I wanna walk and not run I wanna skip and not fall I wanna look at the horizon And not see a building standing tall (Dixie Chicks)

And so dear listener, the refurbishment of t850 Towers continues. The blind man has been and all that is required is a little spark (altho’ to be honest I’m not really too sure of the size of the electrician) and we are not miles away from opening to the public again. 🙂

And the outside furniture is up. As well as a proper bench replacing the well-gnawed picnic bench there is a ‘patio set’. With some help from Kenny the Shed Pimp, these were assembled and I was entrusted to unwrap the chairs but it started to rain. So a short while later I put out a chair; and it looked bloody sad out there on its own. 😦

So, I put out a second chair; and I’m not sure if that doesn’t look sadder.  😦 😦

And I felt bad when a friend of mine, on her way to work at the ASDA, waved at me; cos I was on my way to Morrisons (they have a better selection of fish).

I mention these, dear listener, as a couple of folk did ask me about last week’s show when I was a wee bit down (just a wee bit)……’why,’ they said, ‘do you not wait until you’re happier before writing the blog?’ Well, it has to represent my feelings when I actually sit down and I don’t always choose the moment.

And I mentioned to some folk that I planning to take my laptop to computer hospital and they assumed my computer wasn’t working. It is actually a Google Chrome problem. It was like a few years ago I told someone that I was off to the doctor’s that morning. ‘Oh,’ they said, ‘are you not feeling well?’

‘Oh, much better,’ said I, ‘and I want the doctor to know.’ 😀

It’s like when I’m talking to a traffic warden I may not necessarily be talking about parked cars; when I’m talking to a fellow homeless worker I may not be discussing the homeless; or when I’m talking to a librarian I’m not necessarily talking about books (altho’……..)

I do wish the complete works of Sherlock Holmes were required reading for people, so that people learn to look beyond the seemingly obvious.

‘At what level of schooling would you introduce it, Holmes?’

‘Elementary, my dear Watson.’

Talking of taking things to places, I once saw a guy with a crocodile and shouted ‘hey, what are you doing with that crocodile out in a public place?’

‘Oh, it’s okay,’ he said. ‘I’m taking it to the zoo.’

I saw him again the next day and said, ‘Hey, I thought you said you were taking that crocodile to the zoo.’

‘I did,’ he said. ‘Today I’m taking it to see a movie.’

And recently, I finished a shift at 5.30 am. The project where I work is at the nice’n’sleazy end of Sauchiehall Street and I park in the same street but on the other side of the motorway. Walking to the car at that time, just as the first light is forcing its way through, and the wide range of birdsong that I could hear was a brilliant experience. 🙂

It reminded me of a recent and very enjoyable visit to Pollok Park, which was also the first time I understood why getting a specific colour of paint deliberately mixed up at a B & Q is such a good idea but it would have been wrong to strip the bark off the tree just cos it was a nice colour.

And this week’s Headline of the Month? ‘Dominatrix scandal MP on the rack’ (Daily Record)

And can I make the point that my tax return only reflects what I choose to tell HMRC? No. No reason.

And finally, I was really disappointed that it was an underwater robot that was searching for Nessie. Like many others, I read it as ‘underwater rabbit’. 😉

Cya, still wearing that badge and back to keeping it simple,

Johnt850, the face still remains red at times but not so subued this week.

So, in one way, I’m glad that I didn’t get the go ahead for the PhD but it never made it to application status. In another……..but then again……..

One of the things that did happen was all the changes to my idea so that eventually it matched the criteria for a possible studentship. And then it didn’t. And I’m basically a story teller. Research methodology?

Anyway, were I to offer one again, it would be a different subject and would require a different uny….I touched on it in the Post Grad and the Master’s and touch on it a lot in the blog.

Continued stigma attached to certain words, especially ‘addict’ and its brothers and sisters such as ‘alcoholic’.

The debate was initiated to a certain extent by things being written by a former Independent journalist called Jonathan Hari who is possibly best known for having had the 2008 Orwell Prize removed from him for plagiarism but who later wrote a smashing book called Chasing the Scream updating many views on substance use and our approaches towards it – telling a wider public that it’s not an illness. His own personal rehabilitation. Possibly.

He has seemingly justified using the word ‘addict’ and whilst, for some, this might be a technical debate, I don’t like words like that. Were I to write that PhD, then the following quote from former Harm Reduction Manager for the Drug Policy Alliance, Meghan Ralston, would be in it.

‘Drug use and addiction are so unusually and profoundly stigmatised that people don’t find it necessary to extend the same respect to those affected as they would to people with other health conditions.’

The next time you use the phrase ‘chronic alcoholic’, please remember that that may have been your description of me ten years ago – but not now. Hopefully.

Anyway, here’s the main man when it comes to recovering from dependencies and marriage – Steve Earle and the brilliant ‘Copperhead Road’. I think I need a third piece of music for my funeral. I wonder….(and 2’36” into it a piper comes back into the Crem!!!!!!!!!)


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