So many things I miss. And you know, I wouldn’t have missed them for anything (Wogan)

And so dear listener, let us return to the question of Kris Kristofferson and his connections with Glasgow. That weel kent kenspeckle West End character #soulboydaviebee……

(Yes. I was in Waitrose. Yes. I had just been paid. A King prawn and chilli pizza, spring onions and crab pate since you ask but, e, no Yo Yos)

…..told me that Kris, a few years ago, had stayed in Glasgow, so some research was needed.

There used to be a website called something like Pat’s West End Guide to Celebrities and amidst all the Rangers reserve team players spotted in the various pubs and people obviously spotted coming out of the BBC (it was a few years ago) was this gem;

‘kris kristofferson:

i saw him last year when he was in scotland doing a film with george clooney. he was jogging in kelvingrove park one morning and stopped to talk to my dog. she barked at him she doesn’t like older gentlemen. shame as i was going to try and fix him up with my mum.’


And it was posted by Suse…… 😀

I needed more information so I turned to my collection of the Lothian Courier from 2004 and found it. The good townsfolk of Bathgate were up in arms because George Clooney, allegedly a producer of a movie called The Jacket, was not staying in Bathgate whilst filming was going on(I make no comment about Bathgate as I’ve never been there)…..and the connection with Kris? He played Doctor Fleischer in the movie. I have never seen this movie but may seek it out from the rrm’s old emporium 😉

Worry not, j, the journey is not over; my research skills finally honed (or should that be ‘finely’?) in the library of the West of Scotland University (Paisley branch) will not rest until we find Kris’s Glasgow domicile and we visit it*…..and I never did find the micro-fiche machine.

(*probably One Devonshire Gardens)

One of the other actors was Fish (from Marillion) who lived out that way and who, along with Paisley Panda (and Junior Paisley Panda) was one of the more esoteric names I used to send my, then, fourteen year old son down to the reception desk of the BBC when it was in Queen Margaret Drive (and never QMD) to advise Security that they were that Saturday’s guests on Off The Ball. (Security? He virtually had the run of the place on Saturday afternoons which for an estranged dad was brilliant. 🙂

And finally, Terry Wogan was sooooo responsible for soooooo many bad broadcasters because he did make it sound soooo easy and I’ve seen and heard too many students et al (and others who have made it on to a touch more mainstream radio) who are bad because they have put no preparation into it.

Where Terry scored (and he did pay tribute to them) was his superb backroom team (including Alan Boyd that legend amongst radio producers) who made it sooo easy for him to put his unique take on events knowing that they were well prepared for (almost) all eventualities.

I’ve told the story of the giant rabbit on stilts at the Glasgow Garden Festival too often but I have fond memories of working with tight production teams all over Scotland including opening a Woman’s Hour live on a fishing boat coming in to Portree Harbour. That Jenny Murray could run (then).

Nice memories but a lot of broadcasting is just fun and entertainment and we should never lose sight of that.

And may your God go with you (Wogan)

Cya, still wearing that badge and keeping it simple.

Johnt850, the Bernie Sanders of Summerston.

So the Rainforestriverman gave birth to a grandson on Tuesday (or at least the way he described it, it was him) but another event that day kinda f*cked up my emotions and, even more so, some others.

So it was with great delight that I was pleased to see Son Brian that evening. They’re having a new bathroom installed and he needed a shower, so mine was chosen for one night. 🙂 He also brought over a new tablet for me (No. I have not started to receive medication for my madness from members of my family. This was a Samsung Galaxy which I paid for but he had bought)

He knows me well. It is black and I have lost it three times already in my house. But it looks fun. 🙂

He is beginning to practise being my Power of Attorney. I told him of my plans (early days yet) to get a new car so he started to tell me how to do it and where to go and who to talk to and then he looked at me and then that look came over his face – the despairing look I get down the telephonic device when I tell him of my latest plans – and he said the words I really wanted to hear.

‘I’ll take you, dad.’

I also asked him a big favour. The woman who is my accountant and with whom I slept for many years is standing down from her role as Financial Controller of the multi media empire that is The Word Process and previous to her was my dad.

I asked my son if he would take on that role. He is considering it and if he does so would be the third generation of t850s to do so. His grandparents would have been so proud. As am I. Most of my family, including by marriage and by marriage once removed, ended up financial people. I have no idea how my parents would have seen me and what happened. 🙂

I said that I would continue to play music from the gig that J and I went to a couple of weeks ago.

And I’m sorry that it’s not straight into the vid like it was before.  A wee double click is all that is needed. But I’ll ask my son.

This is This Is The Kit;


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