“If you walk across my camera I will flash the world your story.” (Woody Guthrie)

And so dear listener, this may well be a blog of two halves – adventures in Scotland’s largest theme park and the growing move to persuade me to get a dog, but I intend to combine it with the odd shout-out such as:

No, Doreen H, the pink hippo is mine!

(You get the idea?)

Let’s start with the adventure. From time to time we take some of our service users on outings. Sometimes they’re educational and one time I was involved with a bunch of former (mostly) heroin users who came with me and another worker to Kelvingrove Art Galleries. Now I love the place and can easily combine a visit there with a meal in a place like Firebird (unless I fall over) but for me, this was an amazing experience cos I was seeing it through the eyes of people who’d never seen an art gallery and I was asked questions I couldn’t answer. We kind of wander through such places kidding on we know things, don’t we, when we don’t. And not everyone has been to a museum or art gallery. 😦

Anyway this was a trip to M & Ds where I and some others, including the good Dr W, had been zombies and some really good memories returned.

Anyway our folk went on various rides and our expectation as workers was to wander round and keep a general eye on things but the spirit of adventure never goes away, does it? And it is exactly one year since Go Ape and almost one year since the abseiling……..so I had to do it. I went on the Tornado. How can I describe the experience?

Well you get strapped in and then it goes up the railroad thing and then, OMG, it drops down to the right at one helluva speed and OMG, I’m going to fall out and then OMG, why is Strathclyde Park on top of me and OMG it’s not. I’m upside down and then I’m not and then I’m upside down again and them OMG it’s leaning to the right and OMG it’s going back up again and OMG, why is it so fast and OMG, it’s slowing down and nobody’s whiteyed (i.e. been sick) and it slows to a halt and then it calms down. 😦 🙂 😦 🙂

And I get off and walk very slowly and with a white face, which was in direct comparison to one I had had earlier…but it was an adventure. The pirate ship wasn’t quite the same but I have a blood bruise where the person sitting next to me grabbed my wrist in panic.

And it was all fine and very educational; I was on three buses and also had a very small cut to my head but that was from a branch as we took a very picturesque route to M & Ds and Amazonia is brilliant. 🙂

Janice W, I haven’t burnt down the log cabin just yet!

And then there’s the dog thing….

Parents of the World! Beware! Chihuahua the Movie is scary and has shapeshifters and people arising from the dead and just be careful. That’s all I’m saying.

Y’see one of my co-workers is suggesting I get a dog cos she’s had a couple of dates following her dog walking activities at night and she recommends getting a dog from a sanctuary cos they’ve been treated and may well be trained. And I was out with friend e and her daughter RJ walking Holly the Dog when a jolly interesting lady walked past and I turned to look at her and she had turned to look at….Holly the Dog. Not my first riddie of last week and not my last.

So it seemed a good notion when e offered to let me dogwalk every so often until, well, if you’re sensitive, then look away now, me and RJ watched fascinated as e had to wash the dog in a very sensitive place cos it was having, well, bowel problems…..I had considered a takeaway curry on the way home but it soon turned into toasted cheese. But the notion is turning over in my brain.

And finally, a big Shout Out to BBC Al, the blog’s bad taste pal and his lovely wife, Catriona:

I’ve been to the dentist you recommended and I came away smiling. Thank you. 🙂

Cya, still wearing that badge (but it’s a new one so thank you J) and still keeping it simple but ‘going for it’ may return. No I haven’t a clue either.

Johnt850, the taste of adventure is returning. Now all I need is……..

So, if the PhD had gone ahead, then it would have been looking at alcohol education in a very wide sense which is jolly interesting cos this week saw the publication of stats which showed that ‘more than 1100 Scots drank themselves to death last year’.

Now it has been shown globally in those countries that have adopted it that Minimum Unit Pricing has a major effect in cutting the number of deaths and reducing hospital admissions and alcohol related crime and the Scottish Government is all for it but the Scotch Whisky Association is against it and I wanted to place them on my list of potential interviewees but I was told there was no point as we already knew their public stance.

Y’see there’s a big difference between some academic interviewing and the journalistic stuff. I’d like to have asked them whether their real interest was the continued maximisation of profit. After all the Association’s spokesperson apparently ‘pointed out that alcohol-related deaths (were) down 25 per cent since an all-time high of 1546 in 2006’.

Maybe if we had Minimum Unit Pricing, even fewer people would have died….but I’m no longer in a position to put that to them.

Now, to finish, a track from a singer, recommended by J the philosopher, whose name I didn’t recognise, but I recognised the song (No. I know J’s name. I meant the singer.) She’s Brandi Carlile and the words are nice but look at the amazing skies…….and doesn’t one of the pics look like the Forth and Clyde Canal in one of its leafier bits?


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