“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” (Orson Welles)

And so dear listener, Masterchef is sooo much my favourite TV programme. The judges can be soooooo cruel;

‘If you can’t bake brownies at this level, you have no chance.’

‘That dish looks as if you’ve lost interest already.’

‘Why pour a sauce over a very good salsa?’ (altho’, tbh, I didn’t notice anybody dancing).

And there’s an annoying oversize twunt (called Nick and who looks like an evil Matt Lucas) who already thinks he’s won so I do hope he burns a jus and his bridges at the same time. 😀

But it has been soooo much better since Michel Roux stopped presenting it (Bloody foreigners. Coming over here and keeping their bloody foreign names. GET. BACK. IN. THE. SEA. That’s what I say) and Marcus and Monica are good…….but why is it I always ending up eating a bag of crisps when it’s on?

And why is it that, when good looking female sales assistants say to me, ‘See you later.’ and I reply, ‘That’s very nice of you. Where and when suits? I can pick you up. What’s your address?’ they insist on getting Security?

Or why did I get a strange look when, sorting my way through the butter croissants section of Morrison’s in Anniesland, a floor assistant asked if I was alright and I replied, ‘Well, no. I’ve not had a lot of sleep cos I was on night shift and I got caught in the rain there……hello….hello…..?’

And when I said in a recent (important) conversation that I am not as other men, I feel I should now stress that in many respects, not only am I as other men, but in many of those many respects, I am better than many men. I just felt I should clear that up. Did I? 🙂

And J, the blog’s favest philosopher, was asking after the Vampire Slayer the other day (as indeed were a couple of others) but she is still in Italy as recently there has been a plague of vampires that the wicked and corrupt BBC has failed to report and her services are still needed over there. One day hopefully. (I used to be a serious BBC journalist) 😦

But my laptop capacity has almost been reached and I have received suggestions as to how to lower it but they’re gnawing at the edges. 😦

And finally, I have received my rota well into January and it’s flexible. There are people out there whom I have not seen for some time and there’s a few promises floating around but I’m open to any offer. Suggestions?

A booklet called Glasgow Loves Christmas has been very helpful and here’s just one suggestion;

‘Put a date in the diary for a girly day out and book a festive afternoon tea – The Willow Tearooms, Cup and Blythswood Hotel all offer great ones.’…that’d be nice but I do stress my manliness I have this deep voice I can use when I want to……but, aye, give us a shout. All ideas considered. It’s either that or I use a day when nothing else is happening to tidy out the drawer with all the batteries.

And someone else suggested going to see a bloke called Les Mizz….. No. No Reason.

Cya, still wearing that badge but I took the poppy off at the end of the day itself – otherwise you’re not thinking about its meaning – and still keeping it simple. It was the only item on the agenda. 🙂

Johnt850, distraught cos I’ve lost my favest MP3 player. 😦

This is not what I originally planned to write but the events of Friday night in Paris have overtaken everything.

It was what security forces feared most; a combination of multiple attacks all launched at approximately the same time; an attack on a large sporting venue with VIPs present; and an attack on a theatre where a concert was being held (the horrors of the Chechnyan attack on the Moscow theatre are still vivid in some memories)

Amongst the aims of the Islamic State and its affiliates are to create divergence rather than diversity and Paris has become a major target for them. There will be those in this country who will seek to create a similar divergence within communities and it can just be a matter of time before mosques are targeted and various right-wing groups will seek to build on the tragedy by blaming the innocent Muslim community in this country.

Similarly, many young Muslims may well see the martyrs as heroes to be emulated in much the same way as many within the Irish Republican movement saw their martyrs as heroes as well. They may not have gone to the same lengths but the technology did not exist – even just years ago in the latest ‘troubles’.

No. I have no answers. These are people who are doing unto others what they are willing to have done to them – kill and be killed. It’s not martyrdom for the seventy-two virgins. It’s a belief in a perverted form of a religion – a belief with which we have nothing to compare – but it is one on which entire states would be based.

I move on.

So the other night there I caught about five minutes of Strictly Come and isn’t dance a real touchy feely thing – except if it’s the Time Warp, the Locomotion, the Twist or Gangnam Style? Anyway, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a man run his hand up and down Carol Kirkwood’s arm and Carol (ex-BBC and stoic) put on a brave smile.

This wee song sums up the joy of dance and I played it a few months ago and I make no apology for playing it again. The lyrics are not that relevant; its the infectiousness that’s important. It calls out to everyone regardless of…….well just regardless.


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