You don’t mess with the Nolans (Lemmy)

And so dear listener, Christmas and the New Year celebrations are over and the blog begins to return to normal (ish). Hogmanay and New Year’s night were spent at work with the homeless and the refugees……..and it was fun and it was different. So much to explain and so little time to do it but still time to wash the tenement stairs. 😦

But life goes on and the pressies have been put away or stored until later this year. It was nice that some people think I still grow exotic plants and I got a range of exotic seeds. Let’s just see how I get on with them. 🙂

I did once try to grow cannabis plants (No. No connection) from some cuttings I received in Cumbernauld many years ago but they didn’t take. Nope. I don’t remember what happened to the bits – as we horticulturalists call them. Honest.

A strong hint was made that I should move on from black as my basic clothing colour (Rocha grey); the brie baker I received needs a whole brie which I’m not sure that the ASDA in Summerston sells – but there are cheesemakers in the west end; and a very pleasant twenty minutes or so was spent trying to find the pen bit of a pen screwdriver which seems to screw but not to pen. There is no pen bit. I am happy. 😀

For a range of reasons, some things were postponed or re-arranged cos of illness and pestilence and I will defo see you this coming week, Sharon. I may want to discuss my stomach with you.

And a nice response from all of those who had received awards in the Personality of the Year Awards……including a lovely acceptance speech from the log cabin. 🙂 It was nice.

And I did play the odd game of ‘I’ll play you some of my CDs and you can play me some of yours.’

A late contender for an award was Sunderland defender Fabio Borini, who claims he would have become an interior designer had he not taken up football. I’ll let him describe one of his achievements;

‘I also designed a hole at the back for a phone charger to go through so the cable is not everywhere.’

Hang on! Kenny the Shed Pimp did the same for me and my house earlier this year and even he would accept that others have done that previous to him.

I was reminded (but not intentionally) this week that I have (or used to have) an electric drill with attachments and I used to use it until I realised that other people used it better than I did and, anyway, I’d better things to do. Being an estranged dad came first; work a close second.

Which is not to say I don’t still do some D-I-Y myself and still reasonably well.

But a big thanks to Son Brian for doing some sterling work on my computer a couple of days ago. I’ve been talking about getting a new one recently and it’s like having one. Maybe all that time being a good estranged dad paid off. Who wanted to be a Senior Producer anyway?

But I did catch up with Nick of Demus Productions who was co-producer of my last ever radio doc and who is still up there as Scotland’s leading indie. He produces that STV prog about the SSPCA and other stuff. It was also a gossip about a business that I left some time ago but I do know the people to whom you refer. Indeed……….

Incidentally, the radio is on. Not a surprise in itself. But why on earth did the Met Office feel the need to differentiate between storms? The next one is called Gertrude?

‘And they called the storm Gertude’ pales into insignificance beside ‘And they called the wind Maria’. Doesn’t it……and as for Storm J?

Bus this is not to belittle the effects of the storm. Some of them surprising.

There is a main road into town from Milngavie which goes past the cemetery on the other side of Summerston. It’s been flooded for ages so the diversion should take the impatient middle classes from Milngavie through Summerston and under the railway bridge (the main West Highland Line) but under the bridge is also flooded. It’s the only easy route between the two main parts of Summerston. There is therefore only one road out of Summerston onto the Maryhill Road side. Up past the Riding for the Disabled. And it’s crowded.

It is designed for one side of cars at a time cos of the parked cars…..(legitimate)… take ages to get out but at least we were all being considerate and giving space. Coming back the consideration was gone. And there was no space for me to move forward until the fire engine came……I inched forward. I got through and the fire engine was two cars behind me trying the same thing.

Our flooding in itself was not life threatening but its ultimate effects were.

And finally, I will pass no comment on American research which suggests that a male orgasm a day can reduce the possibility of a man developing prostate cancer by almost a quarter. ‘No sex required’ apparently. 😦

Well I wanted to pass comment, but Skippy kept red penning all my suggestions. I told her she wouldn’t win……I can keep going for hours, I told her….making suggestions.

‘Let it go, let it go, let it go,’ she said.

Cya, still wearing that badge and happily keeping it simple.

Johnt850, really relieved that that’s the bowel cancer screening thing done…..

So, I did my revolutions last week and I don’t always feel the need to ask ‘why’ in certain circumstances. Acceptance is good in itself.

Tonight’s band which is standing by to play us out is new to me……except it isn’t. I know the Bronx as a hardcore punk band from Los Angeles but thanks to J and her very diverse musical tastes, I now realise they have an alter ego.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Mariachi El Bronx and ‘Wildfires’.


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