Hate doesn’t have a creed, race or religion; it is poisonous (Brendan Cox, husband of Jo)

And so, dear listener, this week’s Favest Banker of the Month award (and I don’t think that, for once j, ‘favest’ applies to you as it’s not one of your skills but I could be wrong) goes to Fraser in the Byres Road branch of the TSB who very kindly explained to me things that the Call Centre in India couldn’t. 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong. The man in India did his best but he used terms and words I hadn’t heard before, like me owing money and stuff like that, but I think the hardest thing for him to take on board was me, a man almost 62 years old (just under three weeks to go) crying his eyes out and pleading for him to speak in words of one syllable while he told me that my credit card was blocked until a completion charge of £21.98 was paid. 😦

And that the cheque that I had paid, which seems to have bounced about four weeks ago but they deducted the money anyway, was to be returned to me and I would take it into a branch of the bank and they would refund the money to me before taking it off me again to pay what I owed.  This seemed strange.

All this happened during the day on Tuesday and I had a sleepless night, which given that I was working night shift that night, was not necessarily a bad thing but the next morning I slept for an hour (really well with new blackout curtains) but I had to get up and do something about it. So I went down to the bank and spoke to Fraser and he made a positive effort not to roll his eyes but let me speak and then he made a phone call and showed me things on the screen and that, in itself, was reassuring. 🙂

Yes, it was done with my permission but I always think I pay for so much by cash and yet there it is……everything including my £308 for my season ticket at Partick Thistle. But then things began to settle and there was no ‘completion charge’ (it was a minimum amount to pay) and I just paid it all and soon time that cheque would be returned and all would be refunded and some PINs needed to be changed and so on. But if there was any problem then just ask for him; and I stopped crying. 🙂

My son went to a fee-paying school (to which I contributed financially – not in general – but for his bit of it but there is a seat in the grandstand of the playing fields which has my name on it cos I contributed to that as well)…..anyway fee-paying school…..it was the kind of place where young men had surnames for first names like Fraser and Craig and stuff like that but they do have a confidence that I don’t have. Much.

And I also got a letter from another banker called Elaine from another branch about another banking issue. Managers may not be out there but local bankers are.

But nothing is as it seems. 😀

Take Euro16 and that footage quite early on of a man smashing a chair over someone else’s head. Did you watch it; did you really watch it? Then you would have noticed that the man he hit was carrying a golf club (what we used to call a ‘wood’ but it is now made of metal) which he was about to use to smash in someone else’s head on the steps beside him. That chair carrying/smashing thug was someone else’s hero.

And then another moment which seemed to pass without comment (and I don’t mean the crassness of the English commentator who, when England scored late in the first game, spoke of Justice for the England Eleven) but one of those pre-arranged, spontaneous moments that football fans are good at.

A 24 year old man from Northern Ireland died, accidently, in a fall from a great height. How did the Republican of Ireland fans react? With a chant that went,

‘Stand up For the Ulsterman, stand up for the Ulsterman. Stand up for the Ulsterman’ and so on for a full minute.  Football fans do that kind of thing a lot. And people stand up for a full minute as a tribute.

So J has some money on France and I have some on Spain and already I’m looking forward to Partick Thistle at home to Queen of the South on 23rd July. No. It never goes away.

And finally, I feel for the family and friends of the 49 people murdered in Orlando and I feel for the family and friends of Jo Cox in Birstall but I’m not going to attach letters (either LGBTQ or MP) to either.  The former were out to enjoy themselves; the latter was helping her community. Both killed. Needlessly.

Cya, for once wearing a skip cap and still keeping it simple almost one year on.

Johnt850, difficult to define at the best of times

For most of you, by the time you read this, (ceteris paribus), I will have helped out at a Gaelic Sports Day encouraged to do so by my good friend e and her family. I don’t know what my role is to be (see next week for fuller detail) but I’m looking forward to it.

E and I and Holly the Dog did a wee recce earlier this week and it looks a nice place. It’s Lochinch Park which is the Police Recreational Grounds in the Glasgow area and that’s situated in Pollok Park in the South side of Glasgow.

No. I have no Gaelic other than what I have picked up from BBC Alba’s coverage of Scottish football. The Gaels in Glasgow have always been a strong community here and have a strong identity. I am delighted to have been asked to help. 🙂

As I’ve explained to a few people in recent years, at one point the BBC was my community. About ten years ago, a chain of events was set in motion which saw reasons for me losing contact with that community. I learned lessons from that and am always delighted to help where I can. I have never ever felt ‘used’ and believe offers of help (and them being accepted) are important in creating a real sense of community – be it Zombies, Gaels or just amazingly good friends. 😀

There’s been a financial aspect to this blog; this was the first CD I ever bought. Do I have to introduce it?



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