The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book (Frye)

And so, dear listener, I start off this week’s show with a confession; I currently have no Facebook on my phone and I have no idea what to do about it. I still have it on laptop and tablet and all I had to do is un-install it (after an upgrade), and then re-install it and I do get a big green tick to say job done but it still doesn’t come up. I’ll go to the Blackberry shop in Great Western Road when I next go to the dentist – which isn’t that far away. 🙂

The date, that is. Not the dentist. Who was suggested to me by two Facebook friends when I needed a new one – dentist that is, not a new Facebook friend. It’s in Great Western Road as well. The guy who works there (see my Facebook page for the Blackberry shop – not the dentist) hasn’t quite got to the stage of saying, ‘Oh, it’s you…..’ of blessed memory (which does, when I think about it, suggest at least one previous meeting of some import), but he does smile graciously and does stuff with his fingers and asks me to put in a password, which I can never remember but it is in my computer in a folder that used to be called Kleenex Tissues (No. No reason) 😉

So where was I? Sorry, I was night shift last night and to a certain extent I’m procrastinating. Y’see, the next item on the yellow Post-It that is my equivalent of the Filofax (BBC crest) I once had, is my first attempt at writing my first SVQ reflective account. (I wonder where that now is – my Filofax; not my first SVQ reflective account cos it doesn’t exist yet).

I need chocolate. Give me a minute. Why don’t they make chocolate covered Haribos with a caffeine shot? That’d be good. There’s wired and there’s Haribo-wired. 😀 😀 😀

Y’see a few days ago, I was able to give j, the blog’s favest Adventurer, directions – not with a Geo- locator or Sat Nav or some strange app(lication) but by using one of Glasgow’s best known landmarks – Watt Bros – and it put a real smile on my face. Y’know where you are with Watt Bros.

That very underplayed Hyperlink address takes you straight there, as do many buses, but I would normally take the train from Summerston to Queen Street except I am now about to be unable to do so, as they’re closing Queen Street High Level for many months as they build a bigger tunnel. Build a bigger tunnel and they will beat a path to your door. 🙂

Re-establishing my links with Facebook on my phone is not a priority; and whilst the SVQ style of writing is not my style, for the first one, all I have to do is write a draft and take it from there.

Y’know, Holly, I feel so much better now (OMG! I have just spoken to a real dog that is not here, as opposed to an invisible bush kangaroo who I think is downstairs).

And finally, I was going to talk about a colleague and friend who recently had a vasectomy but I had to cut it for reasons of space………suggestions please for a child-friendly punchline – other than mine – gratefully received….and no, it’s not a way of me describing me……

Cya, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple – like Watt Bros.

Johnt850 with everything in working order

I’ve just apologised to Skippy for talking to Holly…….life can be soooooooooo complicated.

A few weeks ago, I said that the two most asked questions I got were ‘do you still get cravings?’ (and I think they mean alcohol and not meat – but the answer is ‘no’ to either) and ‘do you have any male friends?’ (I’ll get back to you on that one – but, yes, Holly’s a bitch)

The third most asked question is ‘who is Skippy?’ Obviously there is a loose link to another Skippy, a well-known but real bush kangaroo who had a brilliant TV series (and they got through four Skippys plus stand-ins) and tbh, I have no real idea how she got incorporated into the blog but as I approach the eighth anniversary of the blog, and therefore, the eight anniversary of my sandblasting (or radiotherapy as some traditionalists would call it) but not the first half of my treatment which took place before the radiotherapy, which is why I refer to it as the first half…..I thought I’d explain just a wee something about Skippy.

Yes. Often, there are regular references to individual people such as j, e and rrm (there’s an anagram for you – possibly Swedish with an umlaut) and irregular references to others – all of whom are remarkably receptive to being used in the blog but always with pseudonyms.

And, indeed, one week I was not well and Skippy wrote the blog which included the brilliant line (in an Ozzie accent), ‘that was some Sheila on the phone claiming to be your sister.’ 🙂

Y’see, you are all Skippy. Whenever I’ve needed someone, you’ve been there – but I’ve not always named you and sometimes it’s simply been a response, for example, on Facebook and I’ve always tried to say thanks, in person, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes the other person is ‘too busy’ to meet – which is a shame – or it may be just a nice way of saying ‘I’ve never really liked you jt,’or’ you’re no longer useful to me.’ That’s life……..but negotiations are well in hand with some folk and I did enjoy meeting Missie K’s mum a wee while back and occasionally it’s been me seeing flat tyres where they don’t exist….a metaphor for life. But not mine.

But at times of despair, but never depression, Skippy’s been there. Who’s your invisible friend that you rely on – cos you can. No matter how many aphorisms and sayings you re-post on Facebook, Skippy talks me to me individually. And that’s so much better.

What? Sixty-one going on sixty-two but why do you ask?

It might be stretching things to describe Skippy as my ‘own personal Jesus’ but here’s Johnny Cash singing about his.


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