‘You may have noticed we are still wearing the same clothes. Um. I haven’t been home yet. I came straight here.’ (Holly Willoughby with hangover)

And so, dear listener I had a lovely experience at about four thirty last Sunday morning. No. Not that. Let me explain. 🙂

Satyrday was a day of snow in Glasgow (and elsewhere) and my car is not too well (a decision may have to be made soon)* and I had to go in early to work that night and so I went in by train but not sure how I’d get home, but I knew it would be early in the morning. 🙂

And so it was. Now, part of the night shift involves some janitorial duties and quite often I’m putting bin bags into the big bins in the lane around the side of the building (and sometimes it’s better not to look too closely at what’s happening in the lane) and I spend a minute or two chatting to the taxi drivers. The city is beginning to settle down.

Not this Sunday morning. When I decided that it was okay to leave the project and went to the rank, it was real busy. The streets were still alive. The Bistro was still selling chips, cheese and curry sauce. But taxis came and went and I got into one – with chatty taxi driver. After some pleasantries, he said,

‘Y’know, as soon as you got into my cab, I thought, is it him? Y’know, you look so much like him.’

(And this has been said to me often and I know Johnny Depp gets the same in reverse)

‘Y’know, that TV chef. Him. Him on Channel 133.’

More pleasantries took place and cos it was such a nice night, I got him to drop me at the bottom of the main road that leads to my cul-de-sac. It was a lovely walk to my house. Natural light. The snow was a fine consistency and easy to walk in. And when I got home, I took a brush and swept the snow off my car and off my drive – and it was easily done. And no neighbours’ lights switched on (other than security lights and, j, all the Christmas lights are now down, you’ll be pleased to hear) and I was quite happy. 😀

I’d a lovely wee conversation with a fox. 🙂

However, on my TV, Channel 133 is Comedy Central + 1. TV chef?

[*I know nothing about cars, so when I say ‘I’m not a man as other men’, this is one of the areas to which I refer. I am the man for whom the joke,

‘You’re battery’s flat.’

‘Why? What shape should it be?’

was invented.]

Elsewhere, the multi-media empire that I run from the West Wing of t850Towers is being restructured. Fresh talent has been introduced but there is a lack of work coming in from the usual suspects. A Strategic Planning Development meeting is to be scheduled (probably lunch at the Hanoi Bike Shop but business will be discussed) but it might help if I knew a marketing guru….Hang On! Rainforestriverman! That’s what you are! You tell me! Sorry! I’ve developed exclamationmarkitis! There is only one cure! Move onto next paragraph!

Rrm, I will be in touch. Soon. In the meantime, dear listener, if you, a member of your family or a friend or fellow student requires essay, thesis or dissertation editing or proof-reading then please feel free to look at the website;


and then contact me. Apparently I have testimonials. Two of them.

But at least I’m not yet reduced flogging jewellery on QVC like Lady Michelle Moan of Westminster who, I’m told, proclaimed, ‘I’m very bling bling, hopefully in a classy way.’ 🙂

Channel 133?

And finally, the fresh talent (or e as she is known to many people) recommended a book to me called The Bees by Laline Paull and very good it is too. 🙂

But on the subject of books, I received an e-mail from someone called Angelique du Toit thanking me for all my help with her book project but whilst I recognise the name, I cannot remember doing anything for her. And if I did, I did not charge for it. I must stop doing freebies.

The book is called Goodnight Doll; a tribute to my gay brother and his partner on their roller coaster journey with prostate cancer. I have ordered a copy from the rainforestriverman’s old corner shop and will let you know more when I get it.

Cya, (and I’ve forgotten what I write here!) but I’m still wearing that badge and I’m still keeping it simple!


Now for very good reasons, this has been written before me and a good friend go to a Celtic Connections gig (so I hope it happens) called Roaming Roots Review (Troubadours) which has a range of musicians wandering on and off with Roddy Hart and some mates (of Idlewild and BBC Radio Scotland fame) working as the house band.

There’s a few names I don’t recognise but this is the man described as ‘a Virginia soul maverick’, Matthew E. White. Let’s hope for better weather than that in the video. And, incidentally, if this doesn’t open, then copy and paste the link into your browser.



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