‘I never thought about (breast cancer) in those terms. It can become a fight if you think you might lose, but for me, it was always about getting better’ (Carol McGiffen)

And so dear listener, this week I did something I haven’t done for years (and, no, it’s not what some of you may be thinking.) I still haven’t got round to using that bus pass. So, I’ve still to journey on a corpie bus on my own. Tbh, I’m not too sure I agree with the principle of the bus pass. Things like that create artificial conceptions about age.

No. This week I tried to make a list. I am a great user of Post-its (or similar). In fact, when I did the Post Grad and Masters I used to mark and index pages in books by using different coloured Post-its stuck to the books and would write …….ooooops. 😦

Actually, just in case anyone from UWS (Paisley) Library or, indeed, anyone formerly of Glasgow College of Building and Print Library or, indeed, Glasgow City Council Library (Missie K – how were the Foo Fighters? And you wouldn’t believe how flexible my diary is) is reading this……I didn’t. I wrote everything down. On a separate pad. Honest. No Post-its…….. 😀

Incidentally, a lecturer at UWS (either Iain or Dougie) told me about the Post-it application thing you can get on the laptop – I wrote that down on a yellow Post-it and lost it.

I’ve always found lists to be restrictive. I have, for example, no Christmas Card list so I can’t strike people’s names off it just cos I didn’t get a card from them. My card writing is spontaneous and is aimed to tell people I am still alive (but I must improve my writing. Last year’s cards to young AJ and RJ went to America before arriving in Glasgow’s West End.)

But I decided to go for it and put an A4 lined pad on my new dining room table with the aim of writing down anything that occurred to me whist in the house and transferring stuff that I’d written down elsewhere. (I have no dining room – new or otherwise. It’s a new table)

Things like;

I was looking up some stuff on Google for an idea I have to do with drink’n’drugs and amazingly, some of the hyperlinks led to various episodes of the blog from a wee while back…..really set me up it did……imagining that students all over the world might be quoting my work. 🙂

(Bear in mind that I edit all sorts of work – from brain surgery to rocket construction. Let’s hope if I re-write a sentence, I get it right and if I don’t, you’re not facing brain surgery from one of my clients) 😦 OR 🙂

And I’m in the mood to do some stuff to my garden (you should see what my neighbours are doing to theirs. They had been considering moving away but obvs they’re not now.) 🙂 So on my list it says ‘fence painting’ but is it my fence or is it someone else’s – totally at random? Anyway, my gardener is giving me a quote. (Doctor Paul once said to me that there were two types of people on this Earth – those who had a gardener and those who wanted one.)

And Tony Hall, the BBC’s D-G, has got credit for the idea of broadcasting to North Korea and at first I was going to poke a wee bit of fun but then I remembered the amazing Professor Tom Stonier who, long before it happened, forecast the end of the Soviet Union and the downfall of the Berlin Wall – not by the gun and the drone but by the humble fax machine which was a brill way to get articles and literature into The Soviet Bloc. A man ahead of his time. 🙂

And then there’s this list of names (personal and professional) that I want to contact but I worry about being in touch too much in case I’m seen as a pest or stalker. The choices are so many – txt, phone, mail or massage (I’m leaving that typo in. Skippy). For most of the time I worked at the Beeb, the phone was the main method of communication and I could hit the phones as well as anyone – the Glasgow end of Lockerbie was one such occasion and the death of Princess Diana was another, altho’ I wasn’t making calls about that – I was cancelling referendum programmes and stopping guests from travelling. Now with more means of personal communication, I think twice about disturbing people.

And ‘dogs’ it says here, but in-depth the question needing addressed here is ‘what happens if I borrow Holly from e one afternoon just to get used to a dog and I let her off the lead and she never comes back?’ 😦

Lists were providing no answers and leading to pounding headaches.

So, finally, I tore up the four sheets of paper and felt a tremendous sense of relief- of freedom even. I’ll put my fate in the hands of the Post-its. Freedom calls!

Cya, still wearing that badge and keeping it simple, without lists.

Johnt850, still looking for the microfiche

And can I say thanks to all those people who have said nice things to me about the good work I’m doing with the homeless including some refugees? Thanks but I get paid for doing it. It’s my job. And I enjoy it. But I don’t think I could do it on a volunteer basis………No. No reason.

So for the last few weeks there’s been a Country/Dance feel to the music. Yes. There’s been a reason. So I, personally, thought it was time for some acid house country rock.

This next band, possibly the greatest ever in the history of this and any other world, I saw once at Balloch (outside and I’d love to see them indoors. I think they’re coming to Glasgow soon as is Steve Earle with a band….any takers?)

It’s an acoustic Alabama 3 with ‘You Don’t Dance to Techno Anymore.’ Enjoy.

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