‘The Weird Sisters – which way did they go?’ (A line from Macbeth (the movie) and not one I think that was originally written by Shakespeare or his sisters)

And so dear listener, much has happened this week but the biggest news is that I’m able to talk to you. 🙂

We know that I’m not the tekkiest of people (sometimes not even switching on switches that need switched on to get new things working but I may not be alone in that. No names. No pack drill) but this week I surpassed myself. My hard drive on this laptop is almost full and my son has told me not to take the easy way out and just buy a new computer – no, I’ve to clean out stuff and drag things across to external drives and how I miss the fourteen year old who once talked to a helpline on my behalf and then got me a cheese sandwich and a whisky. Or is that wishful thinking? In so many ways. 🙂

So I got off to a good start. 🙂 Gosh. How many printers have I got through in all these years? And then I got cocky. I think it was the programme I’d had since 2010 and thought I never used. I can’t even find its name now. Lose that one I thought and I’ll save millions of giga mega bytes (whatever). And I hit the button. And everything still worked after that. 🙂

Until l decided to go out, switched things off and came back and switched on…….I wasn’t even getting ‘Google can’t kick start’; or ‘Facebook can’t start cos of a long running script’ (whatever that is); or ‘you have now cut yourself off from the world and will never receive pictures of cats again!!!!!!’

I had uninstalled the Internet!!!!! No more Filipino ladies wanting to be my friend on Facebook; no facile suggestions from LinkedIn as to my next career move; and no offers from people anxious to claim PPI on my behalf (actually when I think about it…….) but no, I had to do something.

Now (and I’m going to sound like a Church of Scotland minister here and my mum often talked about me becoming one – I’m not too sure what she would think of what I did become)the word ‘recovery’ has played a significant role in my life and there it was in some obscure Devices and Printers folder. I selected a return to two days previously, pressed a button and ran….my hands covering my ears…..but, hey, it came back.

I had sent at least one mail which was just a draft but nothing too shocking seemed to have happened. Certainly nothing like the famous ‘Ho’ text of a year ago. I was now able to talk to the world. As opposed to just my neighbours who are still working on their garden. Phew…….

And whilst I may be slightly re-thinking my current life/work balance one nice thing about the hours I work is my neighbour coming to my door at half past four in the afternoon and saying. ‘I hope I didn’t wake you.’ She was bringing me chocolate biscuits cos I’d taken in deliveries for her. I have not eaten chocolate (properly) for over a year. This week I lapsed. I hated myself. 😦

But that was before this week’s mindfulness class which involved a lot of breathing and staying silent. I’m enjoying it. I mean staying silent is my natural approach to life* Breathing is slightly more tricky.

*(When I went to UWS (Paisley) some time back for the Post Grad, I was given definite instructions by e and various others – ‘sit at the back and don’t draw attention to yourself. You are there to learn.’ Day One, Class One, Ice breaker exercise……’Tell the person you’re sitting next to something you want the rest of the class to know’…..Jane (?) sitting next to me told the assembled class, ‘This is John and he’s a recovering alcoholic – four and a half years.’ Heads turned. I was what we were studying. And that was before the incidents with the Inter Library Loans and the revolving door at that entrance and……)

But work will start soon on my own garden…….maybe a Buddhist sanctuary is on the cards. Not for me to move to but to create one. Any thoughts?

And finally, this week’s Rangers’ legend of the month is former favourite Kyle Lafferty, who, after Norn Irln had qualified for a certain football tournament, apparently said, ‘I’d like to play against Argentina or Brazil in the Euros.’

Cya, still wearing that badge and keeping it simple (Well, no. The new badge with the new logo? It fell apart the first time I wore it outside….ooops) 😦

Johnt850, and the jury selection ain’t over until the last juror’s selected.

Aye. I was on jury duty this week but was never properly called. It’s been frustrating. The first two days I wasn’t needed at all (nor were the others, I should emphasise – ‘let’s have a trial without jt…..hahahahah’). Wednesday we attended. We were released at mid-day. Thursday a jury was selected (without me) for a trial that was due to last until Monday – the rest of us were released thinking that was it.

No. The hotline message said ‘Come in.’ Apparently, the previous day’s trial had collapsed after fifteen minutes cos there wasn’t enough evidence. I can’t comment cos I wasn’t there but yesterday’s jurors were and the Court person told us;

‘There’s to be a trial today.’ 😦

Again I managed to avoid selection but some of the previous day’s jurors weren’t so lucky. I came home, smiling on my face, went and helped people collect leaves in the Botanic Gardens and then watched ‘the Scottish film’ at the scene of the former Hillman Imp factory in Linwood with delightful company. And Saturday I was back to work.

Y’know, being on jury duty is a bit like being without the internet. I did not enjoy it.

So in a week when the legal process has been uppermost in my mind, there is only one man you want to listen to. This is Johnny Cash (and I do know a jolly good Johnny Cash tribute band)


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