‘If you only listen with half an ear, you haven’t a quarter of a right to criticise’ (BBC 1930) but so apposite for this age of Social Media.

And so, dear listener, it is me, Skippy, again. Again, partly by special request, but this time partly because jt has a very red face. Y’see the smug cobber used the show to tell folk not to buy the Ladybird Book of Mindfulness because he was so sure that someone already had. No. Nobody had. It’s unlike him, he said, to get thongs wrong, but when he does, he does it big time. 🙂

So this is the annual Blog Personality of the Year Award and the Strumpets are all in place for the Annual Fanfare; the red carpet has been laid (lucky red carpet)*; and the winners’ envelopes are all in front of me on the gold table. Last year, zombies and related activities and the raison d’etre behind them dictated many of the awards but raison stopped talking to jt early in the year so that’s out the window. No. No apparent reason, but another influence will play a part. Possibly. (tbh, jt never knows what he’s going to write until he writes it…….and I’m much the same)

*new listeners, he does that gag every year.

So let’s get started. Lots to get through and we begin with a brand new, and possibly once only, award; Spoiler of the Year.

And this goes to e’s wee boy, aj, who on being asked by jt if he’d enjoyed Star Wars, proceeded to give away the ending……..he was so sweet and matter of fact about it. 😀

The Team of the Year is always hotly contested but one group of guys and a woman (and her daughter) established their credentials early on. Kenny the Shed Pimp, Craig the Chippy (or was he the Spark?) and the other guy, e (as interior designer) and her daughter rj, helped transform t850 Towers with the help of a substantial donation from the Bank of jt’s Sister. Special mention must go to the very patient self-scan operator in Sainsbury’s Braehead. jt honestly didn’t know that rj was the unexpected item in the bagging area. But he was told to come back any time as long as she was not on shift.

Lifetime Achievement is always difficult because jt is never too sure who has been recognised before. This year, however, it has been easy. It goes to Uni-Sharon, not just of what she has achieved in her life and her amazing weight loss with the help of Herbalife (and other dietary supplements are available but they didn’t seem to work), but because any time jt talks to her the number of people living in her and husband Kenny’s house is never the same as it was the last time he asked. And she just smiles. Well done, Shazza. x

So, now for the actual Personality of the Year. And it’s worth saying that, apart from the first year when then three year old Stella won it, no actual person has ever won it.

So, in Third Place (and jt wrote the rest of this), and nine years ago, I never thought I’d say this but…..it goes to Tennent’s Bar in Byres Road. After years of avoiding the place, I’ve been in it three times this year……..and it’s very nice. No-one complained when I bought an orange juice and I did recognise a couple of faces but they did not know me……I will go back and I may attempt to re-enter the Three Judges later this year….I know no fear. 🙂

And in Second Place is this young man. Early morning, I wasn’t feeling down but if I had been, this would have brought an amazing smile to my face. Stick with Harry until such time as Tracey gets involved. It gets even better.

It takes on a Benny Hill kinda feel…. 😀 😀


So here we go. Now for the actual Personality of the Year.

Some background. One of the hardest parts of recovery is learning to relax. I still have problems in doing so. It’s partly why I attended mindfulness classes this year and have practised Acudetox and would like to do so again……and maybe I should find a Qi Gong teacher. 🙂

So I light candles and burn incense. That’s Part One.

Part Two relates to the many variations on my name…John. The one that is used by most of my colleagues and the folk I work with, including the refugees, is JohnBoy……redolent of the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie and so on…….

So when J, the blog’s favest philosopher returned from a trip to Canada and brought back an incense burner in the shape of a log cabin, I was delighted (let’s not ask about the incense sticks that come with it)……I was seriously made up. It was really nice and when it works, actual incense smoke comes out of the chimney. It’s brilliant 🙂

Next year’s plan is to get my colleagues to call me by some rich person’s name and for me to claim that the only way for me to relax is to have twenty pound notes to count and see what happens….

But the Blog’s 2015 Personality of the Year is the incense burning log cabin…….Yay!!!!!! One day there will be a prize……… 😉

And a good night has just been had by all…..

So this is the blog’s last appearance of 2015 and I have made two revolutions; one is between me and one other person. The other? To lose this grossly overweight stomach I possess……omg, it’s so gross. 😦 😦 😦

But as ever, millions of thanks to all my listeners and may your God go with you…. 🙂

Last year I introduced a Musical Track of the Year. It was Zombie by Jamie T. 2015’s Track of the Year is Walk the Moon and their Shut Up and Dance – good vid, good music and, yes, good memories with a ball rolling nicely and no need to analyse how it rolls – and thanks Skippy for helping out.

See y’all in 2016


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