‘My very photogenic mother died in a freak accident (picnic, lightning) when I was three’ (The lightning in Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’)

And I think that is such an evocative line.

And so, dear listener, the mindfulness classes are about to finish (and we will go for a mindful bevvy after the last one) but it is beginning to happen for me. I now understand and welcome the sound of silence and in a practice last week we were asked to think of a (small) negative thing in our lives in order to remove it from our thinking, if only on a temporary basis. I obviously chose the fact that I cannot get the battery compartment of the TV remote control open. It’s lying there, staring at me. 😦

I wonder if mindfulness can help – or maybe I should take into class to see if anyone there knows how to do it. 🙂

And on the subject of philosophy can I thank J, the blog’s favest philosopher, for her very reassuring answer for when she and I went to get some food in a restaurant and the waiter asked where we’d like to sit. I may have looked confused, so J very kindly said, ‘jt, there are no right answers to some questions.’

So, much emboldened by this, I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘you choose.’ Steely determination or what? 😀

And then we went to Waterstone’s and looked at books. And this has been important to me in a week when I found that mindfulness may be working, cos to be honest, we talked a lot about books as well as looked at them. I went back the next day and bought some and some book-related presents. Indeed, I may put my tree up this weekend but not put the lights on just yet- indecisive or what? 😉

But I bought two books that Son Brian had requested for C’mas and I am soooooo impressed by his choices.

And then on Thursday, my work had an Away Day down Abington way. And the journey back was a nightmare. The minibus got gridlocked in the carpark that was the M8 coming into Glasgow. It took ages. And then, whilst some of the others went to the pub, I came home cos there was editing to do. (My Waterstone’s purchases had to be paid for).

And I got on the train only to be told that if I was going to Hyndland I’d to get off at Partick ‘cos I was now on the Balloch Express and the next stop after Partick was Dumbarton….all very depressing as the train sat for ages just outside Charing Cross and all these people were sitting looking at their phones and reading things and sending messages and then I spotted her – two seats in front and by the door I would use to get out once the train actually stopped.

She was actually reading a book – hardback – called appropriately The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. As the train pulled into Partick and I go up to go out, I leaned over and said how nice it was to see someone reading a book. She didn’t call for Security; she looked up and said, ‘thank you.’ 😀

Books is good – and please excuse my grammar but you get the drift.

But obviously I won’t talk about the Away Day until I’ve at least filled out the evaluation form.

However, the bestest training I’ve ever attended was when I was a Beaver Leader for the 183rd Bearsden Scouts, altho’ living in Summerston. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it and the Bearsden parents didn’t want to – so me and Son Brian did.

The training was over two Sundays and it was a lot of people and it went class; game; activity; lecture; break; class; game; activity; lecture; break and so on…….all done, not by management consultants, but by mums and dads who cared.

(And I met a woman who had met Lady Baden-Powell)

Unfortunately I never ever received my warrant cos of an unfortunate incident where I locked those senior Scouts who had come to test me for my warrant in the car park……we’ll maybe gloss over that just now. 😦

And finally, a wee while back, I spoke of the dangers of sugar in either its brown or its white form and said that it was potentially more dangerous than any other white or brown powder that may be causing concern. People scoffed.

Earlier this week I was walking through Glasgow City Centre and noticed many people carrying what looked like pizza boxes. It turned out to be a marketing stunt for Krispy Kreme doughnuts who are opening new stores. Did you know that there are 13 grams of fat in each Krispy Kreme doughnut; that the standard glazed doughnut has 222 calories but some versions have more than 400; and often they are sold in boxes of twelve which is one helluva an encouragement to binge.

So please, eat those doughnuts in moderation just as you’re told to drink in moderation. What else can I say? And it’ll soon be time for the amateur drinkers to hit our streets….beware.

Cya, still wearing that badge and keeping it simple in a bibliophile kinda way.

Johnt850, who was described as ‘lovely’ this week for sharing something on Facebook.

Now some people may have noticed that recently there has been an emphasis on dance in all its many brilliant forms in this musical conclusion to the show (and my thanks to anyone who may have thought that last week’s was mixed by myself. It wasn’t but I wish I had those skills – and that copyright clearance) and indeed this final tune marks the end of such a run.

It is almost the Christmas season and the traditional Twisted Sister’s track will be played next week (if I remember). In the meantime, please enjoy this. I did.


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