‘One can never get enough socks,’ said Dumbledore. ‘Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.’ (Need I tell you who?)

And so dear listener, to Christmas stuff. It’s that time of year. 🙂

But can I start by saying I already have the Ladybird Book of Mindfulness? No. No reason.

Having started off in such an ungrateful mood, let me continue by drawing your attention (as did Becky G, the Miss Marples of North London) to a horrible practice. It’s called, apparently, the elf on the shelf and, apparently, you tell your children, apparently, that this elf (what you have bought from the shops) is keeping an eye on them to make sure they behave themselves in the run up to Christmas, apparently, and you move it each night after your children have gone to bed just to prove it’s keeping an eye on them. 😦

‘What do you want for Christmas, little girl?’

‘Paranoia, please.’

You got it.

But there again, according to the Prime Minister, I am a ‘terrorist sympathiser’. So, who is that sitting in the white van across the road? Actually, I think I may still be in the files of what used to be known as the Special Branch as a proscribed Marxist from cough, cough years ago.

And I was watching Countdown (hey, I work nights, okay?) and a big word was ‘mouthful’ and the posh guy that presents it (Nick?) said, ‘and I’m sure that you were told, like me, when you were young, not to speak with your mouthful.’ NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Posh Git……..

Mindful? No. Your mind is not full.

Right to happy stuff;

This is four year old Harry who had a lung transplant when he was one. He is now four and looking for a transplant again. Watch and laugh with Harry. 😀 😀 😀 😀


It’s okay, Skippy, I’m back on course. 😉

Aye, it’s the Advent edition of the blog and apparently there are some very commercial calendars out there with twenty-five (25) slots…….I do worry. But then I worry a lot. About other people. Me? Any time I get something right, it’s a bonus.

So Christmas, and the tree is up and it’s twenty-seven (?) years old and beginning to look it. I bought it when my then wife and I decided to lead separate lives and it looks it. The January sales will see me looking to buy a new one. It’s been through as many sets of lights as my car has had new front and back bits replaced, but it does have two sun roofs – the car, not the tree. But not all the bulbs are working………mmmmmm.

And the rapping has started.

‘Been to my local ASDA to shop, doing a lot of shopping, shop ‘til I drop.’

Sorry. The wrapping has started.

And what didn’t seem too difficult to wrap when I saw it in Waterstone’s becomes amazingly difficult where it’s lying out there on the dining room table and the paper keeps curling up, cos you forget that the scissors you laid down there to hold the paper in place, are the ones you need to cut the wrapping paper. 😦

A dinosaur, J?

Actually, dinosaurs have been, and still are, the mainstay of my present giving to a young friend of mine, but not, this time, from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, but a fossil cave called Amazonia 😉

And the happiness continues with a nice Christmas message. The first Syrian refugees are due to arrive in Bute this weekend and a great welcome is being planned for them. People from all over the world are sending best wishes and presents. It’ll be a great Christmas for them – be they Christian, Muslim or non-believer. 🙂

So can I just correct some of the false representations I hear in various ways about these and the other refugees; they are ‘checked’ in refugee camps in the Middle East (that’s why Cameron is happy with them); they are ‘checked’ before they are allowed to stay in Britain; and even then they are only allowed in, initially, for a limited period (in many cases) of five years. But why let the facts get in the way of a good prejudice?

Enjoy your Christmas night out curry, if you’re one of those with that prejudice.

And finally, I do not see how bombing Syria can possibly help in the fight against ISIS……except, they bombed an oil field. I have long said, we need to stop ISIS selling oil, cos it’s done through small traders, and the RAF have started off by doing this. If only it could be guaranteed that these were their only targets, then I might have been persuaded by Hilary Benn’s speech.

But then that would have been a plan and there never is a plan when Tories like Thatcher, Blair and Cameron want to make their names known across history. I remain opposed.

Cya, still wearing that badge and keeping it simple – with the ball rolling happily 🙂

Johnt850 – and it’s only a matter of time before I get banned from the ASDA after the latest incident but surely they’re ‘staffed’ cash check-outs, not ‘manned’……….

So nothing serious below the line this week. Just a wee reminder that the show round about 12th December will reflect the importance of that date for me.

The 19th is the traditional Christmas Cracker version; and

The 26th is the Blog Personality of the Year and nominations are now being taken.

And since I’m in Christmas mood, here’s a start to the festivities.

It’s Twisted Sister and this is what’s like in t850 Towers…this time of year. Not. (But a certain amount of parental guidance may be involved)

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