s show reveals two sides of my complex life; on the one hand, I’d a brilliant day with people most of whom I’d never met before, but on the other a bank with whom I’ve banked since I was born and for whom my father worked, thinks it’s okay to take £566.87 off me, erroneously as it admits, but has no way of giving me that money back….…as I write. 😦

But the two events are linked. Tenuously.

Read on.

As many of you know last Saturday was a Gaelic Sports Day in Pollok Park and it was dead good. I had been given the task of running the tuck shop and took to it like I was destined to be a shopkeeper. I even had my own catchphrase to anyone complaining about prices (in English) 😉

‘You’re in the middle of Pollok Park, no’ Pollok Shopping Centre!’

Incidentally, does Pollok still have a shopping centre or have Braehead and Silverburn made it redundant?

Anyway back at Fèis Spòrs Ghlaschu, to give the day its proper name. Everyone was brilliant and one small moment early on summarised the feelgood factor, or rather the sun tan lotion factor…..the blogmeister and his J and family had turned up cos their son, from Airdrie, was playing shinty but somehow the suntan lotion had not made the same journey. Suzy, who started off the tuckshop with me, said, ‘I’ve got some in the car.’ and went and got it and we spread it all over. What can you say? 😀

There was a Tug of War and c had brought his special Tug of War shoes; there was Zumba, j, which satisfied my curiosity as to what actually happened in that form of dancing; there was shinty, face painting, home baking, Scottish Country Dancing, a 1k run for under tens or similar and my own particular favourite……gridlock on the Maryhill Road going home – altho’ tbh, I don’t think it was connected. 😦

All in all a good day and I am giving serious thought to learning Gaelic as next year’s evening class. 🙂

And my thanks to e for getting me involved.

Indeed the connection with e continued into the next week.

You may remember TSB Fraser from last week who I thought was going to be helpful in finding my £566.87? Well I was down again on the Monday after two hours’ sleep and he thought Graham, the Customer Services Manager, would be looking after it. Well he wasn’t.

E and I had decided to do a bank crawl up Byres Road (ah, the days of the Pub Crawl have long since gone but I’ll turn to the Rainforestriverman in a second) and we started off in the Bank of Scotland where they have one of those machines that you can pay cheques into and we ended up in the Royal Bank of Scotland where they don’t have cash bags but instead they have a machine like the Coin Star you get in supermarkets but without giving up 17.5% to charity.

In between, we went into the TSB where Graham had taken the day off and Fraser had nipped out for chocolate biscuits but none for me and e and no news on the money front.

A letter has gone to the Chief Executive……. 🙂


The Rainforestriverman has just stood down from Glasgow University Court and he and I were to meet down Byres Road after he’d had a farewell dinner of Porterhouse Blue proportions, but it was cancelled after he’d seen the size of the stilton.

I left Glasgow Metropolitan College to concentrate on recovery – and those small minds that wished me ill. My own going away (me and Mike Gower)  – cranberry juice and paper plates full of crisps – was sooooooo overwhelming that me and some others went to the nearest pub (Printworks?) and I set about some serious Virgin Mary drinking. 🙂 🙂 🙂

And finally, J’s money (eh?) looks good with the home team of France but my own choice of Spain are making it hard for themselves. They remind me so much of my own team Partick Thistle in that they play a lovely passing game and then get beat 2 – 1…….but they’re still in with a shout.

Cya, still wearing the badge and keeping it simple can be quite reassuring at times. For all concerned. 🙂

Johnt850, with my birthday in a few days’ time but the more significant date is in December.

And so one of the main reasons for the existence of this show was to talk about Prostate Cancer and my own successful treatment.  I had radiotherapy rather than surgery for a number of reasons and, without going into any detail, am glad I did. 🙂

At one point, Andrew Lloyd Webber was about to have prostate cancer treatment and was ‘worried about losing his sexual urge’ so the Daily Record contacted the Scottish end of Prostate Cancer UK and after getting the official line asked the PR, big Al, for someone who hadn’t lost anything. They got me.

I can’t remember the headline (well I can but I don’t like to boast) but having explained to the reporter, Catherine Devanney, the whole procedure, I was asked, ‘At any point did a warning bell go that there was something seriously wrong?’

‘Well’, I replied, ‘when the nurse stuck her finger up my bum, I had a passing sensation that all was not right.’

I mention all that cos I’m fine and ‘everything is in working order’ but I still meet, am put in contact with or hear about men with worries about diagnosis and treatment and in a week when it’s suggested that prostate cancer time could be nearly halved with higher doses of radiotherapy – thus halving the 37 sessions I had – I think it’s important to stress that treatment works in most cases, but the longer you choose to ignore going for a pee so often during the night, then the more chance there is that the treatment won’t work.

I was seeing my GP on a monthly basis after my alcoholic breakdown – but not everyone can be that lucky.

And tonight’s music is basically for anyone who likes bees and may need some cheering up. It’s Matt McGinn from a time before videos of people’s music existed. Enjoy.

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