‘Why are you taking air fresheners?’ ‘I’ve never looted before. I just got a bit grabbie.’ (The excellent You, Me and the Apocalypse)

And so dear listener, this week was the Fortieth Anniversary of Blue Triangle – the housing association which offers supported accommodation to the homeless and for whom I work –and that was the main function of this week. The anniversary was celebrated in Oran Mor at the top of Byres Road, which is a converted church which was also BBC rehearsal rooms at one stage. It was a celebration and there was an amazing fashion show, a good singing group and some superb creative writing. 🙂

Yes. I was in charge of the creative writing and, altho’ I can’t say much cos of confidentiality rules online, I thought my two readers – one from Renfrew and one from Syria – stole the show. Altho’, tbh, saying that he was a refugee from Syria raised a cheer in itself. He was reading someone else’s story but some of it applied to him and whilst it’s great that many people want to house refugees when they reach here, some are here already.

It was also one of the most challenging challenges I have ever been challenged by. For so many reasons. Some of which my two guests, e and J, the blog’s favest philosopher, became aware as the day unfolded. Yes. I was only allowed one ticket but if you don’t ask, you don’t get. 🙂

What happened in the belltower of Oran Mor stays in the belltower of Oran Mor.

But to be incredibly serious for a moment – for me it was a return to presentation and production and what’s involved in that. There was the build up to the event, finding material and choosing the readers and then working with them – that was such fun. 😀

And then there was, for me, the fun of presenting – all fifty seconds of it – but the joy of people, including some people very important to me, actually listening and reacting to my words and the joy with which the readers were received.

I once did a guest lecture for drink’n’drugs post grads and my supervisor sat and watched and gave me feedback which was incredibly kind. Something he said will always stick with me; ‘I needn’t ask if you enjoyed it. Johnt850 plus an audience? You enjoyed it.’ There is thinking to be done.

And then the three of us went for coffee and cake. I wasn’t sure what e had chosen so I said,

‘Is that a white chocolate fondant or a meringue?’

‘No,’ she said. ‘You’re right enough. It’s a white chocolate fondant.’

Which brings us nicely to the Great British Bake Off which I didn’t see cos I watched a documentary about Denis Healey which was really good and whilst the rest of Facebookland discussed Victoria Sponges, Nessa and I discussed the D Day Dodgers and Denis’s amazing sense of humour.

Anyway I did see the final line-up. It was either a reflection of how diverse British society is or how politically correct the BBC now is or Britain First’s worst nightmare. I saw a documentary about them as well this week.

Horrible people but masters of social media and the knowledge that no matter what rubbish they post or out of date it is, if it’s on Facebook or similar, it must be true.

And my testament to the existence of Qi Gong as a method of relaxation was doubted so this vid is an example of it.

It is a variation of the imaginary balloon I create when trying to get rid of my worries.

And the transformation of next door’s garden continues. They’ve moved their sheds; laid new turf and built a sunhouse. It has spurred me into action. Not only am I painting the fence slowly but I have arranged for approximately sixteen slabs to be laid at the back door. It’s enough for me. But it will see my garden transformed.

What it will do for me, I’m not sure.

And finally, I have been cited for jury duty. It’s at Glasgow Sheriff Court and whilst they are normally short cases at this court, I did receive a letter advising me that, if called, the trial could last up to two weeks.

Interestingly enough both J and e* believe it could be the making of me and that I should welcome the opportunity to contribute to a civic and democratic society. I will do my duty.

*I should stress that I have spoken to other people this week and done many other things. Oh. Hang on. I haven’t really….other than work things and people………ah but I did watch Ice Age 2.

Anyway the point I must make is that I can’t discuss the court case in any form. Who knows what I’ll write about next week?

Cya, now wearing a new badge with a new logo and keeping it simple.

Johnt850, in a smiley mood. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

And I watched the programme about legal highs last Monday and I can’t remember what its proper name was but it was Monday BBC 1 Scotland at 9pm.

And I mentioned it on Facebook as a way of sharing and there were a few responses. Mostly they came from people I know in the trade. It was a programme that I would recommend is watched by parents….of any age. In the last couple of years I have spoken to a number of folk of college and uni-age who know people who do ‘legals’ but won’t themselves. A brilliant attitude cos they are aware of the dangers………..but most of them also had parents who were willing to discuss the whole issue of drugs (including drink and fags) with them. Do you? Did you?

And never forget, dear listener, I went off the rails in my late forties.

Heading back, and no connection, to the Fortieth Anniversary, check out soon time on iTunes or just a general Google for the BlueTriangle House Choir called Pure Gallus;

They sang two songs on Thursday. This is the one that stayed in the heads of me, J and e. It was a good day………It is, these are the Proclaimers;


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