There are no ships on the Paisley Canal (anon)

And so dear listener, once upon a time, I would have said I was currently living in a bomb site, but we now see, so often, pictures of real bomb sites both far away and close to home that that is a poor use of language. Many of the dead do not wear military uniforms but are people like you and me on their way to work or having a coffee or whatever.

Please always remember tho’, that when you see someone re-post something from Britain First or similar or agree with Trump that we’d be better without Muslims, you are doing Daesh’s work for them – you are promoting division and hatred which is what they want. That, and recruits for their bastard cause.

They are losing on the battlefield. This is why they are turning their attention to our streets more than ever before. This is neither the work nor the thoughts of the Prophet. These are extremists using a faith, a religion, for their own horrible aims.

Pause for reflection.

No. There is a painter in my house. Called Jed. Who, amongst other things, is doing ceilings I would never contemplate doing. He confirmed on Tuesday night that he would be here on Thursday and Friday and is doing the entire Top Wing (it seems) so piles of stuff, including some jolly interesting stuff I’d obtained on Inter Library Loan which I will read before assigning it to a shelf somewhere, is all over the floors of the rest of t850Towers. 🙂

The colour I chose for the back bedroom wall – the office that is the hub of my multi-million empire? Soft gazelle. It looks much the same as some others of that pastel ilk but I like the name. 🙂

This made it difficult for the blind man (not a blind man as in the blind man and the nun gag – nor a blond man as in a typo I keep making) but a man come to measure for new blinds. The existing ones went in when I moved in some twenty-five years ago and are now dangerous. He seems to know what he’s doing.

J and I had a very pleasant day out on Monday but at one point I got a voicemail explaining that the blind man wouldn’t be over on Tuesday as promised because, according to the female voice that left the message, he had had vomiting and diarrohea (sp) – way too much information – so when he did come over I felt I couldn’t look him in the face. Or indeed anywhere else.

Interesting place, Paisley. I was walking past a semi-bungalow the other day, when I noticed a full Star Wars Star-trooper’s costume in a bay window. I may have told someone that it was a Jedi warrior’s. Too much coffee.

And then I was shown an interesting brick house out the back of a backyard. No. Not that type of brick house but an old brick building in disrepair where they, presumably, built up some kinda heating in order to help dry clothes if the weather was not good.

Either that or for smoking fish……’I may have smoked some things in my time but never fish’ a strange voice said in my ear just now.

And finally, I was going to tell you a wee bit more about the adventure J and I went on on Monday, just past, but I’ve run out of space…altho’ I did meet someone who I had not seen since my BBC days and who I want to catch up with soon time (and he’s a guy).

Many highlights, but one of the bestest was talking to a volunteer cleaner man carefully dusting what looked like very old furniture in Pollok House, who explained to us that he had only just realised that it was reproduction as the nipples on the lady had been fondled away……..or did I pick that up wrong? Anyway, it seemed to make his day. 🙂

Cya, still wearing that badge and keeping it simple

Johnt850, described recently as a non-smoking fag……

So, as I’ve mentioned to some folk I’ve been to the doctor – nothing to do with the bowel cancer fright of a couple of weeks ago but a general sense of rundown-ness. Don’t get me wrong. I can walk for miles, do a proper job of work with the homeless and run around with my grand-daughter with no problem but it’s not my usual sense of energy.

So blood tests were done and everything is dine; kidneys and liver and blood-sugar levels and no signs of diabetes and my separate PSA test for my prostate cancer is 0.9, which is good.

So I will go back and will ask to speak to a nutritionist. Am I maybe falling into the habits of five or six years ago and just going through a stock range of dishes for eating on my own? The original decision to go pescatarian was never for ethical or medical reasons.  Maybe it’s time to re-think that policy. We’ll see.

So I was very pleased with my Clio the other day – drove the road and the miles to Pollok from Paisley really good and avoiding traffic islands (No. No reason but please no-one mention Alderman Road which was much worse than the incident coming out of the Clyde Tunnel) So here’s a wee piece of music purely for it and every passenger who’s fallen in love with the two sunroofs.


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