“I love zombies. If any monster could Riverdance, it would be zombies.” (Craig Ferguson)

And so dear listener wasn’t Monday a marvellous day for a blogger? No. I don’t mean that business with ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron and the sucking pig…..Sorry. I mean suckling pig. No. I mean the things that happened to me. Altho’my favest headline of the week came from the ironical Daily Record.


Or as Kenneth Williams never said;

‘Irony. Irony. They’ve all got it irony.’ 😀

No. Monday started for me at five to nine when BBC Radio Scotland phoned to ask if I was willing to be their first phone call after nine in a phone-in programme just after the news at nine on whether people should speak out about their cancer (if they have one) – to which I said YES – but I then got a phone call just after nine to stand me down. They’d got ‘an expert’!!!!!! Who wasn’t me!!!!!! Aye Right. I’ll remember that. 😦

But this was all of great interest to me as later that day I was due to meet up with someone from Prostate Cancer UK at Prostate Cancer UK HQ in Ibrox. I got there with a few minutes to spare and went for a walk (I sooooooo need to lose weight) and walked past a bar called, I think, Kensington’s. It was a nice day and people were sitting outside.

Including one man in a suit with shaved head who looked like a local businessman – a ‘player’ as they say on the streets. And he was wearing a Prostate Cancer badge. 🙂

I did think about going up and introducing myself, but a rather well-built man standing beside him seemed to be deciding who got to say hello. 😦

The conversation with Anne was wide-ranging. But it was not about information talks – which are designed to tell people about the Charity with a personal story of survival thrown in and not a reprise of the latest treatments and research which might put people off.

Instead we discussed how to get a sick eel to a vet and there was an unfortunate misunderstanding when I thought Anne said badges but she said badgers. This would explain the unfortunate stain on my lapel later in the day.

I then went to my bank where there had been an unfortunate misunderstanding over a previous meeting. I met Michael who had Gone Ape in Aberfoyle four times but had never abseiled down the Titan Crane. He did do marathons but had never run Tough Mudder altho’ one of his female colleagues had. He also wanted to be a journalist and had a relative with alcohol issues. At some point a Fixed Rate One Year Bond was opened…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And he’d heard about the zombies but had never been. He was booking his tickets for him and his mates as I was leaving. But he won’t see me there.

I’ve decided. I won’t be doing it this year. Yes. I had a major encourager-in-chief in my (now erstwhile) friend, W, but I have heard nothing from her for some time. But it is nothing to do with that.

And yes, I have a very busy time coming up cos I’m heavily involved (as are others) in the Fortieth Anniversary of Blue Triangle and that is taking up a lot of time at the moment. That is why I never made it to Hope Over Fear the other day. And then there’s jury duty. But it is nothing to do with that.

And I’ve not fallen out with such an amazing bunch of folk and I’m looking forward to reading their posts and seeing the photos.

No. It’s when the bank man was talking about going to Go Ape four times. I couldn’t do that. I would worry about what was next cos I know the rope ladders get narrower and the bridge between the trees gets more rickety. Other zipwires are available…and I’d be happy to try them.

No. The most amazing thing about last year was the randomness of it all – all totally unexpected from the Saturday morning audition to running with the zombies that night to driving up the road still with the make-up on to following Bethany around the haunt and the guy who swore so badly when I leaped at him that even I couldn’t repeat it in the blog. Those are amazing memories. I will stick to them but every so often I may drive out to the roundabout at M & Ds and listen to the bloodcurdling screams. 😀 😀 😀 😀


But as my second favest philosopher, Uni-Sharon says, ‘there’s life after being a zombie.’ (EH?)

And finally, I felt comfortable in that jacket. I must wear it more often

Cya, still wearing that badger and keeping it simple.

Johnt850, described in ASDA the other day as having the Richard Gere look 🙂

And the rainforestriverman was up and we went for lunch and the subject of our own time at university came up…….we didn’t, did we? I don’t remember doing that……but I do seem to remember helping to move your bed with you in it from the Union to the traffic island opposite. Ah, how little I have in common with the current Prime Minister. 😉

In the days of Gerry and the Pacemakers and Freddie and the Dreamers and the Beatles (whatever happened to them?) one man strode the world like the Colossus he was. I was going to play another of his tunes but it would have been an unfortunate mix as the awful Saville (who I met once and who disgusted me cos of his attitudes towards women) would have been in it.

This is the God that is Billy J Kramer with ‘Bad To Me’ and not only do I have a jacket but I do have two suits – one of which my son was giving to a charity shop and I intercepted it…but I don’t have BIlly’s hair. Does anyone these days? 🙂


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