Some folks hate the whites Who hate the Blacks Who hate the Klan. Most of us hate anything that we don’t understand.(Kristofferson)

And so dear listener, it was one year ago that I became aware that my PhD ambitions were on thin ice. My erstwhile supervisor had gone from ‘what an exciting idea’ to ‘I don’t understand what you’re talking about’ – which was a clue, I think, that I’d reached my heights of academia with the Masters (and I still have some pics of me in a kilt from the day I graduated if anybody wants one). 🙂

I still think my idea was a good one and the book idea has never gone away, but as someone recently said to me, you need permission from someone to write a book – that ‘someone’ has to be yourself.

No. It all came back to me to this week when I did a wee tour of the universities (other than Glasgow) and flyered them with details of my services but it’s getting harder. The number of open notice boards is getting smaller. And I do worry about the number of my old posters that still exist. 😦

But it can be difficult. I had thought, long and hard, about getting into the Storie Street Residences in Paisley (buzzer entry) and I have a colleague who will attempt a similar manoeuvre on a Glasgow Uni-residence (won’t you, e?)…….so I went up and pressed the buzzer and got no reply so I didn’t have to say, ‘Delivery’. Instead I got in one door where there was a noticeboard but before I could attempt the next door, Security came out and asked me if I was affiliated to the University, so I said, ‘Yes,’ smiled, put up a poster and left making my excuses. 😉

No. It was a good morning and I caught up with some folk (tutors and a Phd student) I’d not seen for a while……and Princess Anne had been there only days before…… the Royals ever visit the toilets that are specially cleaned for their visits?

And J, the blog’s favourite car passenger after last week’s incident, you’ll be pleased to hear that I had a look at that traffic island as I drove home. It seemed much more docile that it had been a few days ago. So I got home safe. Hope you’re enjoying 5338.

And ‘fear’ is a word that has different levels and meanings. But that is a good looking tin. 🙂

But I’m pleased to announce that I’m about to return to some form of studying in the shape of my SVQ3 in Social Care which is on a similar level to an HNC in College. This will be of tremendous help in my next career……….whatever that is. I’ll keep you posted. I’m told I’ll find it easy. No. My danger is I’ll be too elaborate in my answers. Another reason to ‘keep it simple’, which I think is a reasonable philosophy. In all walks of life.

And it will help me in my current job where the shifts are so busy that on a recent twelve hour night shift, I was unable to eat the excellent homemade soup provided by my co-worker Debs, with the words, ‘Don’t worry jt, no animals were hurt in the making of this soup’ until a quarter to seven in the morning. 🙂

I am pescatarian, not for ethical reasons, but for lifestyle reasons but I know vegans such as Ann, Rosie, the good Dr W and Ginger Tart, the burlesque dancer who I have actually yet to meet, but all of them have made me more aware of what’s involved in meat production and yes, that does include chickens…….and indeed our treatment of other species including the dolphin on the Argentinian beach.

And finally, it was interesting being out at UWS (Paisley) and sitting in the tutors’ rooms. (Makes it sound like Oxbridge a wee bit). There’s a lot of the books they have on their shelves that I have and that I’ve only recently stopped looking at. There are times when I do wonder if I’m getting the best out of my experience, expertise and learning.

Now, I know there’s a few folk that I work with that read this and they shouldn’t worry. I have no plans to walk………just yet. When I used to go out to Paisley by train, I had this strange ambition to just stay on the train and go to Ardrossan Harbour. I am now using my pass thing on trains (but not buses cos I’ve no idea where buses go). Maybe one day I should stay on that train and get some fresh air about me and brainstorm using my new tablet to jot ideas down….anybody want to some with me and act as scribe? 🙂

Cya, still wearing that badge and keeping it simple

Johnt850, delighted that the man across the road has finally decided to park in his drive.

So on Wednesday of last week I met up with Shona, a former BBC colleague who is setting up on her own representing and promoting jazz and other musicians. We met in a place called Cup in Renfield Street which is a very nice place. Had I known I’d have brushed my shoes. But this is the place that at 6 o’clock at night completely transforms itself into a gin palace selling some 71 different flavours of gin! It felt like I was in some form of speakeasy where, when the Feds banged on the door, the walls swung round and it became a tearoom again.

Whilst there’s much I welcome in the New Psychoactive Substances Bill coming up soon if there’s one thing that that period of American history shows, it’s that prohibition does not work. Oh, that, one day, ‘drugs’ could be treated the same way as alcohol, tobacco and coffee – all of them are exempt under the terms of the bill. Just thought you should know. Enjoy your gin and whatever.

Great word that – ‘whatever’.

This is Lady Antebellum with Need You Now. They’re a trio from Nashville and they’re really good. And apparently they’re playing soon at the Calgary Stampede. Now there’s a road trip and a half. Anyone interested?


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