‘prepare yourself to be entertained and challenged in equal measure’ said the BBC’s Robert Matthews of a completely different piece of writing

And so, dear listener, it was last week that j, the blog’s favest librarian and me (and I?) went to a Celtic Connections gig in the Royal Concert Hall called the Roaming Roots Revue with all round nice guy, Roddy Hart, or ‘good egg’ – as Lauren Bellbonnchere describes him. Its theme was to pay homage to travelling troubadours and also to introduce us to a range of musicians from as far apart as Nashville and Edinburgh who will feature in the music slot below for the next few weeks. 🙂

We had moshpit tickets (standing) and as we gathered in the tearoom beforehand the talk was all of one rumour sweeping Glasgow – that Kris Kristofferson would play……as if……

So we were near the front of the queue and were at the front of the area – the smug folk who can throw their coats on to the barrier and rest with their arms across it and the first half was good…..people like Alexander East, Blue Rose Code and This Is the Kit. 😀

We did not move for the second half which started off a touch more mainstream – a Bowie tribute with ‘Rebel, Rebel’ for example – and then Roddy introduced him.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, Kris Kristofferson.’

Was that a teenage-like squeal I heard beside me?

He sung the standards and did so really well and then, during Bobby Mcgee, he name-checked j……I kid you not…….and then, all too soon, it was over and we wandered back to respective trains going ‘wow’…… ‘did that really happen?’

Well, yes it did, and I walked back to Queen Street Station with all kinds of thoughts swirling in the playground of my imagination. 🙂

And if that was the highlight of the week, then the lowlight was watching a movie called ‘The Human Centipede.’…….it was grosser than gross and I won’t explain the circumstances………but I do feel better for telling people. 😦

But another not-quite-so-hot moment was the problem to my car as mentioned last week. It cost me just over £800 to get fixed but my clutch is sooooo much better. I look forward to proving it. 🙂

(No Skippy, that is not an innuendo)

Which is why I am re-launching The Word Process – http://www.thewordprocess.net – PLUS a major marketing input from e which is why we’ve had two Strategic Planning Development meetings (or coffees in Café a Go – Go just off Byres Road). Actually it has helped. I’ve had help with the actual editing before but it’s been good chatting and realising how half-cocked (No. Skippy) I’ve been in the past about things like my Facebook page for The Word Process and how important it is I make these things work. 🙂

But general enquiries to john.thompson850@ntlworld.com and my thanks, also, to Zoe and Jenny H for sharing……..

But a possible holiday at the end of March and looking at a possible new car have been put on hold for a few days……..but let’s set it in context. There are things out there which are much more expensive and are more of a priority than my transport. Apart from anything else, I used my concession card on a train recently and have discovered that there is no 19 bus out of Summerston. This does explain a lot……maybe in the week ahead?

Moving on (and swiftly)

Incidentally, an American friend recently asked me what state I lived in. ‘Constant anxiety,’ I replied…(and my thanks to Zoe and Buzzfeed for that gag)

And good news just in. I’ve chronicled the flooding that has existed in Summerston for the last few months as we get hit again by a storm with a stupid name. MSPs and councillors have got together and they’re going to widen drains and clear out sewage pipes.

And finally, a confession to the good people of Summerston. We have a large number of coloured bins for our rubbish and on Thursday there it was the time for the green (general rubbish) bin to get lifted…(don’t know what it had done wrong, mind you)…..when I got it back I noticed some stuff (mostly bits of paper) stuck to the side. So I did as most people would do. Boil water in a kettle several times and pour it into the bin. I then turned the bin upside down to allow the paper to fall to the ground. My intentions were good at this point. 🙂

Then a heavy shower of rain came on and I dashed back inside…….only to see, seconds later, all the bits and pieces of paper that I’d intended to pick up sailing (almost literally) down the road. 😦

People of Summerston, I apologise.

Cya, still wearing that badge and keeping it simple (Wow!)

Johnt850, wondering how I would look in a poncho……..

So no serious message below the line tonight (except it’s in the song), but a recent conversation kinda centred around famous people I’d met whilst working at the BBC – not a long conversation – but I’ve just remembered someone. I worked on BBC’s coverage of the Glasgow Garden Festival a wee while back and on one occasion, I met Dave Prowse – the original Green Cross Code man. 🙂

He taught me everything I know about crossing the road and now I’m putting it into practice.

This was one of the songs Kris sang. In the darkness no-one can see your eyes moisten………



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