‘Oh magic hour when a child first knows she can read printed words’ (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)

And so dear listener, I hadn’t quite realised how hard I find it to say No – which is different from being easily influenced (but for good reasons these days). I have explained that this month has been incredibly busy on the editing/proof-reading front but I hadn’t realised how much it had taken over until I was contacted by someone, for whom I had done some work previously, who wanted me to look at 14,000 words.

‘Yes’, I said, ‘I can do that next week and you should allow up to a week for the turnaround.’

‘No’. He seemed to bellow over the e-mail. ‘I will give you it this Thursday and I want it back on Saturday. You did it for me once before in the same number of days.’

I quietly explained that that had been at a quiet time; there were people ahead of him in the queue; and I now didn’t want his business. I didn’t even suggest the Beith sub-branch which I often do.

And I put up an Out-of-Office message on the e-mail explaining that unless you were already booked in, I wasn’t taking new work. After all, there are big skies out there and I’m missing out on them. 😦

But while I’ve started talking about this can I go on to say a big thanks to some of those who teach English to foreign students (whether through ESOL or otherwise) for not teaching them about pronouns; the magic joining word ‘and’; and when you can use ‘the’ and ‘a’ and ‘an’ and when you can’t. I’m sure many do (especially those working in Italy) but I also feel the need to have a go at academic tutors who must see these errors before people get to the stage where they’re writing 12,000 words……but, hey, it gives me part of my income……… (and a pleasant smile when Wenhao Wang sends out an e-mail thanking all her tutors and friends for all their help whilst she’s been in Glasgow and I get included) 😀 😀 😀

But there’s a lot of downtime as well while you’re waiting for promised work to come in but you don’t want to take on big projects (there’s a fence needing painted) in case ‘the work’ comes in so you decide to do wee projects instead – like updating your folder with all your passwords in it (all the updates are on Post-Its) and forgetting that you’d changed its name from Kleenex Tissues to Crusty Socks (No. No reason) and the realisation now that I’ll need to change it again. Any suggestions? 😉

But the other thing that gets me is when the ‘client’ says, ‘but my tutor says I’m not allowed to split an infinitive. It’s a rule of grammar.’ And unfortunately the tutor is always right even when he/she is wrong. The only rule of grammar is ‘do what you have to do to get your message across as best you can.’

If you want to boldly go where no man has gone before, you go for it. 😀

The actual only other rule of grammar is that there are reasons why we have apostrophes, commas, full stops and semi-colons but don’t worry I’ll keep you right on those.

(One that’s slipping through at the moment is ‘till’ instead of ‘‘til’ when people are trying to shorten ‘until’)


(And my thanks to top journo Eamonn O’Neill for the opening quote)

Moving on. To Renfrew Town Hall (the line-dancing capital of the West of Scotland). Where I was, for work, for a Service Users’ Forum. Basically it was about the Fortieth Anniversary of Blue Triangle and a big event that’s coming up – for which I am slightly behind in what I have to do for it. 😦 😦 😦

And when we’re discussing Glasgow’s links with the Wild West, my parents used to tell me that I once met Roy Rogers but without Trigger. All of you (with maybe a couple of exceptions) please feel free to fire up the Google and see who I’m talking about but please ignore the dates mentioned. It was at least ten years later. 😉

And I do use brackets a lot – don’t I?………………………..

No. The point is……for the second time in a week (or so) I was on a bus. And like last week’s tour of Lanarkshire it was very instructive. Do buses do this kind of journey every day or was it ‘cos the driver knew I was on?

From the stop across from Lauder’s Bar in Glasgow all the way to Renfrew Town Centre, we travelled in comfort and style….through Govan, through the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (altho’ I noticed some of the bits still retain names from other hospitals which were closed to justify opening such a big place) and then through Braehead. It was the same on the way back but in reverse. No. I don’t mean he drove the bus in reverse gear. Somewhere he turned it round. And I got strange looks from other people when I got off and said thanks to the driver. It could have been more embarrassing. I could have organised a whipround.

Tbh, I’m not sure if buses will catch on but it was nice to be a passenger for once. 🙂

And finally, I was concerned that the most hated man in this blog David Laws (the Lib-Dem MP who claimed upwards of £30,000 rather than admit he was homosexual but he did pay it back so that was okay but just try that in ASDA if you lift something without paying for it cos you’ve been sanctioned by the so-called IDS) was going to be mentioned in the recent Honours List but wise counsel prevailed. And I despair that The Scottish Government cannot make any decisions about broadcasting in Scotland but the unelected Lady Moan can. 😦 There’s a lot of Tories who don’t understand her selection

Cya, still wearing that badge (altho’ I almost lost the current one) and why not keep it simple.

Johnt850, needing to check out whether my own business insurance covers me for work.

And the reason they’re called refugees is because they’re seeking refuge from oppression, war and tyranny – Like the Jews did in the Thirties.

And Rangers’ latest superstar (Gedion Zalalem) was born in Berlin to Ethiopian parents.

No. No reason.

And I suspect this is the song that line dancers hate the most!


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