Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable (G.K.Chesterton)

And so, dear listener, it is that time of year – no, not Christmas – but the ninth anniversary of my cold turkey and that all that has stemmed from it. In my early days, I used to talk of demons and recovering and recovered and all sorts of stuff like that. It’s a language based on that of Alcoholics Anonymous and it needs updated (maybe that should have been the offered PhD) but all I do these days is just say, ‘I don’t drink,’ and that’s it.

Cos it’s not been hard – not drinking, that is. Everything is in working order but that’s another story. If I’ve time I’ll get round to it. 🙂

Y’see, even before I cold-turkeyed and in the weeks leading up to it, I didn’t see ‘alcoholism as an incurable disease. Was it not just a habit that had got out of hand? Where was the research? After all we were used to donating to cancer charities but no alcohol ones…….and AA doesn’t pay for research. It has few funds. Anyway, I have just raced ahead.

Most people know the story; the weekend when, without planning it, I cold-turkeyed. There was booze in the house but no whisky and I wanted whisky and it was raining like it has been this week. So I stayed in. Thankfully; but not at the time. The diaorrhea (sp), the vomiting, the stuff oozing out of every pore; the out of body experience (like an angel); the hallucinations (the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse); and the feeling that I was having a heart attack and the gorgeous 999 operator who told me what to do until the paramedics arrived. 🙂

And then the hospital with its three meals a day; its routine; the learning to walk again; and the friends and extended family and professional workers who kept me going once I was out.

And then six month later the cancer diagnosis but the physical and mental recovery I’d started for the alcohol issues kept me going; and cups of tea cos where there’s tea, there’s hope. 😀

And the opportunity to study what had happened to me and the realisation that what I had described as a habit that had got out of hand was what psychologists described as learned behaviour (you want a non-alcoholic behaviour example? Do you really need that first cup of coffee in the morning – the belief that you can’t start the day without it?) and that many people just stop or cut back without any problem – new job, new child, new partner, fed up with hangovers, just tired of it all……..

And the discovery that coffee bars are nice places. There’s a really nice place in Paisley where I’m almost a regular. And good company helps. 🙂

And both cancer and the alcohol issues are sorted. On the prostate cancer front I am neither incontinent or impotent (both great fears of men who might be worried) and on the alcohol front I have no cravings nor I have ever lapsed (I like waking up with a clear head too much)

Now I have not written all this for plaudits or applause; all I ever want to do is to make people aware that there is always a road out but your mind has to be open to all possibilities. There is no right answer but if one doesn’t work try another one. 🙂

Nor is this an anti-AA diatribe. I know people who have been sober for over thirty years as a result of following the 12 step programme; I also know others who have taken a quarter bottle to meetings – ‘it’s a disease, son, I can’t help it.’

Right, Skippy, that’s enough. ‘What else has been happening this week?’

I met up with Missie K in a place called D’arcy’s in Princes Square; it seemed familiar, somehow. 🙂

I met up with the blogmeister in Tennent’s in Byres Road; it seemed familiar, somehow. 🙂

I had a business meeting with e; her broadband was down. 😦

I let workmen into my grand-daughter’s house – which she shares with her parents.

I edited Jenny’s PhD and that was good fun……e and Son Brian, the invoice is in. 🙂

And, as I write this, I have a smashing Saturday night to look forward to 🙂

And there are other folk to arrange to see 🙂


But it wasn’t all easy. There were dark clouds and sleepless nights and there was one band I played over and over again. There’s no good stuff of theirs on Youtube, but this song speaks volumes. This is the world’s greatest acid house country rock band – Alabama3.


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  1. johnt850 Says:

    And it was a smashing Saturday night, if slightly different from the one that was planned……..

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