‘The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws. … And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace (Tacitus)

And so dear listener, there I was on Tuesday night, at about ten, at home, watching the refugee crisis on TV, when the phone rang. Not unusual in itself. It was one of the workers at the project asking where I was. As we only have two workers on at any one time (and twenty-five Service Users), he had noticed my name on the rota for being with him from 9.30 pm until 8 am the next morning, but as I was not sitting at the desk at ninety degrees to his, he was slightly concerned. 😦

Thirty minutes later I was walking up the close stairs (that’s close as in tenement – not close as being in immediate proximity) unshowered, no food for through the night and trying to work out why it wasn’t in my diary.

The lack of food is important. We keep food in the project but it’s for emergency use by the SUs and at three in the morning, the only source of sustenance is The Bistro across the road but I am not a great fan of double donner kebab, chips and cheese and never was – even in my meat eating days. The vegetarian option is chips’n’curry sauce. 🙂

The twenty-four hour shop provided me with a prawn mayonnaise sandwich.

But food has played an important part in my week. This week.

About three hours after my shift I met up with a (now former) BBC friend for lunch and if you ever need a jazz events promoter/producer I know the very person. 😉

And then on Thursday, I had lunch with good friend e (but no children) at the Hanoi Bike Shop just off Byres Road. This, however, according to an English based tabloid (as we used to call the Sun) does not make me ‘cultured’. What does make you cultured, according to a survey marking the 80th anniversary of dairy product Yakult, are things like visiting heritage sites, putting on an accent to pronounce foreign words and watching Question Time and the Antiques Roadshow. And the ability to use chopsticks.

Which I can. Kinda. One of the things about the Bike Shop is that you can get a range of dishes (kinda tapas like) and share. Have you ever tried eating mussels with chopsticks? Getting the bit out of its shell? (Do mussels have shells?) And can I also advise avoiding what seems to be the Bike Shop’s home-made spicy sauce in a jar? Or at least don’t mix it up like I did. Man, that was hot.

We followed that by a visit to the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow University. Which is a medical museum showing what can go wrong with its exhibits of stuffed deformed Siamese twin foxes, for example, and other similar exhibits.
Doctor Who fans, you would love it.

There are also jars of pickled human bits including, look away now if you’re easily offended, a pickled penis and ladies’ intimate parts AND the biggest dinosaur leg (not medical) that we had ever seen. It’s education but I’m not sure it’s culture. 🙂

But if you are easily offended, then continue to look away now, as I award this week’s prize for the most easily offended BBC Radio Presenter of the Month to Radio 5’s Tony Livesey (51) who felt he had to apologise for Frank Gardener saying ‘shagging’ (In context). This is Frank Gardener, ffs, the BBC security correspondent who was paralysed for life when he was shot six times by a terrorist gang and said (according to the Telegraph) that he would not plead for compassion when they were sentenced to death (2004). And why should he?

Anyway, Frank has the entire armed forces of the Queen, plus MI5 and MI6 and the ones I can’t mention cos of the D-Notice, behind him (do they still have D-notices? Or did they stop when Chapman Pincher died?)

Mind you standards ain’t what they used to be, are they? I’m sure J, the blog’s favest philospher, used the word ‘crap’ recently.

So as we are in a slightly Parental Advisory Fruity Lyrics mode, this is my favest ‘dance’ tune of the week;

And finally, I didn’t make it to either Hope Over Fear or The Scottish Recovery Consortium’s Recovery Walk on Saturday. Good reasons which I’ll explain in a couple of weeks but work related. But look, e, the initials of the Scottish Recovery Consortium! SRC! Spooky or what? I’ll leave that with you.

Cya, still wearing that badge and still keeping it simple.

Johnt850, who never gets old but continues to evolve.

I suspect, like me, you were brought up on the story of the Children’s Crusade when young children like the shepherd boy, Nicholas, and another shepherd called Stephan of Cloyes, led thousands of children to the Holy Lands to fight the Muslims. There has been a fair amount of academic research into this and it may be a myth or it may be crowds of wandering poor being called children. It at least can blame time for the ever-changing story.

The latest myth comes from the fevered brains of Britain First – an offshoot of the English Defence League – which publishes, for example, a happy smiling black man with a fishing rod and sticks another picture of a black man with an AK47 and says the first one is a so-called refugee who transmorphs into a gun carrying terrorist in three weeks. They don’t even look the same. Except, oh yes, they’re both black.

Naw, this myth is that refugees get priority over ex-servicemen when it comes to housing. Naw. Everyone is treated equally by the housing associations who have what little housing that is fit for human habitation. We have plenty of accommodation to go round. It needs the will of the Government to fix it. Not just Nick Knowles.

There was a wee clip of footage showing, rightly or wrongly, refugees or economic migrants, storming a police point somewhere in Eastern Europe. A wee girl falls out of the crowd and stands at the side of the ‘swarm’ as they charge for freedom. And stands. And stands. Was I the only one shouting at the TV? I do hope she was re-united with her folks but there are many reports of children trying to make it on their own. Their crusade but in an opposite direction.

This is the original Doctor Who theme. No. No reason.


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