First, they came for the disabled and I did not speak out. Then, the teachers and the doctors. Then, when they came for the online pasta recipes, I was furious (anon).

Yes, dear listener, it was weird; me, like lots of other people, getting worked up over the decision to close down the BBC’s recipe archive with rumours that it was being sold off to all sorts of Tory chums of David Cameron but all I have to do is, at some point to be decided, is to bookmark the archive and it’ll be there for me for all time. Or there’s talk of simpler ways of keeping the archive going. I hope they happen. 🙂

But the last time I was this annoyed was when it was suggested that they blow up the Sighthill flats – leaving only the one the refugees and asylum seekers lived in – as part of the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. I mean what kind of message was that supposed to give? 😦

That the flats are not fit for habitation unless you’re a refugee? The powers that be soon changed their minds.

Y’see, I was working for the BBC when it was beginning its move into Intranets and platforming and I was getting clued up on the need for websites and internetting and stuff and learning that FTP actually meant File Transfer Protocol and not, well not anything else.

It meant a huge cultural change for many people. I learned so much about broadcasting from the great Jimmy Mack. For the bunch of fans with whom I stand at Firhill I am the official timekeeper because of my ability to backtime i.e. I can tell you how long there is to go with little or no thought, and other stuff which was important when I broadcast, like why you’ve a right and a left to your headphones……’split feed’. 🙂

Anyway, I worked on Jimmy’s show for a long time and we had an amazing woman called Muriel Clark who did recipes including cloutie dumpling (which I don’t think I’ve ever had) and cullen skink, much of which was cooked in the studio, but always recipes were made available on receipt of an S.A.E. (younger listeners, ask your Gran or Grandpa). Many, many hours were spent putting these recipes in envelopes but that’s public service broadcasting for you. 🙂 Now, it’s all online.

For only £12 per month.

I mean, the last cookbook I bought was £8.99.

‘What was it called, jt?’

‘Skippy, it was called ‘Healthy Living with Gluten Intolerance’ and jolly interesting it was.’

No. No reason but moving on.

Actually a wee note to myself. Do not read books about people having really bad and horrible dreams immediately before I go to sleep, because the dream I had the other night and the resultant shivers was the worst I’d had for a long time. It’s been a long time since those demons had come to visit. I’m fine. Thanks.

And finally, a big thanks to e for taking me to the Lego Shop in the Buchanananananana Galleries. Did I tell you, e, that me and Son Brian had been to two Legolands – Denmark and Windsor (and in the spirit of one-upmanship very few folk find my conversation where the surveyor with his two cancers beat my one cancer and the alcohol dependency as funny as I do) – well anyway we have. 😀

I’m not sure about current Lego (and stick with me as there is a point to this) as you can buy an actual replica, in Lego, of Sheldon and his friends and their lounge from the Big Bang Theory and that’s not right. It’s marketing for money and not encouraging the imagination.

When my son came to regularly stay with me after the separation he found a tremendous amount of Lego (a lot of it pirate stuff and that’s as in Lego pirates and not bootlegged stuff) and then after he’d gone back to his mum’s, I’d come back home and rebuild the Lego models as a way of chilling without Netflix. 😦

Y’see, as a couple of you know, I recently had a conversation with someone who seems to have chosen to stereotype herself and it did not go well. Shame as I think the other person involved has a lot of talent and cold go far in her chosen trade.

Y’see, my son comes from a broken home and his dad was what many people would describe as an ‘alcoholic’ but I, having studied it a wee bit, would describe myself as alcoholically dependent for part of my life.

So please feel free to stereotype me and think the boy’s done good or feel free to reject stereotypes and approach things with an open mind……

Cya, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple

Johnt850, practising my Gaelic for a Sports Day in June – details to follow.

And so, I’m making a slow beginning to getting fit(ter).

I’m embarking on a diet known as the ‘eating less food and trying to cut out snacking when I’m at the laptop’ diet and it’s a reasonable start. My face is a wee bit thinner and that’s a good start. 🙂

But I need to do more walking and so I have accepted an invitation to join the Johnstone Jaunters, a walking group from Johnstone and seemingly all women (but, according to uni-Sharon, none of them are single), who quite soon are planning a walk round Millport – like next week, that soon. Four hours, I’m told. And then there’s the train journey and the ferry journey. It’s an adventure and I like adventures. 🙂

I’ll tell you next week how I got on…or I might be airlifted off the island. Who knows? Watch this space. 🙂

Now, the only non-British Eurovision contestant I have ever met was the lovely Lithuanian, Lana Svilpe for whom I did some editing. I’m assuming that as a former BBC man who started in the late seventies, I must have sat beside Kenneth McKellar in the canteen at some point.

Anyway this is a lovely track from a band called The Common Linnets who seem to have been the entry from the Netherlands in 2014;



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